Best Sites for Camping In India

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Camping in India: Experience Nature at its Best

Spending time in open air, gazing out at stars and taking in every bit of the tranquillity that comes with being so close to nature is the joy of camping. Be it an adventurous holiday or a peaceful o (Read More)ne, camping is the new “it” thing because staying in a resort or a hotel is so passé.

Here is the list of 50 Best Sites for Camping In India

1. Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh

Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh

Tsomoriri Lake is the highest lake in the world and located in Ladakh. Camping here is the experience of a lifetime. The lake is completely frozen during the winters and is an excitingly unique thing to witness. The best time to camp here is during May to September and it is simply wonderful to spend time in the decorated tents. You can trek in the nearby Ladakh region and witness the mesmerizing sunset at the lake. The best part is that the tents are comfortable with electricity supply.

2. Camp Exotica, Kullu

Camp Exotica, Kullu

The Camp Exotica is a perfect weekend getaway option located in Kullu in the Manali district of Himachal Pradesh. The accommodation provided is world class and the tents simply leave you connecting with nature like never before. The location of these tents is such that it gives a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. The food provided is of fine quality and the incredible view will simply leave you in awe of this adventure. Make sure to take out time for this pleasure full camping trip.

3. Camp Room on the Roof, Dehradun

Camp Room on the Roof, Dehradun

A more than perfect camp for the adventure enthusiasts, the Camp Room on the Roof is situated 25 km from Chakrata, a quaint town near Dehradun. This camp is located on the step farms giving it a mind-blowing view. From the campsite, you can enjoy the view of the Virratkhai Valley. Setting up base here, you can head off to pursue activities like mountaineering, mountain biking, or rafting in the pristine Yamuna River. The surrounding view will calm the vistas of your mind.

4. Rishikesh Valley camp, Rishikesh

Rishikesh Valley camp, Rishikesh

When it comes to camping, Rishikesh Camping experience has to be on the list! This amazing Rishikesh Valley camp is not only close to nature but also has a more spiritual connection. The tents here are styled in a hermit fashion and are designed to give you total aloof time. This camp is your go-to place if you are looking for a chance to introspect your inner self. The food served here is entirely organic. Apart from detoxifying, you can undertake rafting, trekking, ayurvedic spas and the grand elephant rides. Camping in Rishikesh is one of the best in India!

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5. Kipling Camp, Madhya Pradesh

Kipling Camp, Madhya Pradesh

Camping in the largest protected Tiger Reserve in the country has to be an unparalleled experience, right? The Kipling Camp is located in the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. This campsite is in the Satpura Hills refreshed by the water of the Narmada. Camping here lets you experience the dense wild forest and amazingly calm weather. The best thing to do here is to go bird watching or pursue a jungle safari. This one is a complete family vacation spot with the chance to make joyous memories.

6. West Ladakh Camp, Ladakh

West Ladakh Camp, Ladakh

If you are planning to go on a trekking trip to Ladakh, you can make it even more adventurous by camping at the West Ladakh Camp. This beautiful campsite is sprawled across 20 acres of ranch and is ideally situated close to the Indus River. The tents are so placed that these are surrounded by apricot and willow trees which nest the migratory birds. You can set your base here and go trekking in the nearby region and visit the Buddhist Monasteries. The food served here is authentic Tibetan and Ladakhi food making it a unique culinary experience.

7. Nameri Eco Camp, Assam

Nameri Eco Camp, Assam

Going by the name one thing must be clear that it is a 100% eco-friendly camp. This camp has become one of the most sought after because of its superb location and the environmental protection efforts. It is located in the district of Sonetpur which is the 3rd National Park of Assam. This camp is not only known for its splendid location but also its various adventure activities. You can go on a hike in the nearby woods or for an exciting rafting session in the Bhoroli River. The best part of this place is the chance of spotting over 300 species of birds. This does sound like a bird lover’s paradise.

8. Sangla Valley Camping, Sangla

Sangla Valley Camping, Sangla

Sangla valley is an alluring valley in the Trans-Himalayan region and is a hotspot for tourists. It is a sought after place during the summers when the valley comes alive with tourists visiting from all parts of the world. Hidden away in the Himalayan region this is one picturesque valley which is untouched by the pollution of the big cities. There is a place called Kaza nearby which is the adventure hub of this place. Blending the culture and adventure, this camping site is perfect for travel enthusiasts.

