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Camping in Houston has always been popular because of its secluded, peaceful as well as adventurous and exciting campsites in and around Houston. In addition to camping at these tranquil spots, there (Read More) are several other activities that the visitors can do to keep themselves engaged with the beauty and creatures of nature. Camping in Houston provides visitors with a never like before experience with its several facilities and diversity.

Here is the list of 13 Camping in Houston

1. 5d ranch

5d ranch
5.0 /5

Located in the outskirts of Navasota the opener operated ranch is home to a wide range of exciting activities and is an ideal place for family camping. The ranch gives its visitors options to camp under the trees on fertile soil or in rental RVs or truck campers. These exciting campsites are spread over an area of 400 acres surrounded by a clean pond and a beautiful view of the mountains.

Address : 6536, Joee Ln, Navasota
Open Hours : 24 Hours
Suggested Hours : Weekend
Ecosystems : Bass fish, perch
Activities : Trekking, Swimming
Amenities : Restroom, shower
Distance from Houston : 76.5 miles

2. Camp wonderland

Camp wonderland
5.0 /5

Thirty-five acres of beautiful flora and fauna, Camp wonderland comprises six different campsites. The campsite is located just 4 miles from the Trinity River, which increases the utility of the area, creating more space for swimming and a range of different water activities. Visitors also have the chance to wander and explore the area around the clean and blue river.

Address : Houston, Texas
Open Hours : 24 Hours
Suggested Hours : Weekend
Ecosystems : Horses, ducks, geese
Activities : Swimming, camping, trekking
Amenities : Restrooms

3. Briers ranch primitive camping

Briers ranch primitive camping
4.5 /5

An ideal place to practice orienteering, the Briers ranch primitive camping is known for its majestic views and clean, green and fresh atmosphere. The campsite allows its visitors to learn skills like pasturing, orienteering, hiking and cutting firewood. They can also explore bushy areas, gullies and creek beds.

Address : Sam Houston National Forest, Huntsville State Park
Open Hours : 8:00 am-9:00 pm
Suggested Hours : 1 day
Activites : Exploring, camping, hiking
Amenities : Portable water, pets

4. The honey hole

The honey hole
4.5 /5

An ideal area for nature lovers, Honey Hole, is 15 acres of Wooded Rolling land which comprises a 4-acre fresh swimming pond for its visitors at the campsite. Honey hole is more of a retreat than a campsite because of the multiple facilities that are provided to them by the hosts at Honey Hole. The 15 acres further comprises three smaller camps that vary from each other to provide a broader range of stays for its visitors.

Suggested Hours : 3 days
Ecosystem : largemouth bass, bluegill
Activites : Boating, fishing
Amenities : Restrooms, food

5. Tuna park

Tuna park
4.5 /5

A spacious RV park located in the state of Galveston is known for its ever-growing collection of trailers and RVs in the city of Houston. The park allows people to get their campers, tents and RVs and camp in the Tuna Park for a certain period. The park also provides its visitors with a wide range of facilities like free wifi, bins, picnic tables and portable water for the visitors. To make the stay more exciting, the park also has a fishing pond at the end of the park.

Address : Galveston Island State Park, Sea Rim State Park
Open Hours : 24 hours
Suggested time : 2 days
Activities : Fishing, leisure activities
Amenities : Free wifi, bins, water
Distance from Houston : 8.5 miles

6. 5W ranch

5W ranch
4.5 /5

An extension of the 5 D Ranch, but yet with an exciting and more relaxing area the 5 W Ranch is located on the same premises as th% D ranch. The 5 W ranch offers the visitors with facilities like BBQ pits, charcoal, smores and firewood. The Ranch is also ideal for a family vacation and just like the 5 D Ranch at the 5 W Ranch visitors can pitch their tents, camp in their RVs or even pitch their tents.

Address : 6536, Joee Ln, Navasota
Open Hours : 24 Hours
Suggested Hours : Weekend
Ecosystems : Bass fish, perch
Activities : Trekking, Swimming
Amenities : Restroom, shower
Distance from Houston : 76.5 miles

7. Steel chillin campsite

Steel chillin campsite
4.5 /5

Steel Chillin Campsite is a camping place located at Sargent Island, Texas. The site is well known for family camping and campfire events that make it lively and popular. Trailers and RVs are allowed in the area, but only groups of up to six people can be accommodated at one campsite.

