What is the best time to visit Baltimore?

March-May is the best time to visit Baltimore. Fall and spring season has mild temperatures, whereas, summer in Baltimore brings heavy crowds, peak accommodation prices and hot and humid days. The winter months of December-February are chilly and generally avoided by the tourists. January is the coldest of all! Rainfall is frequent all year round in Baltimore, so make sure you carry an umbrella on your trip there. Summer (June - August) in Baltimore is fun with ample nightlife options and many significant local events like HonFest, Baltimore Pride Festival, Artscape and Maryland State Fair.

Weather in Baltimore


Upcoming Baltimore Weather

Monthly Weather in Baltimore

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 2 8
February 3 12
March 3 12
April 12 21
May 14 22
June 20 29
July 24 31
August 24 31
September 20 27
October 13 20
November 7 15
December 2 8

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