What is the best time to visit Seattle?

Seattle is one of those places which can be visited anytime throughout the year without considering the weather conditions. Each month has something to offer to the tourists. However, the best time to visit Seattle is between July and mid-October when the average temperature ranges between 15℃ to 23℃. During these months, the skies are clear with minimal rain, and one can opt for several outdoor activities. It also implies that these months are the high season of Seattle. The time between mid-October to February is best for visiting museums, restaurants, and Pike Place Market. The summer crowd will have left by then, and you can find plenty of discounted rooms during this time. Apart from this, if you wish to go on a sightseeing spree then, April and May is the best time for it.

Weather in Seattle


Upcoming Seattle Weather

Monthly Weather in Seattle

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 9°/ 5° 25 days
February 10°/ 3° 11 days
March 11°/ 3° 11 days
April 16°/ 6° 5 days
May 20°/ 10° 5 days
June 22°/ 12° 2 days
July 24°/ 15° 3 days
August 24°/ 16° 4 days
September 20°/ 13° 13 days
October 14°/ 6° 11 days
November 11°/ 5° 8 days
December 9°/ 4° 11 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Seattle

Seattle in August

August is Seattle’s warmest month. Although marine air cools the city at night, you can enjoy yourself by being on the waters of Puget Sound during the daytime. With a temperature of 13℃, people prefer being on the water and not in it.
Temperature: 24.6℃

Events in August
The month of August is known for two significant events. One is the Hempfest which includes a political rally, concert, and art and craft fair. The other is Seattle Seafair Weekend where you can enjoy air shows and hydroplane races or go for a picnic with your family.

Seattle in September

The combination of less crowd and pleasant weather makes this month an ideal time to visit Seattle. Days begin to shorten, but it still feels like summer in September.
Temperature: 21.4℃

Events in September
Seattle is also known for the PAX Prime Gaming Show in September which celebrates the gamer culture. Another famous music and art festival of this month is the Bumbershoot.

Seattle in October

If you want to witness the Autumn of Seattle, visit this city in October. The fall foliage on Mount Rainier is worth a watch. Temperature starts decreasing with leaves turning their colours.
Temperature: 15.4℃

Events in October
October celebrates the Seattle Children’s Festival which allows children to interconnect themselves with the global culture through interactive workshops. Also, do not miss the TWIST: Seattle Queer Film Festival which is inclusive of queer films, parties and gala receptions. If you are into Jazz music, then the Earshot Jazz Festival of this month is meant for you.

Seattle in November

This month is not good for outdoor activities. With heavy rain and winds, November marks the beginning of the rainy season. However, it is the perfect time to visit museums, galleries, and restaurants and stay warm.
Temperature: 10.5℃

Events in November
November starts with festivities of Christmas and the time of vacation for the people in the town. The major attraction of this month is the Sheraton Seattle’s Gingerbread Village which witnesses the best baking skills of the local architects. They display holiday scenes which are made of candies and treats. This festival runs until early January. Other than this, you should make sure to visit Magnuson Park, for, you can purchase the best locally crafted jewellery, clothing, painting, and sculptures. The historic Pike Place Market will hold carolling contests, tree-lighting ceremony, and several other activities which you would not want to miss.

Seattle in December

This is the best time to head towards the hills. All the ski resorts open during this month. However, the sun sets before 5 pm in this month, and it is mostly dark and windy. There is a drop in temperature, and the mountains are coated with snowfall.
Temperature: 7.6℃

Events in December
The Winterfest of December features performances like ice sculpting and ice skating. Besides, the Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition is annually held in the Westlake Center.

Seattle in July

This is when the Summer season is at its best. You can expect a high tourist crowd in this month and might have to wait to get a table in a restaurant. There is plenty of sun, and the predictable weather allows you to opt for outdoor activities.
Temperature: 24.3℃

Events in July
Beer Lovers, you should not miss the Seattle International Beerfest in July. You can get the taste of some of the most exotic beer and indulge yourself in the music played by the bands at this Fest. Besides, Seattle also has something for all the foodies out there! The biggest food festival of Seattle, Bite of Seattle features the best chefs, restaurants, wine, and beer. You can also choose to go to music concerts, cultural performances, or art festivals. The Capitol Hill Block Party, Chinatown DragonFest, Seattle Chamber Music Society Summer Festival are some of the options if you are inclined towards music and art.

