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Kampong Lorong Buangkok, Singapore Overview

Kampong Lorong Buangkok is a traditional village located in Hougang, a residential town in North-Eastern region of Singapore. Popular as the last remaining village on mainland Singapore, this rustic place provides a link to the past of the Lion City. The houses in this 'kampuang', inhabited by 30 families, are reminiscent of an earlier, quieter era, with wooden houses and tin roofs, lush green trees and dirt roads. The thirty or so families who reside here, lead a relaxed life in their 'kampung', in deep contrast with the skyscrapers so clearly visible behind their village.

Visitors often visit Lorong Buangkok to get the experience of an original 'kampung' before it is replaced with one of the many high rises. Visit the quiet little piece of land in the early mornings and take pictures of the charming little colourful houses against the backdrop of the grey skyscrapers. The residents of the 'kampuang' have many relics of the ages gone by such as old signposts with four-letter pin codes. While most of them are friendly, some like to keep their distance from the steady stream of curious visitors. Lorong Buangkok is a must-visit for all those who wish to experience the feel of an authentic Southeast Asian 'kampung' on mainland Singapore before they are destroyed forever by the constant urban development.

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The Residents

The current population of Lorong Buangkok consists of approximately 30 families - a mix of Malay and Chinese people. During the 1960s, the majority of residents worked in the nearby Woodbridge Hospital or factories. The rental charge at that time was SGD 2 - SGD 3. They reared their chicken for food and experienced a laid-back life as compared to the city people. There was also a primary school called Yio Chu Kang Primary School.

Presently, the population comprises of make-up artists, workers, and senior citizens. An interesting fact about Lorong Buangkok is that people do not shut the doors of their houses anytime. It is because of the kind and level of trust people have on each other. The families know each other and take part in all community activities.

Exploring Lorong Buangkok

Visitors to the Lorong Buangkok can get a feel of the old world and see how Singapore used to be during the 1950s and 60s. They can experience the close-knit spirit of 'kampungs' in this last remaining one on mainland Singapore. The houses, with their wooden walls and zinc roofs, have not yet been demolished into blocks of flats, and they serve to remind one of the simpler days of the past. Walking down the dirt path beside the canal that leads into the 'kampung' transports visitors into another world, full of lush green trees and creaky old houses with stray cats, dogs and chickens running amok, a stark contrast to the cosmopolitan nature of modern Singapore. Some beautiful photographs of the old world houses set against the backdrop of huge skyscrapers can be taken here. However, visitors must be careful not to violate the privacy of the residents and trespass into private areas.

How to Reach Lorong Buangkok

Lorong Buangkok is a relatively easy reach by public transport. Several bus lines like 103, 147, 315 and 73 stop at St. Vincent de Paul's church on Yio Chu Kang Road from where visitors may cross the road and walk down the stairs next to petrol station and follow the Lorong Buang Kok dirt path. The Circle Line, North East Line and North-South Line of the Subway stop near the 'kampung'.


  • Filming is prohibited in some area and visitors must be respectful of the residents while taking photographs.
  • There are no shops in Lorong Buangkok. Hence, carry food, water and insect repellant.
  • Do not disrespect the residents, or their belongings and property in any way.

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