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Sim Lim Square, Singapore Overview

Sim Lim Square is a six-storey retail complex known for being the hub of electronic items. Also known as SLS, it offers all kinds of electronic items like mobiles, cameras, laptop, computers, along with offering software updates and the repair and servicing of electronic products.

While the first three levels of Sim Lim Square are mainly focussed on consumer electronics ranging from MD players to digital camcorders and office equipment like fax machines, levels three to six deal with an unparalleled range of computer components. Along with the endless, sprawling collection of the products, this IT shopping complex also houses a food court in its basement which specialises in Asian cuisine and ensures fast-paced delivery. 

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Shopping at Sim Lim Sqaure

Sim Lim Square of Singapore is one of the most popular shopping malls specializing in electronics and every product related to technology. Visitors to the mall are eager to buy television sets, computers, video systems and mobile phones at affordable prices. Apart from being a brand new product, this mall is also the place to go-to for the tourists to Singapore who look for good quality second-hand products or hope to repair their own electronic gadgets. Brisk bargaining can help one to obtain the required gadgets at throwaway prices.

Things To Buy At Sim Lim Square

Computer & Peripherals- Everything from desktops, laptops, storage components, software, hard disks and networking peripherals are available here along with the best camera models, video systems and wired/wireless alarm systems. The gaming devices and accessories are in high demand by teens and young boys.

Mobile Devices- Video microphones and Logitech speakers are highly popular here whereas the branded smartphones and power banks almost always have takers. A good number of wearable gadgets are available here as well with many of the visitors eager to repair their existing gadgets especially mobiles with cracked or broken screens. The Garmin Edge remote and Smart Plugs operated via Wi-Fi are also found at attractive rates here.

Games & Hobby- Avid photographers will find all kinds of cameras available at Sim Lim Square. From zoom lenses to Wi-Fi enabled ones and every kind of accessory possible is stocked in the shops. The range of gaming consoles varies from Nintendo to Play Stations and X-Box with game controllers available for PCs and laptops as well. However, it is the Hybrid TV Box that happens to be a constant best-seller.

Major Brands At Sim Lim Square
  • Acer- Laptops from Acer are sold to both working professionals and ones looking for entertainment options.
  • Apple- Students and professionals make a beeline for buying the Macbook with Preloved certification
  • D-Link- Wireless cameras from D-Link are sold in the mall with the professional photographers as well as the ones who take it up as a hobby are rewarded to find the best products available at affordable prices here.
  • Garmin- From wearable watches to GPS Navigator from Garmin promise the best quality when bought from this IT mall par excellence.
  • Lenovo- Branded Laptop,  Notebooks and Ideapad from Lenovo come with a guarantee of quality.
Sim Lim Square Singapore
Sim Lim Square from the inside (Source)

Best Shops at Sim Lim Square

The six-storey shopping mall is a treat for the tech mad public especially the young individuals looking to fulfil their gaming experience and perfecting the art of photography. It is impossible to drop into every single shop, however. Some of the must-visit stores at this mall include -

Xtreme Solution- Located on Level 2, this is a gamer’ paradise with every possible console and accessory available for the eager gamers

PC Themes- This is a shop for beginners who are learning how to handle a computer. It sells PC parts as well as full models but the common accessories such as keyboards and computer mouse may not always be in stock.

Best Bargain- Situated on Level 6, this shop is user-friendly as it displays the prices via a neatly printed notice that is pasted just outside the shop. This is definitely the shop to go to for buying computer accessories inexpensively.

Tradepac- This is a shop that sells all kinds of hardware products and is located on Level 5. The rates are cheap and much lesser than retail prices elsewhere.

Media Mart- This shop is dedicated to gaming that can be accessed by climbing up to Level 6. It is not a huge shop but the customers are encouraged to look around and take their pick.

How to Reach Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square is connected to many major routes and can be accessed both by the public as well as private transportation.

From Exit A of the Rochor MRT Station, it takes only a minute on foot to reach Sim Lim Square.

Bus: Get on the bus 23, 48, 57, 66, 67, 170, 851, 960, or 980 and disembark at the bus stop at Rochor Canal Road. It is a short walk from the bus interchange to the shopping and retail complex.
Sim Lim Square Singapore
Sim Lim Square building (Source)


The arrangement of the products available at Sim Lim Square is quite haphazard which may turn out to be challenging to explore. Owing to this, the mall keeps a buyer's guide for anyone who wishes to seek assistance. Make sure to grab one of these guides before you commence shopping for a more organised shopping experience.

  • For receiving information about the best deals and getting the most out of the shopping experience at Sim Lim Square, ask for information about the products, get hold of the brochures that are distributed, and bargain for the best deals on goods.
  • Compare the prices of the products in various shops to find what is best for you.
  • To purchase the exact product that you are looking for within a short period, go through the online catalogue available on the official website of the Sim Lim Square complex first.
  • The prices here tend to be a fraction of the costs at other places hence tourists often prefer this complex to the ones in their hometowns. However, it is always recommended to check if the product can be used at home before purchasing it. For instance, factors like current capacity and voltage requirements may differ, in which cases an adapter should be purchased along with the products.

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