9. Magpie Camp, Chopta

Magpie Camp, Chopta

Chopta is one destination which has recently made it to the list of the best offbeat destination in the country. It is a little place tucked away in the Garhwal Mountains and is the best retreat to beat the summer heat. The Magpie Camp in Chopta lets you experience this place in its true form. The view of the surrounding valley and mountains is enough to take your breath away. There are several tourist sites here like the Chandrashila Peak, Deoria Tal, and Tungnath Temple. This is one place which deserves your time.

10. Sarchu, Manali

Sarchu, Manali

The Sarchu campsite is around 220 km from Manali and is ideally located on the Manali-Leh highway. It makes for a perfect overnight stay en-route the road to Manali. The travellers who undertake the arduous trek in the nearby Zanskar region, often start their journey from this point. The camp is quite comfortable with a separate dining tent and a complete electricity facility. It is also one of the off-beat places to celebrate your birthday in an unconventional style as they offer birthday cakes on request!

11. Banjara Camps & Retreat, Spiti

 Banjara Camps & Retreat, Spiti

Banjara Camps & Retreat is one of the oldest operating and most famous camps in the country. It is situated in the mesmerising Kaza, which is the capital of the Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley is one place which has often been described as a museum come alive. Situated in the Himachal region, this campsite stands at an elevation 3600 feet providing for an excellent panoramic view. Apart from camping you can treat your taste buds with the local Himachali food and have a fun time in the local fairs.

12. Chardham Camp, Kedarnath

Chardham Camp, Kedarnath

The Chardham Camp has been aptly named as it is located on the outskirts of Guptakashi, on the way to Kedarnath. This place is especially suited for those who go for trekking to Kedarnath. Its location makes it a beautiful camp with the view of the snow-peaked hills which look even more mesmerising during the sunrise and sunset. It is like a dream to wake up surrounded by the rich green valley filled with the most beautiful flowers. The camp is quite comfortable with all the essential amenities.

13. Camp Desert, Pushkar

Camp Desert, Pushkar

Being an Indian, we all know about the famous Pushkar fair. For those of us who don’t know, Pushkar fair is the largest cattle fair in India which attracts not only the local but also the global tourists on a large scale. The Camp Desert is a place which is picked by the people because of its proximity to Pushkar. Covering an area of 6 acres, it is designed in the complete Rajasthani style. The best time to visit this place is during the Pushkar fair which gives you a chance to experience the colourful culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan.

14. Mehar, Jaisalmer

Mehar, Jaisalmer

For those of you looking for a stay in the deserts of Rajasthan, Mehar is the perfect place to plan your stay. Located near the dunes, the Mehar camp lets you experience the arid deserts of Jaisalmer from up close. It has been defined by tourists as a place to eat, drink and be merry! The camps have all the facilities to make it a comfortable stay and have your day packed with fun-filled activities. The main advantage of this place is its proximity to touristy places like Kuldhara, Damodara, Lodhruva and the other abandoned villages.

15. Rann Riders, Kutch

Rann Riders, Kutch

The Rann Riders is a family owned, eco-resort which is known for providing an excellent experience to its guests. These cottages are inspired by the surrounding villages and lets you come in close contact with rural life. It is a place to understand and enjoy the Kutch culture. If you are looking for a chance to get away from urban life and learn about the rural life of the people, the Rann Riders are the place for you. They also offer adventures like Jeep Safari, Horse Safari, and Camel Safari.

16. Tribal Camp, Madhya Pradesh

Tribal Camp, Madhya Pradesh

Tribal Camp is located at the Pench National Park which falls on the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It is a place which offers excellent food, great service, and an even greater accommodation. The most attractive thing about this camp is the personal touch provided by the owner. The owner of this place is your guide and becomes your adviser from the time you set your foot into this place. This place lets you realise the importance of personal interactions.

17. Dubare Camp, Karnataka

Dubare Camp, Karnataka

All you elephant lovers out there, you have the chance to watch an elephant from up close at the Dubare Camp. Located in the Madikeri region in Karnataka, this place is famous as an elephant training camp. Over time the logging operations have stopped and the elephants have slowly retired, yet you have the opportunity to watch an elephant being scrubbed and bathed! The camps are designed to provide you a comfortable stay with all the facilities. It is surrounded by deciduous forests and is an ideal place to unwind after a hectic work schedule.

