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Anse Patates is a quaint little beach located in the northernmost tip of La Digue Island. Having rock formations and the occasional Dolphins swim by it, the Anse Patate is one of the prettiest beaches of the island of La Digue. Not very crowded and popular, it offers great spots for one to relax. The views from this cove-like beach are quite stunning, and the granite boulders are strewn about the soft white sandy beach add further variety to the area. One of the few beachfront hotels in Seychelles can be found here, just opposite to the road running parallel to Anse Patates. Apart from the guests of the hotel, there is comparatively lesser tourist crowd here, so you can spend a relaxing day at the beach in solitude.

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Geography and Climate

The Seychelles archipelago consists of primarily granite-based islands and La Digue is no exception. Anse Patates has a fair number of granite boulders strewn about within its sandy expanse of 300 square meters. The underwater ecosystem is also quite vibrant around the sea near the beach.

Anse Patates presents a beautiful combination of soft white sand, ample shades in the adjoining tree-line and photogenic granite boulders for the tourists to enjoy and appreciate the stunning vistas over the clean, turquoise sea.

Seychelles has almost constantly warm temperatures throughout the year by virtue of its closeness to the equator. It varies between 24 degrees to 32 degrees all throughout the year with little difference in the nighttime temperatures.

The area receives rainfall almost all year, with the period between October to March being the wetter months and July receiving the least rainfall. Swimming in the sea surrounding Anse Patates becomes difficult during low tide as the water level recedes to reveal sharp rocks and coral growths underwater.

Things to do at Anse Patates

Anse Patates is the quintessential relaxing spot in an otherwise crowded tourist destination. Despite its small size, there is no dearth of beauty on this secluded beach. Blue seas, white sands, colourful boulders all come together to enchant the visitors with its picturesque setting combined with ample sun and comfortably warm climate.

Anse Patates is the ideal sunbathing spot due to its secluded location attracting a lesser number of tourists. The guests of the adjoining hotel are frequent visitors, so you can enjoy the sun and sand here for the whole day in comparative tranquillity. There are enough palm trees on the beach offering shade in case you need to relax out of the sun.

The sea around Anse Patates is excellent for enjoying a relaxing swim. The water is clean and offers good underwater visibility. As there is no natural formation protecting the bay, care should be taken while swimming with children, otherwise, you can enjoy the warm seawater near the shore safely to your satisfaction.

The underwater marine life is varied and vibrant in the sea adjoining Anse Patates, thus offering excellent snorkelling opportunities for enthusiastic tourists. The seawater is clear enough to allow great visibility of the seafloor – you can even see schools of dolphin swimming by while sitting on the beach itself. There are baby sharks, hawksbill turtles and many varieties of fish and coral formation to be seen underwater around Anse Patates.

Anse Patates has the beautiful combination of natural seaside beauty and the starkly colourful granite boulders spread about the beach. The blue sea, white sands, multicoloured rocks and ample greenery together create many photogenic settings for the tourists to freeze their stunning visual experiences for a lifetime. The granite boulders especially offer beautiful backdrops for creating stunning images through the lenses.

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