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Arakkal Museum, Kannur Overview

The Arakkal Museum in Kannur city is one of the most significant and frequently visited attractions of the south that celebrates the memory and grandeur of Kerala's only Muslim royal family- the Arakkal Ali Rajas. Previously a majestic palace of the royal family and their actual place of residence, this museum is a true testimony to the impeccable Muslim architecture and design. The Durbar Hall of this palace, which was once the official venue of gathering for the kings and their nobles, has now been converted into the Arakkal Kettu Museum and is managed by the Arakkal Family Trust.

Many artefacts dating to the rule of the Arakkal Dynasty and various relics of the royals are put up on display at this museum. Entering the Arakkal Museum, you feel like you have been teleported to the 1600s- the entire palace oozes with sheer elegance and polished grace. The artefacts and heritage items of the Arakkal Dynasty have been maintained perfectly here and will never fail to stun you with their ostentatious grace and awe-striking class.

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Exhibits at Arakkal Museum

The Arakkal Dynasty had mainly gained the limelight because of its dominance and monopoly in the spice trade. They had cultivated excellent relations with Hyder Ali, the Dutch and even the great emperor Tipu Sultan. The Arakkal Museum does a great job at throwing light on these amazing achievements of the Arakkal Dynasty. There are exhibits on display that evidence the glory of the Arakkals in the maritime trade, including many of their equipment. A lot of the artefacts on display here also evidence trade relations of the Arakkals with European colonial powers too.

Apart from the family heirlooms and heritage items, other interesting items on display are the royal copies of the Holy Quran, an old-fashioned telephone, swords, daggers and other artillery used by the royals and even a telescope. Personal items like the Pathayam, which is a chamber used to store precious items and valuables, an Adhara Petti- the royals' document holder and even the family's royal seal is also on display here.

Architecture of Arakkal Museum

The complex of the Arakkal Museum is shaped like a long cuboid that lies amidst a wide and open ground. This vast ground was used to offer Namaaz five times a day by the Arakkal royalty and their nobles. This tradition goes on till date, and many people offer their daily Namaaz here, especially on Fridays. The main palace block is laid over a huge ground with the Arakkal Museum in the centre and four mosques around the periphery.

The museum is shaped like a long cuboid that is interconnected by passages and hallways. The entire structure is built mainly out of laterite and wood, a style of architecture typical to the Muslim Kings. This two-storied edifice is immaculately managed and maintained by the authorities. The upper floor of the museum has double-heighted ceilings and extremely wide hallways. The windows here are unique as they are tainted in shades of blue and red, providing a playful and vivid show of lights inside.

Best Time To Visit Arakkal Museum

Even though the Arakkal Museum is not very vulnerable to the weather patterns of the city, it is best to explore this museum when the climate is friendly and pleasant. Kannur enjoys an amicable climate throughout the year but is definitely most enjoyable during the winter months which begins from September and goes on till the last days of February.

How To Reach Arakkal Museum

The viable option would be to board a bus from the Cannanore Bus Stand and get off at the Palamadam Bus Stop, which is only a stone's throw away from the museum! If you like to travel comfortably, you can hire a local taxi.

The Kannur Railway Station is an important junction in Kerala and is the closest railhead to the Arakkal Museum at a distance of only 3.7 kms. You will find autos and cabs waiting outside the station, and they will get you to the museum in under 20 minutes.

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