18. Coorg Planter’s Camp, Coorg

Coorg Planter’s Camp, Coorg

Coorg is one of the top tourist destinations in the country and is thronged by people during the holiday seasons. However, very few of these tourists think of staying in the unconventional camp sites to make their stay ever more enjoyable. The Coorg Planter’s Camp is an eco camp built right in the middle of the forests. It provides you with an opportunity to visit the famous coffee and cardamom plantations of Coorg. Just take a walk through these plantations or relax near a waterfall and you will experience the healing touch of nature.

19. Mahseer Fishing Camps, Kumaon

Mahseer Fishing Camps, Kumaon

Mahseer Fishing Camp is located in the Jim Corbett National Park in the Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand. As the name suggests, it is a fishing camp for the famous Mahseer fishes. Mahseer is a freshwater fish which feeds on wheat and local blackfish. This place is perfect for a weekend getaway with the family. The most fun adventure here is angling for which you need to obtain a fishing license. Apart from this, other experiences here include hiking and jungle safari.

20. Kolli Hill Resorts, Trichy

Kolli Hill Resorts, Trichy

Kolli Hill Resorts is located in the Trichy region, close to Chennai. Known as the “Wild Orchard Camp” this place are a hotspot among archaeologists, astronomers, and nature lovers. This place is situated close to famous tourist destinations like Siddhar Caves, Sandana Parai, Mini Falls, and Agaya Gangai Waterfalls. This is a perfect place for a short getaway which lets you relax in the midst of nature. The best part of this place is the ever present aroma of cardamom, coffee, rice, and other spices.

21. Seagot, Wayanad

Seagot, Wayanad

Wayanad is a beautiful place in Kerala which is a favourite among travel enthusiasts. The Seagot Camp is built on the largest Earth dam in India, the Banasura Dam. This alone makes it a unique place to visit. Surrounded by the tropical rainforest, camping in the splendid Wayanad region is an experience of a lifetime. It is a perfect place for the adventure lovers with a host of activities like trekking, angling, swimming, team building, and open-air barbecue.

22. Hornbill Camp, Thekkady

Hornbill Camp, Thekkady

For those of you who have not heard of Thekkady, it is a beautiful place located in God’s Own Country (Kerala). It is a place which you will definitely fall in love with. The Hornbill Camp gives you a unique experience as you are greeted by the sounds of a variety of birds from the moment you set foot in this place. It is a camp which redefines simplicity as it is locally managed, made from local materials and yet leave no scope in making your stay comfortable. When staying here, you can also go for Kayaking and Canoeing in the nearby Periyar River.

23. Watermark Camp, Ladakh

Watermark Camp, Ladakh

Living alongside the Pangong Lake is like a dream and the Watermark Camp is a place making this dream come alive. Yes, it is a camp located on the Pangong Lake, which is the highest salt water lake in the world at an altitude of 11,500 feet! This camp overlooks the surrounding Changchenmo Range and is a treat to watch. You can’t simply get over the feeling of staying at this campsite and witnessing the mighty Pangong Lake changing its hues with sunrise and sunset.

24. Camp Potter’s Hill, Shimla

Camp Potter’s Hill, Shimla

Camp Potter’s Hill is a place which lets you drown in the sounds of nature and forget your noisy life. Located near Shimla, it is a quaint place tucked away in the midst of nature and greenery. The Camp Potter’s Hill has efficiently set up fully equipped tents and cottages making the stay more than comfortable at this place. The feeling of unwinding in the middle of the jungle is like none other. You have to experience it to understand it.

25. Camp Mashobra Greens, Shimla

Camp Mashobra Greens, Shimla

Yet another campsite located in the Shimla region which is a completely different experience. Set up at 7000 ft, no word is apt to describe the view from this place. Surrounded by conical trees on all sides these tents have a view which will make you want to stay there forever. It is set in the middle of abundant flora and fauna making it a plush green camp. The fresh air of this place will leave you rejuvenated like never before. You can have your small picnic in the nearby meadow or orchard.

26. Manvar, Jodhpur

Manvar, Jodhpur

Manvar Camp is located a few kilometres from the Jodhpur/Jaisalmer highway and is a place which will take you back in the time of Jehangir. He was the king who redefined living in deserts. Being a luxury-loving person, he changed the concept of living in deserts into a royal experience. Visiting Manvar lets you experience lavishness with 30 tents furnished with teak furniture, rich jute rugs and extravagant meals. Every part of this camp is decorated with a view to remind you of the regal days of the royal kings.

