What is the best time to visit Boston?

The best time to visit Boston is during summer to mid-fall from June to October. The weather during summer remains pleasant with the temperature ranging from 15 degrees to 28 degrees celsius. Spring is considered as the shoulder season in Boston due to the cold and dry climate, hence from March to May the number of tourists tend to decline during the Fall, so you can get fairly good deals for your stay. The summer is regarded as the peak season here, due to warm and balmy climate that is favourable for outdoor activities. The fall is dry and colder as the winters hence, it is considered as an offseason.

Weather in Boston


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Monthly Weather in Boston

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 7°/ -1° 4 days
February 6°/ -1° 7 days
March 10°/ 2° 6 days
April 11°/ 4° 9 days
May 17°/ 10° 10 days
June 23°/ 16° 11 days
July 29°/ 20° 8 days
August 27°/ 19° 7 days
September 23°/ 15° 5 days
October 17°/ 10° 7 days
November 9°/ 2° 11 days
December 6°/ -1° 6 days

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Boston in Spring (March-May)

The weather during spring in Boston is warm during the days, and cold as the day ends (-1 degrees to 19 degrees). The humidity is high and precipitation is also moderate to high. Due to this spring is considered to be a cold and wet season in Boston. The major events during this season include ‘The Dine Out Boston” held in March. This festival is carried out by setting food stalls and shops serving street food across the streets of Boston. Patriots Day is also celebrated annually by the people of Boston. On this day, the world-famous Boston marathon takes place. The marathon is one of the oldest of its kind.

Boston in Summer (June - August)

The weather during summer is pleasant as well as humid (15 degrees to 28 degrees). There is very little precipitation. This leads to dry weather in the morning and humid weather as the day ends.
Some of the major festivals include ‘The Jacobs Pillow’ festival. Many professional dance teachers and instructors come and present themselves to the people. The festival has gained interests very rigorously.

Boston in Shoulder Season

The spring, as well as the winter, is considered as the shoulder season in Boston. These seasons include months from December to May. The spring here has a cold, wet as well as humid climate. There is moderate rainfall during January, February as well as March. This limits the outdoor activities and events set during this time of the year.

Boston in Off Season

The fall on Boston is considered as an offseason. The months of September, October and November come under fall season. Fewer tourists head to Boston during the fall. This is due to the cold climate; there is a lack of festivals, tours or events during this season. Though the hotel rates significantly decrease during fall, the cold climate and wind make stepping out on streets almost impossible.

Boston in Peak Season

The summer season is considered as the peak season in Boston. It includes the months of June July and August. The summer having a temperature which is warm and pleasant makes outdoor tours and activities more enjoyable. The rainfall during this season is very less, and hence street markets and stalls dominate the streets here.

Boston in Fall (September-November)

The falls also have a cold climate accompanied by rainfall (3 degrees to 23 degrees). The fall is considered to be an offseason since very few amounts of tourists visit here. The fall has cold climate and moderate to high precipitation. This makes it hard to visit here during this season.

Boston in Winter (December - February)

The winters in Boston are the coldest periods of the year (-5 degrees to 6 degrees). The temperature decreases significantly leading to snowfall. There is also little precipitation as the season comes to an end.
The major festivals include ‘MIT Museum Fest’. Science lovers across Boston participate in this festival to showcase their talent. The festival is carried out annually and has turned out to be a great success.

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