"The White Desert of India"

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Virtually an island that resembles the shape of a tortoise, Kutch is an erstwhile princely state of India holding onto its grandeur nature from the past.

Kutch is probably one of the most beautiful, yet surreal places in India. With the vast expanses of white salt desert in the Rann of Kutch area, this is an amazing experience to witness. One would be able to see just stretches of pure white land as far as the eyesight goes. The place comes to life during the winters when the Rann Festival is held during December-February everywhere in which there are huge camp settlements with cultural programs, functions and adventure activities like hot-air ballooning. Kutch is also among the largest district of India with a terribly low population density. Also, Kutch lies on the India-Pakistan border and you can see parts of Pakistan from Kutch. Kutch is also famous for crafts and embroidery works, Flamingo Sanctuary and Wild Ass Sanctuary. Bhuj is an ideal starting point to visit the Rann of Kutch. Beautiful beaches of Mandvi near Bhuj are also totally worth visiting during your trip to Kutch. Don't miss to see the ancient town of Dholavira.

Top Things To Do In Kutch

What's Great?

Leisure destination. The entrancing White desert in the Rann of Kutch. Delectable Gujarati delicacies to enjoy.

What's not so Great?

Temperatures are a bit extreme, hot during day and cooler at nights. Some resorts have a problem of bugs in the tents which can be an inconvenience.

For Whom

Great place to arrange a short and sweet tour with your family and your loved ones. Awesome for couples to spend some quality time


Day 1: Arrive at Bhuj airport or railway station in the morning and head towards the Tent City. Plan you travel accordingly because check-in times at resorts in Kutch are 12:30. In the evening, transfer to White Rann and witness the grandeur of the sunset. Mode of transfer can be through Camel Cart / Bus on a first come first basis. Back at the resort, enjoy the culture of Kutch along with entertaining activities.
Day 2: Wake up early morning to witness the beautiful sunrise at the White Rann. Get back to your resort and have breakfast and relax. Later in the day, all resorts offer a complimentary visit to Kala Dungar and Gandhi-nu-gaam. Enjoy the culture of Kutch along with entertaining activities at night.
Day 3: Check-out from the hotel and head towards Bhuj for the local sight-seeing. Places of interest are Aina Mahal, Swami Narayan Mandir, Museum etc. Please check timings and open days of these places before the visit.

Just run in the Great White Rann!

TheGreat Rann of Kutchis a seasonalsalt marshlocated in theThar Desertin theKutch DistrictofGujarat. The area is special for its spectacular views at full moon nights when the moonlight shines brightly on the salt crystals formed on the marsh. A trip to this place would be a leisure trip where you can relax from all your stress and enjoy the delicacies at certain resorts. Although there is only the White Rann desert to see at this place, travelers can visit other places of interest like the Kala Dungar and Gandhi-nu-gaam for shopping and leisure. Tourists can also enjoy Golf Cart, ATV Ride, Camel Cart Excursion, Paramotoring, Meditation, Yoga and Gujarati Culture at select resorts in the tent city. The Gujarat tourism arranges a Rann Utsav every year for tourists to visit the place.

The food in Kutch is mainly vegetarian, given a dominating influence of Jainism and Brahmanism, both of which follow strict vegetarianism and often avoid garlic, potatoes, yam and onion too. A local delicacy in the area is Bajra na Rotla which is usually accompanied by, like almost every other meal in the district, a refreshing glassful of Lassi, Chaas or Buttermilk.
You can also relish a typical Gujarati Thali which would consist of Roti, Dal or Kadhi, Curd , Rice and Vegetable Curries The other Gujarati savouries that one cannot miss include Chakri, Dhokla, Papad, Kachumbar, Khakra, Fafda, Sev, Khandvi and Khaman. Most of these are dry snacks and are ideal while traveling or for taking some home. Along with these try traditional Gujarati sweets such as Ghevar, Malpua, Basundi and much more. Alcohol is not available here since Gujarat is a dry state.

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- Plan your visit during the Kutch Mahotsav held during December - January. The place comes alive with folk songs, markets and colours. A juvinile atmosphere engulfs the place.


Where this Sanchuri in Kutch address pls


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By Surbhi Parashar

What is the best time to visit Kutch?

The best time to visit Kutch is from July-March. You can also visit the place during Kutch Mahotsav

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