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Sydney Tourism

Sydney is a lovely Australian city, with a hot summer sun and loads of places to make the most of it. Beautiful gardens, iconic monuments, famous localities and the best beaches to get a tan on, a short trip to Sydney will have your travel bug well satisfied.

This Australian city with a major colonial history today is one of the most developed and prosperous lands in the country. It is a major centre of economics and culture within Australia and also internationally and in the backdrop of the vast ocean that surrounds it, is a major tourist hub as well. Every year, Sydney sees a horde of tourists flock to its lands and the city does more than enough to make sure they have an enjoyable stay. The most populous city in the country, this metropolis has more than enough to offer for every type of traveller. Go for a cruise around the famous Sydney Harbour, visit the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, have a fun day with the family at the zoo or the amusement park, spend hours appreciating arts and history, take a stroll through one of its several lawns and gardens and at the end of it all, chill at the beach, go to the clubs and let loose. What more can you want from a vacation?

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Currency in Sydney

The Australian Dollar is the only currency that is used in Sydney.

Exchanging Money in Sydney

There are various places to convert your money in Sydney, such as Travelex, Travel Money Oz and also OFX. Their offices can be found all over the city and also at the airport.¾

Daily Budget for Sydney

Sydney is not excessively expensive. You can expect a low budget trip to cost somewhere around AUD 100 - 150. A mid range budget should usually lie around AUD 200 - 250, and if you're looking for a good luxurious trip to Sydney, you can expect your budget to be anywhere north of AUD 300.

Religion of Sydney

Sydney is actually a very diverse city. The Roman Catholics are the most in number, but don't form a majority by any means. Others include Anglican and a large population of non-religious.

Sydney Customs

Australian customs and etiquettes aren't very complicated. They confrom to very basic and courteous behaviour, such as honesty and sincerity, since they are usually very down to earth people. Boasting or pretentiousness is absolutely hated and the Aussies have a sharp sense of humour. They are also relaxed, friendly and casual and so are there greetings and being on first name basis from the very first meeting is totally acceptable. Tipping in Sydney is up to you. Tipping for good service is a common practice in the city and the amount of the tip, or even tipping at all, is totally at your discretion.

Language of Sydney

English is the first and the official language of Australia. However, owing to it's exreme diversity, languages such as Arabic and Mandarin are spoken too.

History of Sydney

Quite remarably, traces of human activity have been dated as far back as 30,000 years in the Sydney region. However, the history of the city begins the onset of colonialism. Colonialism came to Australia when the English needed a new place to send their prisoners to. The name Sydney was given to the city by Arthur Phillip, who was responsible for the establishment of the colony. A lot of the city was built in the early 19th century by the prisoner labour. Sydney became a city in 1942 and in the 1890s, the colonies of Sydney formed a federation of the Commonwealth of Australia. Major developments in the city only started during the World War II, when Sydney got involved in the war too because of Britain. The industrial requirements of the war gave a boost to Sydney's emplyment and economy. The city built on this and continued to grow throuhgout the rest of the 20th century, becoming the metropolis that it is today.

Nightlife in Sydney

Sydney nightlife is absolutely top notch and you will definitely have a good night, every night you go out. Beer culture is an integral part of the Aussie social life and they never mind a pint or two. Areas such as The Rocks and the Inner City are popular places for nightlife. Two pubs on The Rocks actually claim to be the oldest pubs in Sydney, Lord Nelson and the Fortune of War. Options for upscale bars are plentiful as well in hotels or generally, such as Posh lounge at The Rocks, Marble Bar in the Hilton and Fix in Kireton Hotel.

Shopping in Sydney

Sydney provides you with a host of options for shopping. You can find very easy shopping options in areas such as The Rocks, Darling Harbour and Chinatown to name a few. For high end and branded shopping, the Queen Victoria Building is the place to go.

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FAQs on Sydney

What is the best time to visit Sydney?

The best time to visit Sydney is during Spring (September - November) or Autumn (Mid-February to May), which also coincides with its Shoulder Season. The lack of summer season crowds combined with pleasant weather conditions makes these months perfect for relaxing and exploring the city. It is also the best time to take part in outdoor activities as you’ll avoid the summer heat and humidity. The costs of travel and accommodation are also considerably lesser during Spring and Autumn when compared to the peak summer season. The city is excessively and uncomfortably crowded during the summer. Winter sees the low season for tourism and is also the time for the cheapest deals on travel and accommodation. Apart from the weather, Sydney hosts a plethora of exciting events, including the most popular New Year celebrations. There can be a surge in tourism during significant events. Travellers are advised to make their bookings in advance if they are planning to attend or take part in any of Sydney’s festivals or celebrations. November to March is the best time to visit Sydney’s beaches and for any water-related activities.
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What is the local food in Sydney?

You will see a lot of beef in traditional foods in Sydney. The Aussies have always preferred cattle and sheep as meats. Emphasis is also laid on fresh farm produce. Kangaroo meet is another thing you should try while you're here. You will come across many a traditional beer and steak barbecue lunch during your stay at Sidney during the summers. Plenty of famous restaurants and diners are found across town, in localities such as The Rocks, or the central business district
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What is the best way to reach Sydney?

Being a major city of Australia, Sydney is very well connected globally, and locally. It can be reached via it's international airport, with all the major Australian cities by bus and also via train and is easily accessible via car as well.
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What are the top hotels in Sydney?

There are 2574 in Sydney which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Sydney are Wyndel Apartments St Leonards - Nexus, Glebe Self-Contained Modern One-Bedroom Apartment (47ROS), Sydney airport Big house on Forest road, Balmain Rozelle Luxury 2 Bed Self Contained Apartment (105LIL), Astra Apartments Neutral Bay, Greenwich Garden Apartment. You can see all the hotels in Sydney here

What are the things to do in Sydney?

The top things to do in Sydney are Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens, The Rocks. You can see all the places to visit in Sydney here

What are the places near Sydney?

The top places near to Sydney are Melbourne which is 713 km from Sydney, Gold coast which is located 683 km from Sydney, Great barrier reef which is located 1767 km from Sydney, Perth which is located 3291 km from Sydney, Tasmania which is located 961 km from Sydney

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Ken Chiramel

3 years ago
Australia?s largest city, Sydney is blessed with good climate and natural beauty. Walk along the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, offering spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour in all its glory. Take (Read More)in the splendour of one the world monuments, the Sydney Opera House, with its eye-catching design. Surf and go swimming at the world-famous Bondi beach. The Bondi beach trek offers another side of the beach that most people don?t see, as you walk up along the cliffside and reach back down to the beach. A short 50k from the CBD of Sydney is the mysterious Blue Mountain range that allows visitors an incredible train journey and unparalleled views of the mountains.

Dhawal Pagay

4 years ago
For me personally, Sydney has always been synonymous with the Opera House; my vocabulary being confined to one focal point. However, after first hand experience I realised that there was much more to (Read More) the place- the 'Blue Mountains', 'Leura Village' and 'Woolloomooloo' adding a wholesome dimension to the user experience.
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