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Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore Overview

One of the oldest and most recognizable bridges in Singapore, the Cavenagh Bridge is also the only suspension bridge which spans the lower reaches of the Singapore River. Completed in 1869 and built to celebrate 50 years of the founding of Singapore by Raffles in 1819, the Cavenagh Bridge was one of the first suspension bridges in all of Southeast Asia. Today, the bridge stands as a major tourist attraction, which people love to visit to enjoy a peaceful walk in solitude or to simply stand and watch the ferries pass by.

Formerly known as the Edinburgh Bridge, the name of the bridge was later changed to Cavenagh Bridge to pay tribute to Major General Orfeur Cavenagh, who was the last India-appointed Governor of the Straits Settlements. Today, the bridge continues to exist in its original form and is a popular tourist attraction. Originally, the colossal bridge was widely used by ox carts and other vehicles to cross the river, but heavy traffic ultimately caused the authorities to shut down all vehicle movement. Ultimately, Cavenagh Bridge was converted to a pedestrian bridge, and people today visit the bridge to revisit the rich history of Singapore and to marvel at its architectural wonder.

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Construction of Cavenagh Bridge

The Cavenagh Bridge is extensively suspended in comparison to other suspension bridges. Constructed in 1869 with a vision to facilitate transportation by the Singapore River, this bridge turned up to be suitable only as a fixed structure. With an insufficient passage area for boats to sail beneath during high tides, the bridge went under refurbishment in 987. Later during 1910's, unable to cope with extensive traffic, the government decided to demolish the Cavenagh Bridge and replace it with the Anderson Bridge. However, the bridge was excused from demolition and was eventually settled only as a pedestrian bridge.

Cavenagh Bridge Singapore
The colossal Cavanagh Bridge (Source)

How to Reach Cavenagh Bridge

Bus: The nearest bus stop is B03011, which is 2 minutes away. Bus 531, 541, 547, 652, 656, 663, 665, 700, 850E, 868, 951E and 971E stop here.

MRT: The nearest MRT Station is the Raffles Place MRT that lies at a distance of 2 minutes from Exit H.

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