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Bored of what Delhi has to offer? Looking to get out? Fret not, as there is no scarcity of places to visit near Delhi within 500 kms which provide you with a great environment to escape from the harsh weather and monotony of the city life. With places amidst the great Himalayas nestled among the clouds, or holy sites such as the Golden temple or a place showcasing national pride and integrity such as the Wagah Border, one is spoilt for choice. Long weekends can be turned into memorable trips, so we have chosen some of the best places nearby Delhi to visit with your friends and family.

1. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

4.2 / 5 View 145+ photos

183 kms from city center

Known For : Taj Mahal Fatehpur Sikri Agra Fort

Home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, Taj Mahal, Agra is a sneak peek into the architectural history with other structures such as Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri and hence makes for a must visit for anyone living in or visiting India.

Best Time: October to March

2. Ajmer, Rajasthan

3.5 / 5 View 15+ photos

354 kms from city center

Known For : Ajmer Sharif Ana Sagar Lake Adhai Din ka Jhopra

Ajmer is brimming with natural beauty and is a renowned religious spot for Hindus and Muslims alike.

Best Time: October to March

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3. Amritsar, Punjab

4.3 / 5 View 44+ photos

399 kms from city center

Known For : Golden Temple Wagah Border Jallianwala Bagh

Home to the famous Golden Temple, the historical city of Amritsar is a famous pilgrim centre.

Best Time: October to March

View packages starting from ₹ 11,499

4. Yamunotri, Uttarakhand

3.0 / 5 View 16+ photos

286 kms from city center

Known For : Janki Chatti Yamunotri Temple Hanuman Chatti

Revered as the origin of Yamuna river, the pilgrim centre (among one of the 'Chhota Char Dham') nestled in the laps of Garhwal Himalayas at 3293 mts high uses its natural elements to fascinate you with its visuals and create a spiritual charm.

Best Time: May to June, September to November

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5. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

4.2 / 5 View 14+ photos

372 kms from city center

Known For : Kheerganga Trek Trekking in Kasol Tosh

A small village in Himachal situated along the banks of the river Parvati, Kasol is a tourist attraction that is rapidly gaining fame as a very popular hub for trekkers, backpackers, and nature lovers. Commonly known as the Amsterdam of India, this quaint little village is resplendent in natural scenic beauty, and is one of the few places in the country that is yet to be ruined by urbanization and commercialization. Situated between the towns of Bhuntar and Manikaran, Kasol might seem like a plain, nondescript village from the outside, but it is one of the best places in the country to just sit back and chill in the lap of nature.

Best Time: October to June

View packages starting from ₹ 6,500

6. Auli, Uttarakhand

4.0 / 5 View 12+ photos

308 kms from city center

Known For : Skiing in Auli Gurso Bugyal View Points

Dotted with apple orchards, oaks and deodars; Auli is a popular hill resort in the Himalayan range dating back to 8th Century AD.

Best Time: Throughout the year

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7. Kheerganga Trek, Kasol

4.2 / 5 View 10+ photos

371 kms from city center

Kheer Ganga (3050 meters) lies at the extreme end of Parvati valley and the last inhibited village while trekking to pin valley via Pin-Parvati pass. Kheerganga's panoramic skies and vast greenery are a much-needed delight to the trekker's eyes and especially the tired legs. It is a holy place with a hot water spring, a small temple of Lord Shiva and a bathing tank. It makes a rare combination for any trekker to bath in hot spring water when everything is covered by snow.

8. Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

3.7 / 5 View 32+ photos

193 kms from city center

Known For : Jungle Safari, Corbett National Park Elephant Ride in Corbett National Park Corbett Waterfall

Corbett National Park, set amidst the foothills of Himalayas, houses a variety of flora and fauna including rare ones such as tigers and is a treat for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Best Time: Mid October to Mid June

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9. Kareri Lake, Kangra

4.1 / 5

417 kms from city center

A beautiful and picturesque lake, the Kareri Lake seems like a place which has been picked straight out of a Hollywood movie. Also known as Kumarwah Lake, this is a shallow, freshwater lake that is situated to the south of the Dhauladhar range, about 9 kilometres to the northwest of Dharamshala, in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 2,934 metres above the sea level, the Kareri Lake is also a popular trekking destination in the Dhauladhar range other than being a major sightseeing attraction. Frequented mostly by the Gujjars and Gaddis who reside in the nearby villages because of the extensive pasturelands that the Kareri Lake houses, the lake also boasts of beautiful clusters of dense conifers and different kinds of colourful perennial flowers. 

10. Tso Moriri Lake

4.3 / 5 View 8+ photos

483 kms from city center

The lesser known of the many lakes within the Changtang Wildlife sanctuary, Moriri Tso lake is a twin to the Pangong Tso Lake. Located inside the Changtang wildlife sanctuary, this lake offers a scenic place of peace and tranquillity. The water body measures about 28 km in length from north to south, and about 100 feet average in depth. The lake is surrounded by barren hills, with the backdrop of beautiful snow-covered mountains. Since Moriri Tso lake is the lesser known of the two lakes, the crowd frequency is less too. Pangong lake always has many more people and is now crowded with little stalls that sell Maggi and tea. Tucked away in the remotest parts of the country makes this lake a perfect star gazing sight rendering a complete mind-stirring site.

11. Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

4.3 / 5 View 19+ photos

409 kms from city center

Known For : Bhagsu Falls Namgyal Monastery Tsuglagkhang Complex

Mcleodganj is a hill station near Dharamshala, popular among trekkers. Its culture is a beautiful blend of Tibetan with some British influence.

Best Time: October to June

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12. Parvati Valley Trek

4.2 / 5 View 9+ photos

366 kms from city center

Regarded as one of the most challenging treks in the northern Himalayan region, Parvati Valley Base Camp Trek is perfect for those seeking adventure. The mesmerising views all around will not only leave you spellbound by its beauty but also filled with adrenaline by the challenges it throws at you at every nook and corner.

13. Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

3.5 / 5 View 31+ photos

404 kms from city center

Known For : Library of Tibetan Works and Archives Dharamshala Cricket Stadium Dharamshala International Film Festival St. John in the Wilderness Church War Memorial

Dharamsala is a hill station which is famed as the holy residence of the Dalai Lama and houses the Tibetan Government in exile.

Best Time: October to June

View packages starting from ₹ 9,000

14. Wagah Border

4.4 / 5 View 10+ photos

414 kms from city center

Wagah Border is the border line running along the Grand Trunk Road between Amritsar in Punjab, India, and Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. People from all across the country visit this place to witness the Beating Retreat Ceremony that is held every day before sunset. This ceremony includes the closing of the international gates and lowering the flags of both the countries. The flag ceremony is conducted by the Indian Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers since 1959.

15. Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

4.3 / 5 View 18+ photos

393 kms from city center

Known For : Jehangir Mahal, Orchha Fort Ram Raja Temple Raja Mahal, Orchha Fort

Known for its grand palaces, intricately carved temples and striking forts, situated on banks of river Betwa Orchha is a city with a lot of historical significance and a photographers' paradise.

Best Time: July to March

View packages starting from ₹ 11,999

16. Pushkar, Rajasthan

3.6 / 5 View 40+ photos

357 kms from city center

Known For : Pushkar Lake Pushkar Camel Fair Brahma Temple

Pushkar, the city often referred to as the 'Rose garden of Rajasthan' is a city of culture and intellect. Nothing can describe this iconic city better than a sought-after destination that provides the essence of Pushkar roses, the charm of culturally vibrant atmosphere and the dynamic festivities make it one hot cultural spot. The west wind of Pushkar gives an easygoing vibe of Westwood lifestyle in the hot sandstone town. The home of the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the world, it is one of the ultimate pilgrimages for Hindus to attain divine spiritual bliss. A place of holy spirit for Hindus, ample ghats are flooded with devotees, closing eyes in the serenity of chants coming from temples around. A soothing and calm place with the glitter of spirituality makes Pushkar a must visit.

