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Places For Bungee Jumping in India

Places for Bungee Jumping in India

Love adrenaline rushes? butterflies in your stomach? not afraid to experience flying? want to overcome your fear of heights? Does the above click anything? Bungee Jumping of course. Were we on the same page when you were reading the above? I hope so because then you're at the right place. I bet all of you know what Bungee Jumping is! If you don't let me tell it to you short and sweet. It is when you jump off from a height while attached to an elastic cord, this cord is attached to a building, bridge but people also do it from a helicopter and hot air- balloon.

First of all let's begin with important points to remember while Bungee Jumping in India

  1. For the company, get a person who is trained and a professional to avoid any mistakes and be on the safer side.
  2. Ask any question that you want to ask, it is better if you get all your doubts cleared and in the process get to see how much the person knows.
  3. All the equipment should be given by the person taking you for the Bungee jumping. Make sure the harness and strong and is soft by the ankles so your ankles don't hurt. Also, make sure that the rope is being tied to a sturdy place. Do not go with the person who has a little old equipment just because it is a little cheaper. A life is much more precious than a few hundreds.
  4. The place where you go for the Bungee jumping should be clear of rocks and trees plus it should be really high so you don't hurt yourself
  5. Lastly if you suffer from any heart or breathing problems please do not attempt Bungee Jumping.
  6. Oops sorry forgot to mention a small detail. You need to be at least 12 years old and your weight must be at least 40 kgs.
If all the above is clear and understood you are perfect to go!!! Enjoy the rest of the article as I tell you the places where you can go for an amazing experience of Bungee Jumping.

Here is the list of 6 Places For Bungee Jumping in India

1. Jumpin Heights in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Known For : Rafting in Rishikesh Lakshman Jhula Triveni Ghat

3,700 active cases 2,435 in last 7 days

A small town in Dehradun where many people come to find their inner peace but it is also the place with the height of 83 metres perfect for bungee jumping and also the highest spot for Bungee Jumping in India and one of the best who provides this facility is Jumpin Heights. A long, sturdy beam (Cantilever) is built over a cliff that gives it the amazing height. You have to spend some time on the best experiences :)

Cost Per Jump: INR 3500
Height of Bungee Jump: 83 m

Best Time : Throughout the year

2. Della Adventures in Lonavala, Maharashtra

Known For : Tiger's Leap Rajmachi Fort Imagicaa

59,462 active cases 24,388 in last 7 days

A small hill station on the outskirts of Pune, a beautiful place and a perfect one for Bungee Jumping in India which takes place in an adventure park called Della Adventures. The equipment is attached at a height of 150 ft and lasts for about 7-10 minutes. People above the age of 10, with a body weight of above 35 kgs are allowed to take the jump. The experts explain all the safety measures before the jump and most importantly after the thrilling experience that leaves you dumbfounded you even receive a certificate saying you have successfully overcome your fears:) 

Cost Per Jump: INR 1500
Height of Bungee Jump: 45m

Best Time : Throughout the year

3. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore, Karnataka

Known For : Bangalore Palace Bannerghatta National Park Innovative Film City

41,817 active cases 24,842 in last 7 days

One of the most popular bungee jumping in India is at Ozone Adventures in Bangalore. Bungee jumping being conducted by Ozone Adventures takes place from a height of about 80 feet above the ground. The only difference between bungee jumping in Bangalore and Rishikesh is that there is no fixed platform in Bangalore. The entire equipment for bungee jumping is fastened to a 130 ft high mobile crane. It might not be very safe jumping off a platform being held by a crane. People who belong to the age group of 18 and 60 years can enjoy this adrenaline-filled experience. Taking all the factors into consideration the safety of the jumper is given the utmost priority as bungee jumping from cranes is not as relatively safe as jumping from fixed platforms.

Cost Per Jump: INR 400
Height of Bungee Jump: 25 m Platform, 40 m Crane

Best Time : Throughout the year

4. Wanderlust in New Delhi

Known For : India Gate Qutub Minar Humayun's Tomb

69,023 active cases 34,505 in last 7 days

Finally! Yes, bungee jumping is available in Delhi too. Wanderlust is the provider for this sport. All the equipment is imported from Japan and all the staff are also trained from Germany so people don't fear you are safe. The equipment is attached to a 130 feet high crane and after you've taken your leap of faith and survived, you get a certificate and 'I did it' T-shirt and a cap.

Cost Per Jump: INR 3000
Height of Bungee Jump: 52 m

Best Time : October to March

5. Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa

Known For : Calangute Beach Fort Aguada Cruise in Goa

Located near one of the most popular beaches in Goa that is obviously Anjuna Beach, the Gravity Adventure Zone conduct Bungee Jumping from a height of 80 ft and has been installed by a US-based company- Sports tower Inc. It is one of the lowest Bungee jumping sites and is good for a first try as it is priced at a reasonable rate. The price per person is INR 500.

Cost Per Jump: INR 500
Height of Bungee Jump: 25 m

Best Time : October to March

6. Jagdalpur

This bungee jumping spot is located Chhattisgarh. Though bungee jumping is at a primary stage you can still expect a lot of fun and an amazing experience.

How to Reach: Get down at Raipur and take a bus or local Mahindra cab
Cost: INR 300
Height of Bungee Jump: 30 m

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