Address : Sergeant, Texas
Open Hours : 24 hours
Suggested Hours : 2 nights
Activities : Camping, campfires
Amenities : shower rooms, picnic tables, campfires

8. Texas treehouse swings forest

Texas treehouse swings forest
4.0 /5

Located at the Gulf Coast, the Texas TreeHouse Swings Forest is 5 acres of rainforest which offer camping and family vacation facilities. All the camps in the area are located far from each other; hence there is no contact or interaction. Moreover, there are multiple sites, and each location offers many facilities for visitors.

Address : Brazos Bend State Park, Galveston
Open Hours : 3pm - 11am
Suggested Hours : 2 nights
Activities : Camping, bonfires
Amenities : swings, campfires, toilets, wifi
Distance from Houston : 46miles

9. The Morris and manor retreat

The Morris and manor retreat
4.0 /5

The Morris Manor and Retreat is one of the most beautiful and romantic camping locations in Texas. The 25-acre land houses a stocked pond, a deer park and a fenced RV area. One can camp anywhere on the ground and enjoy many activities.

Address : Huntsville State Park, Sam Houston National Forest
Suggested Hours : 2-3 nights
Activities : camping, fishing, bird watching
Amenities : Campfires pets, Electric power hookups, grills
Distance from Houston : 70 miles

10. Sea rim state park

Sea rim state park
4.0 /5

With more than 4000 acres of Marshland within it, the Sea Rim State Park is located at the far Southeast corner of Texas in Sabine Pass. Given the 4.3 miles of Shoreline, the Sea Rim park is well known for beaches and water-based activities such as boating, kayaking and paddle boating. Surfing is also popular in the region.

Address : 19335 State Hwy 87, Sabine Pass, TX 77655, United States
Open Hours : 6am - 10pm
Suggested Hours : 2-3 nights
Activities : camping, bird watching, swimming
Amenities : picnic tables, grills, kayaks, Canoes
Ecosystem : alligators
Distance from Houston : 109 miles

11. Lake Houston wilderness park

Lake Houston wilderness park
4.0 /5

A wooded parkland encompassing 4,768 acres of land the Lake Houston Wilderness Park is owned by the Houston Parks and Recreation department. The park allows day use as well as overnight camping to all its visitors. The wilderness park also has a wide range of animals and snakes that can be spotted by the visitors on a typical day.

Open hours : 24 hours
Suggested hours : 4-5 days
Ecosystems : snakes
Activities : kayaking, fishing, horse riding, trekking
Amenities : lake cabins, dining hall
Entry fee : 3 USD

12. Quintana Beach Country Park

Quintana Beach Country Park
4.0 /5

Quintana Beach is a 52-acre beachfront with an abundance of amenities and features that make it a popular family destination. Located on the upper Texas Gulf Coast, it has many activities like water sports coupled with fishing and boating. Camping is also popular in the country park with Camp Mohawk being a popular camping place. Camping at the beach is also available with cabins, pavilions, and sweepy pavilion facilities.

Address : 330 5th St, Quintana, TX 77541, United States
Open hours : 8am - 5pm
Suggested hours : 2 nights
Activities : swimming, boating, camping, bird watching
Amenities : restrooms, grills, fireplace
Distance from Houston : 68 miles

13. Huntsville state park

Huntsville state park
4.0 /5

Huntsville State Park is a vast wooded park located at Southwest of Huntsville, Texas. This large 2083.2-acre Park offers various recreational and adventurous activities to its visitors. Filled with Pinewoods all-round, Huntsville Park is famous for its hiking trails and camping facilities. There are more than 218 different species of birds in the woods of Huntsville Park.

Address : 565 Park Road 40 West, Huntsville, TX 77340, United States
Open Hours : 6am - 7:45pm
Suggested Hours : 2 nights minimum
Ecosystems : crappie fish, catfish and Bass
Activities : Swimming, camping, Kayaking
Amenities : picnic table, wheelchair accessible, fire ring
Distance from Houston : 65 miles

These are some of Houstons most thrilling and fun camping sites in and around the city. These camping sites are fun-filled with exciting areas for exploration and adventures. We hope you like out list.

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