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Yellowstone National Park Tourism

Located across 3 states, the Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular National Parks in North America and also the world. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is known mostly for it's several thousand geothermal features, stunning views and the vast array of flora and fauna which are found here.

The Yellowstone Park is a feature on nearly 3 million itineraries every single year. It has become a top holiday destination in the US and during the on-season is quite crowded! The geyser basin in the park will get you acquainted to erupting geysers and captivating hot springs. The unusual growth of bacteria in the mineral-rich surfaces around these features makes for some brilliant and colourful sights, like the breathtaking Grand Prismatic Spring. And then you have the huge collection of geysers, such as the famous Old Faithful, erupting regularly at short intervals, and the Steamboat geyser, the largest geyser in the world!

The Grand Canyon in the park is also one of the most amazing sights. Complete with it's Upper and Lower waterfalls, there are several points along the canyon where you will find yourself just admiring the magnificent views! And of course, then there is the pristine Yellowstone Lake, the origin point of the Yellowstone river and another supremely beautiful location, justified only by a boat tour to absorb the serene atmosphere. A few days here at the Yellowstone National Park will definitely give you your much-needed break. 

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Currency in Yellowstone National Park

The US Dollar is the only currency accepted in Yellowstone. Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards are widely accepted at the lodgings and general stores. ATMs too are mostly found in the general stores and the lodgings.

Exchanging Money in Yellowstone National Park

Currency exchange is best completed at one of the 5 the gateway or entry towns of the Yellowstone National Park. Inside the park, your best option is through ATM withdrawals. Enquire about international transaction fees with your bank beforehand.

Daily Budget for Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone isn't a very expensive place to visit, since most of the costs you'll incur will be limited to food and transportation. Keep in mind that the Yellowstone National Park has an entry fees of USD 30 for non commercial vehicles, valid for 7 days. A low end budget should be somewhere around USD 40 - 60, a mid range budget between USD 100 - 130, and a high end budget where you take snowcoach to Old Faithful and dine at expensive restaurants will be anything around USD 170 - 200.

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Yellowstone National Park Customs

Since Yellowstone is a hugely popular tourist location, there is no strict set of etiquettes or practices that need to be followed here. Simple and courteous behaviour and neat clothing are more than enough to get you through your stay. Tipping your guides, waiters or porters is customary here. Since the place isn't vey expensive in any case, 10 - 15% of the bill at hotels and restaurants is fine, and USD 2 - 3 for porters and bell hops should suffice as well.

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History of Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park region served as home to several tribes in the pre-historic years. It was a hugely popular place for native tribes to hunt and fish some 11,000 years ago. The actual park was discovered as late as the 19th century, when at first people refused to believe that such a place could exist on earth. Finally in 1869, the Cook-Folson-Peterson Expedition of 3 privately funded individuals became the first proper exploration expedition of the region, who documented every thing in journals and named the places of interest. In 1972, the area was sanctioned as a protected national park area and while at first there was hardly any attention paid to it, over time accessibility to the park was improved and it drew more and more visitors. Today the park has more than 3 - 4 million visitors every year.

Nightlife in Yellowstone National Park

Nightlife in the Yellowstone National Park is a bit different. There are no pubs or clubs within the park, but camping and stargazing are famous night time activities in the park region!

Shopping in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is a national park and hence there are no commercial areas to shop. That being said, there are many souvenir and gift shops in lodges and near hotels in the park for that perfect memento of your trip, and for gifts to take back for the friends and family waiting back at home!

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FAQs on Yellowstone National Park

What is the best time to visit Yellowstone national park?

Yellowstone remains fairly cold throughout the year, and is frozen from early December up till early May. The months of June, July and August are holiday season and there are huge crowds during this time. So it's best to go during the months from September to November, as the crowds are fewer and you get to go about your trip and bookings more comfortably. Temperatures will be a bit cold so pack some warm layers!
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What is the local food in Yellowstone national park?

Local food in Yellowstone is mainly to do with the food that is hunted in the region. There are lodges and restaurants, ranging from the small cafes to the up-scale restaurants. Yellowstone is a carnivore's delight as you can try the locally harvested elk and bison meat. Also to be tried are the cutthroat trout dishes made from the fresh trout from the Yellowstone Lake. Some restaurants you should try are the ones at the Old Faithful Inn and the Mammoth Hot Springs, or even the stores in these two places along with others like the Canyon are good for fast food.
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What are the things to do in Yellowstone national park?

The top things to do in Yellowstone national park are Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Upper Geyser Basin, Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Waterfalls, Yellowstone Lake, Artist Point. You can see all the places to visit in Yellowstone national park here

What are the places near Yellowstone national park?

The top places near to Yellowstone national park are New york city which is 2999 km from Yellowstone national park, Las vegas which is located 995 km from Yellowstone national park, Los angeles which is located 1327 km from Yellowstone national park, San diego which is located 1421 km from Yellowstone national park, San francisco which is located 1235 km from Yellowstone national park

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