Magnificent Museums in Kerala

Here is the list of 18 Magnificent Museums in Kerala

1. Hill Palace, Kochi

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Located at Tripunithura, The Hill Palace is the largest archaeological museum in Kerala. It was built in the year 1865 and was once the Imperial Administrative offices and official residence of the Maharaja of Cochin. Just as the name suggests, the massive palace is located on a hill and has a beautiful garden. Built in 1865, the Palace complex consists of 49 buildings in the traditional architectural style, spreading across in 54 acres. 

2. Teak Museum, Nilambur

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Located at a distance of 4 kilometres from the town of Nilambur, the Teak Museum is a unique collection of information about the scientific, aesthetic and historical significance of this tree. It is the only museum of its kind in India which makes it a popular destination on every tourist's list. As soon as you enter the premises of the museum, a 55-year-old teak tree system welcomes you which is only a brief preamble of what this museum holds for you. 

3. Tata Tea or KDHP Museum, Munnar

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Located in the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea around 2 km from Munnar, the KDHP Museum showcases a variety of antiquities, the most famous being the burial urn excavated from the vicinity of Periakanal Estate, dating back to 2nd century AD. A 30 minute documentary feature by the museum will take you through a historical sojourn of the place. Visitors then proceed to the factory to understand how tea is processed.

4. Bay Island Driftwood Museum, Alleppey

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Founded by Raji Punnoose, a school-teacher in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Bay Island Driftwood Museum is famous for its innovative modern art techniques deployed to design various kinds of root and tree-trunk sculptures. Other sculptures made of driftwood comprising of twisted tree trunks, stumps, roots etc. are also on display here. She had developed this collection shaped in the form of birds, animals, reptiles, amphibians and fishes during her teaching days. 

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5. Parikshith Thampuran Museum, Kochi

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Architecturally a Kerala style mansion, the Parikshith Thampuran Museum is located inside the Durbar Hall. The museum features old coins, sculptures, oil paintings, Mughal paintings and Royal artifacts belonging to the 19th century.

6. Bishop's House, Kochi

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This Indo-Portuguese museum built in the year 1506 houses a collection of valuable artifacts from various churches under the Cochin diocese. The building was once the residence of the Portuguese Governor.

7. Napier Museum, Trivandrum

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Renowned for its fine collection of sculptures, paintings and musical instruments, the Napier Museum serves as a prime attraction of the city. Located right in the heart of the city, it is also an architectural marvel which was established around 150 years ago. In the best possible words, the Napier Museum is a delight for adults and children alike. The museum houses one of the oldest zoological gardens in India in its premises. 

8. Science and Technology Museum, Trivandrum

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Known for its tech on display, the Science and Technology Museum was founded in 1984. The museum draws a huge number of visitors into its chambers, especially the science enthusiasts.

9. Appan Thampuran Smarakam, Thrissur

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Now a cultural museum, the Appan Thampuran Smarakam was established in the year 1976 by Sri. Ramavarma Appanthampuran. Situated at Ayyanthole, the place is famous for its amazing collection of journals, magazines and books etc. It is mainly a cultural and literary museum set up at the Kumarapuram Palace.

10. Archeological & Art Museum, Thrissur

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Located in the heart of Thrissur, this Archeological Museum houses a huge and valuable collection of mural and relics from Kerala. Thousands of people throng its exhibits to take a detour into Kerala's rich ancient past.

11. Pazhassiraja Museum, Kozhikode

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Pazhassiraja Museum located on East Hill has been named after the great Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma of the Padinjare Kovilakom of the Kottayam Royal Family. The museum is famous for its various archaeological remains such as antique bronzes, ancient paintings and the historical umbrella stones etc.

12. Krishna Menon Museum, Kozhikode

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Situated in the heart of the city, Krishna Menon Museum was built in 1975 as a tributory to the most popular leader V.K. Krishna Menon. Dedicated to the famous leader V.K. Krishna Menon, this museum chronicles several episodes from the freedom movement in India in parts.

13. Kumarakom Craft Museum, Kumarakom

Kumarakom Craft Museum has a stunning collection of antiques ranging from woodwork, decor items, paintings, portraits, etc. This is where one can find most of the well preserved antiques or traditional artefacts belonging to the region. Local artwork and craftwork can also be purchased from the museum shop.

14. Wayanad Heritage Museum, Wayanad

Wayanad Heritage Museum, also known as the Ambalavayal Heritage Museum, is an archaeological museum that has an impressive collection of artefacts belonging to the tribes of the region. It has an intriguing collection of artefacts belonging to the 2nd century that are tagged as rare. Some of these artefacts have been dated back to the Neolithic era and include regular daily items, decorative items, terracotta figurines, memorial stones, etc. 

15. Revi Karunakaran Museum, Alleppey

Revi Karunakaran Museum is a memorial museum built by Betty Karunakaran in the memory of her namesake husband and one of the leading coir industrialist and businessman of Kerala- Revi Karunakaran. Built in 2003, the renowned, privately owned museum is a one of the largest of its kind, holding vast Swarovski crystals in jade, ivory, porcelain; sculptures, Belgian glass works, Murano glassworks and Tanjore paintings etc. 

16. Indian Business Museum, Kozhikode

Inaugurated in 2013 by the then HRD Minister Pallam Raju; and sprawling over a vast 23000 square feet, Indian Business Museum is located in Kozhikode district of Kerala. With an objective to safeguard and perpetuate the rich business history of India, the museum showcases the business ordeals of our nation over the years.

17. Arakkal Museum, Kannur

The Arakkal Museum in Kannur city is one of the most significant and frequently visited attractions of the south that celebrates the memory and grandeur of Kerala's only Muslim royal family- the Arakkal Ali Rajas. Previously a majestic palace of the royal family and their actual place of residence, this museum is a true testimony to the impeccable Muslim architecture and design. The Durbar Hall of this palace, which was once the official venue of gathering for the kings and their nobles, has now been converted into the Arakkal Kettu Museum and is managed by the Arakkal Family Trust.

18. Deepanjali Lamp Museum, Kozhikode

Deepanjali Lamp Museum is possibly the only lamp museum of India. Located in Puthiyangadi, Kozhikode, the museum houses an extensive collection of lamps dating back to the 19th century including primitive brass lamps, wick lamps, indian heritage lamps, gas lamps, cart lamps etc.

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