Seattle in High Season/ Peak Season

High season in Seattle is from June to August. The temperature is around 24℃ with sunny, dry, and warm climate. Humidity is also low, and this encourages an increase in the frequency of flights, ferries, and tours around this city. You might find a scarcity of hotel rooms as prices will see an unprecedented surge. But you can always make reservations before your visit. This season is known for the cruise journey to and from Alaska via the Port of Seattle. You can expect a good crowd during this time.

Seattle in Shoulder Season

The months of April to May and September to October fall under the shoulder season of Seattle. These months are best for sightseeing because the weather is quite pleasant with an average temperature running between 15℃ to 20℃. The summer flood of people will start to depart by the beginning of these months. Hence, one can look out for some of the best hotels at a discounted rate. You should, however, carry an umbrella as there might be chances of drizzle during these months. Know that this is also the best time for whale watching. Orcas and humpback whales are a common sight during these months.

Seattle in Low Season

The weather between November to March is avoided by most of the tourists. It is wet, cold, and breezy with temperature ranging between 4℃ to 10℃. However, this is the best time for museum lovers to hop from one museum to another. Besides, it is an ideal time for skiing and to avail some great airfare deals. Also, daffodils and cherry trees bloom during March so it is a great time to visit the nearby parks.

Seattle in January

This month is mid of the rainy season in Seattle. Air is damp, and it can pour anytime. The climate is cold but not cold enough for it to snow. You can either chose to shut yourself indoors or escape for mountain activities.
Temperature: 8.3℃

Events in January
January is known for the famous The Seattle Boat Show where you can witness watercraft and marine-related seminars. This is the biggest boat show Seattle hosts. Also, do not miss the Seattle Chamber Society Winter Music Festival. You can float in the eternal music for two weekends where world-class artists pour in this place to perform for the crowd.

Seattle in February

Seattle will be grey and windy in this month. The amount of rainfall starts decreasing during February. And one can witness the dryness in the atmosphere. However, this is the ideal time to visit museums, galleries, and restaurants.
Temperature: 9.4℃

Events in February
Visit the Washington State Convention Center, for, it hosts an exhibition and a garden show. Or if you still want to continue listening to music, join the Wintergrass Music Festival which celebrates the American bluegrass music.

Seattle in March

You will find more of the sun from the beginning of March as the temperature starts rising though there may be some amount of breezy rain which has continued from February. Amidst the scenic blue skies, it is the best time to explore your neighbourhood parks.
Temperature: 11.6℃

Events in March
Have you heard of the Moisture Festival? Sounds weird, but Seattle is known for this most bizarre and comical festival. There are many performances but only a few for kids. So you know who to get to the festival. You can also dance to the rhythm of the celebration at St. Patrick and all Irish things at the Seattle Irish Fest.

Seattle in April

Despite the temperature rise, the breeze does not allow people to put off their layers. There is also a significant drop in the amount of rainfall as compared to the previous months. If you are hunting for a less crowded Seattle then, this is the best time to grab some good deals in hotel rooms.

Events in April
The shoulder season of Seattle is no less when it comes to events in the city. April calls tourists for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival where acres of tulips and daffodils in the rural farmland North of Seattle sooth the eyes. Also, the Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival brings the contemporary Japanese culture and cuisine to this Western city.

Seattle in May

This is one of the wonderful months of the year. There is more of sun and blue skies than rain yet chilly evenings. Make sure you have a jacket and an umbrella if you are out for an evening stroll.
Temperature: 18.2℃

Events in May
Similarly, the month of May is also packed with activities. The month of May marks the Opening Day of Boating Season. The sailboat races and boat parades are unique elements of this event. Besides this, the Seattle International Film Festival is another major event happening in this month. Umpteen independent international, and documentary films will be shown at the festival. Movie buffers should not miss this opportunity if you are in Seattle this month.

Seattle in June

June provides the best time for outdoor activity sessions as the solstice approaches. The days are longer in June, hence, on the 21st of June, the sun does not set until 10 pm. Isn’t it the perfect day to go for a picnic with your family, enjoy a fest, and have your dinner with the sun yet in the sky?
Temperature: 21℃

Events in June
The month of June will witness the Fremont Solstice Fair which is a festival of music, food, and art. You will find around 1,000 nude-but-painted cyclists in a parade during the celebration. Also, the Seattle PrideFest happens in the same month. It is known to be the largest LGBT gathering inclusive of a variety of bands, DJs, drag queens, and the Seattle Pride Parade.

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