27. Mirvana, Jodhpur

Mirvana, Jodhpur

Miravana is situated 55km from Jaisalmer and is a much sought after camp because of its more than perfect location. This place is loved by travel enthusiasts who look for unconventional experiences. This camping resort is the best retreat you can find in this desert area. It has its orchard with fruits and vegetables growing in abundance. There are plenty of activities here like taking a walk in the orchards, camel treks, tractor rides and the very romantic dining setting at the dunes. You can also milk a cow here!

28. Shaam-e-Sarhad, Hodka

Shaam-e-Sarhad, Hodka

Hodka is situated in the Bhuj region of Gujarat and is a lesser known place among the tourists. However, the Shaam-e-Sarhad is a camp depicting the traditional Kutchi culture and perfect for enjoying the simple way of living. This camp has been handcrafted with the presence of mud huts called bhungas, turning it into a complete village-like atmosphere. The food served here is also the traditional food of Khichdi and Kadhi and is completely lip smacking. A stay at this place will let you experience the rich culture of this land. The main attraction here is the Kutchi Folk music which is really enjoyable.

29. Banjara Camps, Thanedar

Banjara Camps, Thanedar

Banjara Camps are set up in the Thanedar district of Shimla, in the town called Kotgarh which is very famous for its apple orchard. The story of these apple orchards dates long back in history. In 1916, Samuel Stokes came to India from Philadelphia and brought along with him an apple sapling which he planted here. Ever since this place has been known for its “Starking Delicious” apple orchards. The Banjara camps let you stay in the midst of these apple orchards and enjoy the long walks. The other nearby places to visit are Nagdevta temple, the Hattu peak, and Juggar lake.

30. Jungle Livinn, Chail

Jungle Livinn,  Chail

Chail is a charming village perched on top of three hills in the mountainous Himachal Pradesh. Like the numerous hill stations of Himachal, Chail is a bountiful place full of natural whispers. In this beautiful region, Jungle Livinn is a set of 20 gorgeously set Swiss tents letting you stay in total luxury. This place has loads of adventurous options like trekking the mountains, rappelling a hillock, hiking through the village or simply enjoying the wondrous view from the tent. The Swiss tents have redefined camping with luxury.

31. The Camp 5 Elements, Deoprayag

The Camp 5 Elements, Deoprayag

This is a campsite which is located on what we can call the Indianised-Beach. Sprawled along 800 acres of land, this camp falls on the way to Deoprayag. It is a famous site among companies which often send their employees here to recharge themselves. Aptly surrounded by forests on three sides, it is magical during the sunrise and sunset — the perfect place to relax or play volleyball along the beach. You can also take alone walk around the campsite and de-stress yourself.

32. Osian Camp Resort, Rajasthan

Osian Camp Resort, Rajasthan

Osian is a popular trading centre in Rajasthan and is known for its impressive temple architecture which dates back to the 6th century. The Osian Camp Resort has used this site to build a grand camping experience. The camps are designed like fortresses in the Osian dunes. Camel and Jeep safaris are available for the tourists who are a great adventure. The other major attraction here is the evening bonfire along with the traditional Rajasthani music and folk-dance.

33. Kasbah, Pushkar

Kasbah, Pushkar

Yet another camp to put up in a while visiting the Pushkar fair. The Kasbah is a royal camping experience which was built to accommodate the exquisite taste of the royal families of Bandanwara and Balasinor. These camps are specially set up during the Pushkar fair to let the visitors and tourists have a grand stay. The major attractions here are the Kalbelia dancers (folk dancers of Rajasthan) and performances by African tribes Siddi Goma Group, also settled in Gujarat for several years.

34. Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges, Karnataka

Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges, Karnataka

Bheemeshwari is a beautiful place in Karnataka and one of the top getaways from Bangalore. Flowing through the abundant jungle is the river Cauvery on the banks of which is situated this mesmerising camp site. It is very famous for the Mahseer fish, which is a tropical sporting fish. Since this campsite is located right in the middle of the dense jungle, there is ample opportunity to come across leopards, cobra, python, crocodile and a host of other wild animals. It also houses more than 200 species of birds and is a total delight for wilderness lovers.

35. Damodara Desert Camp, Jaisalmer

Damodara Desert Camp, Jaisalmer

The Damodara Desert Camp is the complete Rajasthani desert experience, located approximately 30 km outside of Jaisalmer on the way to the Sam dunes. It is a very charming campsite in the middle of the blazing Thar Desert. It has ten deluxe Swiss cottages with the world class amenities like the double bed and attached bathroom. This place combines comfort, convenience, and facilities with traditional Indian culture and hospitality. The major attractions here are sitting around a campfire in the evening, relishing the deliciously prepared Rajasthani cuisine and enjoying the local folk music.