Best Time: October to March

View packages starting from ₹ 6,300

17. Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh

3.0 / 5 View 14+ photos

358 kms from city center

Known For : Basheshwar Temple Bijali Mahadev Temple Jagannath Temple, Bhuntar

Bhuntar is a part of Kullu district and it is typically used as a getaway to the towns of Kullu, Manali, Kasol and Manikaran and Kullu airport also is located within Bhuntar.

Best Time: Throughout the year

18. Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

3.6 / 5 View 10+ photos

239 kms from city center

Known For : Bhimtal Lake Aquarium on the Bhimtal Island Hanuman Garhi

Rested at a height of 1370m above the sea level, Bhimtal is spotted with temples lying amid the verdant mountains and a pristine blue lake.

Best Time: March to June, September to December

View packages starting from ₹ 5,000

19. Almora, Uttarakhand

3.6 / 5 View 20+ photos

259 kms from city center

Known For : Zero Point Jageshwar Katarmal Sun Temple

Cradled in the wilderness of Himalayan ranges, the sprawling town of Almora shaped like a horse-shoe is a hill station located in Uttarakhand that boasts of a pre-British heritage.

Best Time: Throughout the year

View packages starting from ₹ 27,500

20. Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand

3.2 / 5 View 12+ photos

219 kms from city center

Known For : Surkhanda Devi Temple Eco Park, Dhanaulti Apple Orchard Resort

With Chamba and Mussoorie in proximity, this little town in Uttarakhand is an offbeat destination located at a height of about 2200 meters above sea level.

Best Time: September to June

21. Dehradun, Uttarakhand

3.3 / 5 View 34+ photos

200 kms from city center

Known For : Robber's Cave Sahastradhara Mindrolling Monastery

This hill town in the foothills of the Shivalik ranges in the Garhwal region with two perennial rivers flowing through it, popular for its historic civilization and offers a delightful terrain to trekkers.

Best Time: Throughout the year

View packages starting from ₹ 7,000

22. Bikaner, Rajasthan

3.6 / 5 View 24+ photos

388 kms from city center

Known For : Junagarh Fort Karni Mata Temple Lalgarh Palace

Situated in the middle of Thar Desert, Bikaner is a city of forts and palaces. It is also known for its sweets and snacks!

Best Time: October to March

View packages starting from ₹ 12,149

23. Abbott Mount, Uttarakhand

3.0 / 5 View 8+ photos

291 kms from city center

Known For : Pancheshwar Lohaghat Mayawati Ashram

Mount Abbot is a place that has not changed much since it was established in 20th century by a British businessman John Harold Abbott.

Best Time: Throughout the year

View packages starting from ₹ 15,865

24. Bundi, Rajasthan

3.4 / 5 View 11+ photos

392 kms from city center

Known For : Taragarh Fort Moti Mahal, Bundi Badal Mahal, Bundi

A princely state for a princely stay, in the northwest of India, lies the district of Bundi, in the Hadoti region of the royal state of Rajasthan.

Best Time: October to March

25. Bilaspur (HP), Himachal Pradesh

2.7 / 5 View 12+ photos

301 kms from city center

Known For : Bhakra Nangal Dam Gobind Sagar Lake Water Sports and Fishing

Bilaspur is a hill town near Shimla, famous for its forts and Gobind Sagar lake, a man-made reservoir considered the lifeline of the district.

Best Time: Throughout the year

26. Chail, Himachal Pradesh

3.1 / 5 View 10+ photos

256 kms from city center

Known For : Chail wildlife sanctuary Palace Hotel Cricket Ground

Chail is a quiet hill station close to Shimla, known for the world's highest cricket ground and its heritage hotel, Chail Palace, in the midst of pine and deodar trees.

