Beaches near Delhi for a Beachside Vacation

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List of Beaches near Delhi

Delhi is primarily a land locked city with cities enveloping it. Although the beaches a situated at a considerable distance from it, you can visit Rishikesh to get the look and feel of the beach. The (Read More) closest beaches near Delhi are in Puri and Bhubaneshwar; however, if you are willing to venture off farther, you can head to the beach destination of the country- Goa. These beaches near Delhi are a perfect way to beat the city blues and to relax amidst calm indigo waters and golden sandy shores. The extensive coastline at these beaches near Delhi make them ideal for long romantic walks. Or you can sunbathe on the hammocks and soak yourself in the sea vibes. Some of these beaches near Delhi also offer several adventure sports and activities which are pretty popular among the adventure enthusiasts. Have a look at the list of beaches near Delhi given below and head off to one right away.

Here is the list of 8 Beaches near Delhi for a Beachside Vacation

1. Astaranga Beach, Puri

Astaranga Beach, Puri

Astaranga meaning "colourful sunset" is a magnificent beach located in the state of Orissa. As the name suggests this beach is famous for the picturesque views that it provides during the sunset. The sky takes on vivid hues and the blue water in juxtaposition of it makes the whole place look magical.

Distance from Delhi: 1,680 km

2. Swargadwar Beach, Puri

Swargadwar Beach, Puri

Running along the main Marine Drive of Puri, right in front of the Swargadwar Crematorium, the ever-so-famous beach of Puri is the throbbing heartbeat of the city. Crowded with visitors throughout the year, the Swargadwar Beach is dotted with numerous stalls selling local handmade products, seashells, and jewelleries. A whole morning goes away by splashing and bathing at the safe, sandy beach, while the evenings are kept for enjoying the oceanic view and tea and snacks from the many stalls.

Distance from Delhi: 1,680 km

3. Baliharachandi Beach, Puri

Baliharachandi Beach, Puri

Baliharachandi Beach is the much quieter and offbeat alternative to the Puri Beach, with a peaceful calm and tranquillity about the whole place. There are not many people here, and even fewer stalls. Since the beach falls between Puri and Konark, visitors take a round on the way. Scurrying little crabs, scattered seashells and an unobstructed view of the sea make up for the lack of other entertainment.

Distance from Delhi: 1,698 km

4. Baleshwar Beach, Puri

Baleshwar Beach, Puri

Baleshwar Beach, or Chandipur Beach as it is more popularly known, is one of the less crowded and more serene beaches of Odisha. What makes this beach unique is its tide pattern. During particular ebb tides, the sea water recedes back from the sandy beach for up to 5 kilometres, leaving muddy traits behind. Because of this, this beach is ecologically rich and also great place to find molluscs, crustaceans and horseshoe crabs.

Distance from Delhi: 1,688 km

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5. Balighai Beach, Puri

Balighai Beach, Puri

Balighai beach is all about serenity and quietude that you will hardly find in the other beaches near Puri, The luxury resorts make sure that you can make this a destination getaway instead of a drive-through, and at the same time enjoy the tranquil environment of a clean environment and solitude, surrounded by Casuarina and Eucalyptus, and the azure blue up ahead.

Distance from Delhi: 1,688 km

6. Golden Beach, Puri

Golden Beach, Puri

Located at a distance of 20 kms from Puri, Golden Beach is a pristine, laid back beach away from the din of the city. On a little diversion on the highway leading to Konark, you can come across this wonderful beach free of the crowds and regular pilgrims. The beach is untouched and desolated and boasts of a perfectly peaceful environment with only the crashing of sea waves to give you company.

7. Puri Beach, Puri

Puri Beach, Puri
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Puri Beach is a fine coastline of the Bay of Bengal with the sun gleaming on the pristine waters of the beach. Located at a mere distance of 35 km from the Sun Temple, the place is ideal for holiday makers looking for some solitude. It is often flocked with devotees visiting the beach for a purification dip who come to Puri to pay their homage to Lord Jagannath. The beach is also renowned for the sand sculptures made by internationally known sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik.

Distance from Delhi: 1,686 km

8. Ramachandi Beach, Bhubaneswar

Ramachandi Beach, Bhubaneswar

Located at a distance of 65 kms from Bhubaneswar, Ramachandi is a beautiful beach situated on the confluence of the mighty Bay of Bengal and vivacious River Kushabhadra. At a distance of just 7 kms from Konark, and with the construction of the Marine Drive Road, the beach is easily accessible and is frequented mostly by picnickers, young couples, college students apart from regular tourists. Ramachandi Beach boasts of shimmering silver sands, clear indigo waters and tall towering palm trees.

Distance from Delhi: 1,698 km

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