36. Sher Bagh, Ranthambore

Sher Bagh, Ranthambore

Located in the Ranthambore, Rajasthan, the Sher Bargh is best described as an intimate camping experience. There are 12 tented suites which have been hand stitched and decorated with vintage furniture. It recreates the era of British safari camps with air conditioning, attached bathrooms, and private veranda. As if this wasn’t enough, the suites also have a private Jacuzzi! Apart from these amenities, there is a spa, swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, and an organic garden. This does take camping to a whole new level.

37. Jawai Leopard Camp, Rajasthan

Jawai Leopard Camp, Rajasthan

The JAWAI Leopard Camp has been named so because you can see a leopard here from up close. No, we are not talking about safaris. Jawai is a place where leopards roam around freely, visiting the villages and sleeping at random places. Camping here is the real and raw experience. The camp itself is more than comfortable with an unhindered view of the wilderness. There are a swimming pool and an organic garden making sure your food is completely healthy. You can go hiking, cycling, or a stroll around the local village. This place brings home a large number of flamingos and sarus cranes making it a bird lover’s paradise.

38. Chhatra Sagar, Pali

Chhatra Sagar, Pali

Chhatra Sagar is a campsite which captures the true essence of Rajput lifestyle: “homes away from home.” Luxury tents have always been a part of Rajput lifestyle with constant campaigns in far-flung lands. The camp of Chhatra Sagar was constructed by the grandchildren of Thakur Chhatra Singh of Nimaj. He built a dam which drained him of all his resources and converted the land into great scenic landscapes. This camp was built in his honour. The camp is a royal experience, decorated by Marwari women to welcome their guests. It is the perfect place to enjoy the regal Rajasthani hospitality.

39. Camp Temgarh, Pune

Camp Temgarh, Pune

Tucked away in the little village of Mulshi taluk is Camp Temgarh, 30km from Pune along the winding roads. It is a place to have a memorable time with your family as there are trees to plant, dogs to play ball with, streams to dip in and mountain to climb on. It is the best weekend getaway from the crowded city, leaving you rejuvenated in the midst of greenery. There are cottages, tents and a gazebo sitting on a hill cozily surrounded by nature. It has been described as the kind of place childhood is made of!

40. Camp Rapidfire, Rishikesh

Camp Rapidfire, Rishikesh

Camp Rapidfire is located along the mighty Ganga in Rishikesh, which is an adventure lover’s haven. It is a river beach camp which means that it is situated on a large tract of white sand along the river banks. This sure is as exciting and peaceful as it sounds with ample opportunity to laze out in the sun and hear the Ganga flowing by. Being the most popular rafting destination, there is no dearth of adventure activities in Rishikesh. There is no electricity at this camp which is lighted by kerosene lamps after sunset, giving it a completely ethereal feel. It is a complete bliss to observe the stars at night and pass your time away from the noise of the crowded cities.

41. Lion Safari Camp, Gujarat

Lion Safari Camp, Gujarat

The Lion Safari Camp is a luxury wildlife camp located in the Gir national Park in Gujarat. It is built on a private mango orchard overlooking the nearby Hiran River and is surrounded by a thick green cover. This Eco-friendly camp has 21 luxury tents with air conditioning and attached bathrooms. It is completely furnished with the necessary furniture to make your stay convenient. Being so closely situated to Gir National Park, the best thing you can do here is to take a safari and try to spot the Asiatic Lion. This park also has the highest population of leopards and other wildlife includes Chital, Nilgai, Wild Board, Jackal, and Hyenas. This campsite is sure to leave you exhilarated.

42. Chamba Camp, Ladakh

Chamba Camp, Ladakh

This place is for those people who look for Ladakh with a touch of luxury. Located at the foot of the Thiksey monastery, Chamba camp is a luxury camp with 14 colonial-chic tents. These tents have been specially imported from Africa and are complete with four-poster bed, en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, and writing desks. If this didn’t excite you enough, there is also a bakery, an organic garden, a handicraft shop, and a library, along with ample areas for sports like archery, volleyball, and table tennis. It is a perfect luxurious setting you can find in this region.

43. Shergarh, Madhya Pradesh

Shergarh, Madhya Pradesh

Shergarh is situated at the edge of the Kanha Tiger Reserve and is a convenient place for your tiger-spotting expeditions. This is yet another of those royal camps with a huge bed, en-suite bathroom, private decks, electricity and unlimited free Wi-Fi. Being so closely located to the tiger reserve you can always look out for a chance to spot the mighty animal. You can also go for village walks, jeep safaris, cycling, and bird-watching.