Best Time: Throughout the year

View packages starting from ₹ 15,500

27. Bageshwar, Uttarakhand

2.9 / 5 View 19+ photos

280 kms from city center

Known For : Baijnath Bagnath Temple Kanda

Bageshwar, tucked inconspicously in the Himalayan rang, becomes one of the most underrated, and hence by default, one of the most untouched destination by humans.

Best Time: October to June

28. Fatehpur, Rajasthan

2.5 / 5 View 8+ photos

233 kms from city center

Known For : Nadine cultural centre Dholi Sati Dadi Mandir Temples in Fatehpur

Situated in the Sikar district of Rajasthan, Fatehpur is an ancient town, a prominent part of the Shekhawati region.

Best Time: October to March

29. Bhangarh fort

4.2 / 5 View 5+ photos

197 kms from city center

Famous for the historical ruins and the ghost stories, Bhangarh has been regarded as the most haunted place in the country. It is located on the way between Jaipur and Delhi.

30. Chopta, Uttarakhand

3.9 / 5 View 12+ photos

257 kms from city center

Known For : Tungnath Temple Deori Tal Tungnath and Chandrashila Trek

Chopta, very simply put, is a trekker cum explorer's heaven. Visit the valley of Chopta for a life altering experience and expand the boundaries of your physical horizon.

Best Time: March to June

31. Fatehpur Sikri

4.5 / 5 View 19+ photos

180 kms from city center

A city, predominantly made of red sandstone, Fatehpur Sikri was founded in 16th century by Mughal Emperor Akbar. Back then it was the capital of his Empire for fifteen years. Now a UNESCO world heritage site and a famous tourist attraction, it is a fine example of Akbar's architectural finesse. Fatehpur Sikri is a home to Jodha Bai's palace , Jama Mosque, Buland Darwaza , and a Tomb of Salim Chisti.

32. Guptakashi, Uttarakhand

3.4 / 5 View 6+ photos

274 kms from city center

Known For : Vishwanath Temple, Guptakashi Manikarnik Kund Ardhanarishwar Temple

A holy town adorned with the many ancient temples and believed to be a part of epic Mahabharata, is a place called Guptkashi.

Best Time: March to June, September to November

View packages starting from ₹ 20,000

33. Binsar, Uttarakhand

3.1 / 5 View 11+ photos

269 kms from city center

Known For : Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary Bineshwar Temple Zero Point

A small town set in the midst of lush green forests covered with oak, pine, deodar trees, Binsar has plenty of tourist attractions including green meadows, temples and the Binsar wildlife sanctuary.

Best Time: Throughout the year

34. Chakrata, Uttarakhand

3.3 / 5 View 12+ photos

235 kms from city center

Known For : Tiger Falls Deoban Budher Caves

Chakrata is a small hill town near Dehradun located on top of the Yamuna valley, amidst lush green forests, caves and ancient temples.

Best Time: Throughout the year

View packages starting from ₹ 8,000

35. Devprayag, Uttarakhand

3.0 / 5 View 23+ photos

212 kms from city center

Known For : Confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Raghunathji Temple Chandrabadani temple

Marked by the confluence point of rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi, Devprayag is a religious hub and is quite popular among tourists coming for pilgrimage or seeking some solitude close to nature.

Best Time: Throughout the year

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36. Gaumukh, Uttarakhand

3.2 / 5 View 6+ photos

309 kms from city center

Known For : Gaumukh Trek

One of the holiest lands in Uttarakhand, Gaumukh is thronged by devotees mainly for its serenity and pious mythological history. Gaumukh is not exactly a tourist town or city, but a glacial trekking destination located within Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.

Best Time: February to September

37. Bhowali, Uttarakhand

2.2 / 5 View 10+ photos

238 kms from city center

Known For : Kainchi Dham Shyamkhet Tea Gardens Ramgarh

Bhowali is a little hill-station that lies in the vicinity of several popular hill stations like Nainital, Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Ramgarh, Sattal and Mukteshwar.

