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Tanjong Beach, Singapore Overview

Gleaming white sands with cool sea breeze fondling your hairs and a beach restaurant to party hard are what makes the Tanjong Beach one of the top choices of the tourists as well as the local residents of Singapore. You can find many beaches at Sentosa Island (which is also popular for being a resort island of Singapore), but when people step on the pristine sand of Tanjong Beach, they know moments of fun and frolic are due for them during their stay at the beach.

Tanjong Beach is one of the most appropriate places to visit for those who are fond of fishing. So, if you are carrying your own fishing gear, do give a try to show off your angling skills in front of those sunbathing people. And what’s more important than the most important part of a trip - Food. Gnawing at lobsters and prawns and many other types of seafood at Tanjong Beach is something sure to make your taste buds addicted to the beach food. A wide range of Mediterranean dishes served by the Tanjong Beach Club and Restaurant blended with a marvellous view of the crystal blue waters in front of your eyes, the Tanjong Beach is no less than a haven.

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Attractions at Tanjong Beach

During your visit to Tanjong Beach, you can indulge in a lot of beach activities. The beach premises comprise of an open-air area for drinking and dining. From beers to cocktails to oldest of wines, one can booze off in cosmopolitan style at this picturesque Beach of Sentosa Island. If you are not comfortable sitting at the bar counter and sipping down your drink, you may even clink your glasses with your friends, family or even strangers by lying lazily at the sun loungers placed across the beach.

If you forgot to carry your sunscreen lotion with you to the Tanjong Beach, you can outsmart the bright sun overhead from giving you tan by joining people in the Jacuzzi present on the beach. Interacting with people from different countries, speaking different languages and yet behaving in a frank manner is something which will help you make awesome memories for your social media posts.

Tanjong Beach
Relaxing at the Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach Club

Although there are a lot of things to delve into at the Tanjong Beach, you cannot simply ignore the Tanjong Beach Club situated at the Beach. Based on the theme of seaside homes, one is bound to get confused as to whether he is partying in an indoor or outdoor scenario, the Tanjong Beach Club is that much impressive to visit. So, if you are an introvert sort of person who likes being to himself with no strangers buzzing around and staring at you through their shades, you can plan a trip to the Beach Club during weekdays, when the beach crowd and the Tanjong Beach Club’s crowd is tolerable. 

Tanjong Beach Club
Tanjong Beach Club

Things to Do at Tanjong Beach

The Tanjong Beach of Sentosa Island is one of those beaches where time flies right through your wristwatch without your notice. From making sand castles out of the white sand to shopping on the beach to partying hard from sunset to sunrise, the place is an ideal one for all sorts of tourists and visitors.

Relaxation: Even if you want to do nothing much, simply lying under the palm trees or the beach shacks, gazing at the sea waves splashing against each other seems very relaxing. Not only this, but you can also take a stroll across the beach while observing the large ships anchored a little far away in the ocean.

Fishing: Another activity which is quite popular at Tanjong Beach is fishing. If you are carrying your fishing rod and sufficient worms to throw as bait to those Pacific fishes, you can spend hours by yourselves, catching fishes for the luncheon or dinner feast.

Partying: People who plan to visit the Tanjong Beach simply to enjoy and party hard, the DJ playing music along the beach bar is someone you should listen to, and get yourselves thumping and jumping to the beats of the hour. 

How to Reach Tanjong Beach

The Tanjong Beach is situated along the Tanjong Beach Walk and is exactly opposite to the Sentosa Golf Club grounds. Even if you are not able to trace the beach, do not hesitate in asking any of the taxi driver or locals about the route to the beach. For those people who are visiting the Sentosa Island for the first time, renting a car or hiring a taxi in one of the best options to reach directly to Tanjong Beach.

If travelling by bus, get down at the Beach Station. If you are travelling via the Tram, you need to de-board the Palawan–Tanjong Beach Tram at Tanjong Beach Station to reach the beach.


1. Carry your sunscreen lotion and SPF creams to avoid getting a sunburn. Wear appropriate accessories like sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun
2. Wear light and comfortable clothing and footwear
3. Carry an extra set of towels and clothes if you plan to enter the waters
4. Carry your fishing gear if you plan to go fishing at the beach

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