Places To Visit In La Digue

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Here are the top 13 places to visit in La Digue

1. Anse Source d'Argent

Anse Source d'Argent
3.8 /5

1 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

Anse Source d'Argent is the most beautiful, award-winning beach of Seychelles, located in La Digue. The beach has been dubbed the most beautiful beach in the world for several years due to its azure waters, soft golden sands and the pink granite boulders that make it the unique attraction it is today. This renowned beauty of the beach has made it a hotspot for several photoshoots that range from simple wedding photos to movie shots for famous movies such as Crusole or Cast Away and famous adverts such as the Bacardi advert and the Bounty chocolate ad.

2. Anse Marron

Anse Marron

2 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

Anse Marron is a unique beach in the southern part of La Digue Island in Seychelles. Situated remotely on the south-west coast of La Digue, this natural pool is surrounded by granite boulders, white sand and dense vegetation. The Anse Marron beach is far-flung from settlements, on the southernmost point of the island, which is part of its raw appeal. Known as one of the hardest accessible beaches, it requires a relatively moderate to challenging hike through the dense tropical jungle to reach.

3. L'Union Estate & Copra Factory

L'Union Estate & Copra Factory

3 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

L'Union Estate takes one back in history to the time when coconut farming was the occupation of the inhabitants of the La Digue island. The plantation house that is the central attraction has a rich history and was built in French colonial style complete with a thatched roof. The estate is a historical treasure trove with a museum, turtle exhibit, the oldest cemetery at La Digue, old coconut mills, as well as the oldest plantation in Seychelles. L'Union Estate also contains a tortoise pen that houses some giant tortoises that are endemic to the region.

4. La Passe

La Passe

4 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

La Passe is a quaint village settlement on the northern shores of La Digue in Seychelles. As part of La Digue Island, which is the third-largest island in the Seychelles archipelago - after Mahe and Praslin Island, La Passe is certainly as exciting and beautiful as its larger part. A pretty sweep of red-tiled rooftops, cosy cafes, serene beaches and a host of comfortable accommodations makes La Passe a memorable visit during your stay.

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5. Anse Patates

Anse Patates

5 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

Anse Patates is a quaint little beach located at the northernmost tip of La Digue Island. Having rock formations and the occasional Dolphins swimming by it, the Anse Patate is one of the prettiest beaches. Not very crowded and famous, it offers excellent spots for one to relax. It is ideal for swimming and snorkelling, but with supervision. This is because the water here gets too deep too fast due to the lack of reefs. The beach is suitable for families.

6. Anse Severe

Anse Severe

6 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

One of the most famous beaches of La Digue, Anse Severe provides a spectacular view of Praslin Island. It spreads over a 2000 square meter area of soft white sands sprinkled with granite boulders. Known for its excellent view of the sunset and the turquoise waters, the beach is a peaceful setting away from the city side. With shallow waters that allow for many activities like swimming and snorkelling, the beach has a tranquil and peaceful setting is ideal for tourists looking for abundant sun, sand and spectacular sea vitae.

7. Anse Reunion

Anse Reunion

7 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

With a Seychellois football team named after it, the Anse La Reunion is one of the best all-round beaches of La Digue. With shallow and safe waters, you can engage in bathing or a swim in the sea. The beach also has a few beachfront guesthouses with beautiful views and particularly the sunset which is something to watch out for as they're splendid.

8. Nid d'Aigle

Nid d'Aigle

8 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

Nid d'Aigle in Seychelles, located in the third largest island La Digue, after Mahe and Praslin, possesses everything one wishes for in a getaway. From basking under lovely sunshine in some of the world's finest beaches and gazing over turquoise-tinged waters of the Indian Ocean to snorkelling with a treasure trove of marine life, Nid d'Aigle has it all. With an altitude of 333 meters above sea level, this is the ultimate viewpoint. The name, which translates to "Eagle's Nest", is the perfect destination for those who'd love to trek. Nid d'Aigle is also a terminus that takes you from La Fayet through the slopes of Mont Blanc. It takes about 45 mins to get here offering scenic views enroute. 

9. Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos

9 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

Anse Cocos is one of the most beautiful beaches located on the easter side of La Digue Island, Seychelles. The C shaped beach is known for incredible golden-white sand promenades, unfiltered crystal clear waters, and shallow natural pools. These pools are ideal for expert swimming. The beach is a popular photography spot. It is accessible from Grand Anse and Anse Fourmis on foot. The closest parking facility is at Grand Anse.

10. Veuve Reserve

Veuve Reserve

10 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

Known as the "Home of the Paradise Fly-catcher", Veuve Reserve on the La Digue Island is the only place where the critically endangered Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher can be found. Almost like a well-kept secret with jungle vegetation and trails around the area, you can reconnect with nature at this place.

11. Ile Cocos

Ile Cocos

11 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

Featured in many of Seychelle's promotional materials, Ile Cocos is a small island that is under environmental protection by the government. Featuring a lovely postcard-worthy island dotted with vegetation, consisting mostly of palm trees, the island offers an unparalleled snorkeling and diving experience due to the rich marine life present here.

12. Felicite Island

Felicite Island

12 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

One of the Granitic Inner Islands, Felicite Island lies at a distance of just 4 kilometres from the coast of north La Digue. The beautiful island is lined with white sandy beaches on its shores and a plethora of flora and fauna to make it worth the visit. Felicite is a small island in Seychelles, with just around 3 kilometres of length and 1.5 kilometres of width. This also makes it easy for visitors to explore the entire island in a matter of hours.

13. Grande Soeur

Grande Soeur

13 out of 13 places to visit in La Digue

Grande Soeur is a private island in Seychelles, located close to La Digue and the Petite Soeur Island as well. 'Grande Souer' translates to 'Big Sister' in French, while 'Petite Soeur' means 'Little Sister'. Thus, these two islands form the Sister Islands, one of the most popular vacation location in Seychelles. Grande Soeur is managed by the Le Château de Feuilles Hotel, and so is not very crowded. The resort imposes a limit on the number of non-patrons allowed on the pristine at a time, which means that there is no compromise on serenity. The beach is wide, clean and the water is just right to swim in. The stunning location is favoured as a popular snorkelling and diving location, which is full of breathtaking diversity and beauty. You are sure to enjoy your time at Grande Soeur - grand time is guaranteed!

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