Best Time: February to Apr, September to October

38. Arki, Himachal Pradesh

2.5 / 5 View 12+ photos

277 kms from city center

Known For : Arki Fort Diwan-i-Khaas Arki Palace

Small town in Solan district locally known for its 18th century fort, Arki is rather unknown among general population as a tourist location.

Best Time: Throughout the year

39. Churu, Rajasthan

2.3 / 5 View 15+ photos

225 kms from city center

Known For : Sethani ka Johara Salasar Balaji Tal Chappar Sanctuary

An ancient town, lakes, palaces and forts, an important hindu pilgrimage, the people and rich culture of Rajasthan, Churu is a district with multiple colorful faces of Rajasthan.

Best Time: November to March

40. Dudhwa National Park, Uttarakhand

2.7 / 5 View 15+ photos

341 kms from city center

Dudhwa National Park is all about wildlife, nature and diversity and is a perfect getaway for nature buffs and wildlife lovers.

Best Time: December to Apr

41. Champawat, Uttarakhand

2.5 / 5 View 20+ photos

289 kms from city center

Known For : Banasur ka Kila Baleshwar Temple Lohaghat

A gripping journey of self exploration and challenging terrain, Champawat is not your usual retreat.

Best Time: October to June

View hotels starting from ₹ 1,200

42. Chaukori, Uttarakhand

2.6 / 5 View 11+ photos

303 kms from city center

Known For : Patal Bhubaneshwari Nakuleshwar Temple Arjuneshwar Shiva Temple

Chaukori can be easily called the temple-architecture-scenery hub of Uttaranchal. Not a place you'd expect your usual tourists to go to. Once a year detox here, is a must.

Best Time: October to March

View hotels starting from ₹ 600

43. Deeg, Rajasthan

3.5 / 5 View 10+ photos

133 kms from city center

Known For : Havelis Deeg Fort Bharatpur

Falling in the Bharatpur district, Deeg is said to be a part of lord Krishna's Parikrama path. Deeg is known for its beautiful gardens, forts, fountains and palaces.

Best Time: September to March

View packages starting from ₹ 7,000

44. Chamba, Uttarakhand

3.3 / 5 View 10+ photos

219 kms from city center

Known For : Tehri Dam Surkanda Devi Temple

Far from the mad rush of city life, Chamba is a small town popular for its picturesque views lined with deodar and pine trees, its apple orchards and various temples.

Best Time: Throughout the year

45. Galtaji Temple

3.9 / 5 View 7+ photos

236 kms from city center

Located on the outskirts of the regal city of Jaipur, Galtaji Temple is a prehistoric Hindu pilgrimage site. Outlined by the striking Aravalli hills, it consists of several shrines, holy kunds, pavilions and natural springs. This majestic temple is situated in the heart of a hilly terrain that is bounded by a beautiful gorge which attracts tourists here every year. Galtaji Temple was built using pink colour sandstone and is a vast temple complex housing varied shrines. Located inside the City Palace, the walls of this temple are beautifully adorned with carvings and paintings that make this place worth visiting.

46. Malana

3.7 / 5

377 kms from city center

Malana is an ancient solitary village in Himachal Pradesh in an isolated and charming plateau by the side of the Malana River. Known as Malana Nala, it lies in Parvati Valley which is a quaint corner away from rest of the world. One of the unique aspects of this destination is the strong culture and beliefs of the locals, who follow their rules with the utmost tenacity. According to them, Malana is the place where democracy is best followed with the well-organized parliamentary system, guided by their deity Jamlu Rishi. It is believed that Jamlu was worshipped during the pre-Aryan times. It has been the subject of various documentaries like Malana: Globalization of a Himalayan Village and Malana, A Lost Identity. Their court system resembles The Ancient Greek System as they believe themselves to be the followers of Alexander the Great.

Immerse yourself in a blend of majestic history, rich cultural diversity and a wide variety of flora and fauna that India has to offer through these places. We guarantee you those long weekends will never seem long enough.

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