44. Taj Banjar Tola, Madhya Pradesh

Taj Banjar Tola, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh sure seems to have taken luxury camps to a whole new level. The Taj Banjar Tola is a safari lodge just outside the Kanha National Park, on the banks of the Banjaar River. There are nine suites complete with all the world-class facilities of a luxury camp including bath, showers, and a floating verandah. To let you unwind after a long day of elephant rides in the forest, this place offers spa facilities in the privacy of your tent on the private deck. There is also a swimming pool where you can have a relaxing time. This one makes for a picture-perfect camp.

45. Orchard Tents, Pushkar

Orchard Tents, Pushkar

Orchard Tents are set up in the campgrounds of Ganahera in Pushkar. Being beautifully set up amidst the amla (gooseberry) orchards, it has been aptly named so. There are fifteen well-managed luxury tents surrounded by rose gardens giving it a rosy smell throughout. These tents have a living area, a dressing room, a bathroom and a private verandah. Apart from the usual amenities, these tents specialise in some activities like kite-flying lessons, cycling, archery, folk dances, puppets and magic show. One thing that sets this camp apart from the rest is its specially designed tents for people with special needs! The local Rajasthani cuisine is something that will leave you licking your fingers.

46. Kinner Camps, Sangla

Kinner Camps, Sangla

For those of you who never heard of Sangla, it is a six-hour drive from Shimla and the last green frontier before you drive into the mountainous land of Lahaul and Spiti. The luxuriously designed tents have all the comfort that you could ask for, and camping in the Himalayas is an out-of-this-world experience. Being surrounded by a thick cover of pines and cedar is a wonderfully fresh feeling. The multi-cuisine restaurant makes sure your dietary needs are well taken care of. Apart from lazing out in the tents, you can go for activities such as trekking, rock-climbing, river crossing, and rappelling. The sound of the River Baspa that flows by is like constant music for the ears.

47. Big Red Tent, Kolad

 Big Red Tent, Kolad

Imagine heading off to camp in a place where there is no electricity and mobile networks. Like the thought of spending time so undisturbed? If yes, then you should definitely spend your next holiday camping at the Big Red Tent. This is a very cozy campsite located not far from Mumbai-Pune and is an utterly intimate experience. It is managed by a couple who gave up their chaos filled Mumbai life to create something unique in the countryside. The tents have basic comforts like foam mattress, sleeping bags, and inflatable pillows. You can have a total living-in-the-open-gazing-the-stars experience here. One major attraction is spending your evening around the barbecue!

48. Rohet Wilderness Camp, Pali

Rohet Wilderness Camp, Pali

The Rohetgarh Camp is popularly known as a “Writer’s Muse” since it is a place which has inspired quite a few writers to pen down legendary work. Sitting on a dune in total wilderness, this camp has seven luxury tents which are furnished with teak wood polished furniture, rice jute floor rugs and have large lovely windows. The view from these tents is completely spectacular. It is splendid to watch the sunrise and the sunset and gazing the stars at night, uncovering a whole new universe. The lounge and the dining areas have been designed in the traditional Bishnoi fashion with thatch and dung plaster. As they say, it is a place where you will hear the silence!

49. Anaerangal Camp, Munnar

Anaerangal Camp, Munnar

The Anaerangal Camp beckons those who look for solitude in the mountains of Munnar. It is a cottage-tented camp overlooking the spectacular Anaerangal Lake. Spending time in the midst of such lush green atmosphere is sure to leave you exhilarated. The aroma of tea from the nearby Kolukumalai estate blows through the air, along with the smell of cardamom and pepper. The camp is ideal for cyclists, trekkers, birders and even for people who are searching for detoxification from the tension-filled routine life.

50. The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore

The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambore

The Oberoi property has got to be the epitome of luxury, and this one surely is. For people looking for a safari holiday along with hotel-styled comfort, there can be no better option than this. The Oberoi Vanyavilas has 25 elaborately rich tents with air conditioning, four-poster beds, internet, television, heated swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant, business center, meeting room, and Library Bar. Apart from the safari you can go for elephant and camel rides, art walks and visit the local markets. What more can you ask for?!

There is much more to travelling than staying in hotels and resorts. CAMP. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER. Because the time spent camping isn’t spent, it’s invested!

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