Food of Seattle: 15 Dishes of Seattle that You Must Try!

Seattle is a large metropolitan city on the West Coast famous for its evergreen forests and extensive culinary scene. From the Pike Place Market, parks, grunge music to the Space Needle, there is no shortage of things to do in Seattle. However, the city is most famous for its wide-ranging cuisines. With a thriving Asian community, you can find mouth-watering Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean food in Seattle that will make you swoon.

So take a stroll around the city and treat yourself to the 15 best dishes that define Seattle cuisine!

1. Coffee: Hop on Caffeine with a Fresh Brew


Home to the first Starbucks set up in 1971, Seattle is a haven for coffee lovers. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee is thick in the Seattle air with nearly 800 coffee shops lining its streets. From glass-covered chain shops to quintessential cafes, sip on latte’s, cappuccinos, expressos, and handcrafted roast brews. If you are a serious coffee connoisseur or just looking for a refreshing cup to fuel your day, there is something for everyone!
Best coffee shops in Seattle: Starbucks, La Marzocco, Elm Coffee Roasters, Makeda and Mingus, Fulcrum cafe. 

2. Succulent Salmon in Seattle


Salmon is so popular in Seattle it may as well be its mascot!  Widely regarded as the best place to eat salmon in the country, Seattle has a lot of fresh and delicious options. You can buy Salmon fresh off the docks, at a local market, or even go Salmon spawning! Salmon is the highlight of Seattle cuisine and something you should not miss out on. 
Best locations for a plate of Salmon: Market Grill, Ray’s Boathouse, Ivar’s Salmon House, and Chinook’s

3. Oysters- The King of Seafood 


Slurp on salty Oysters fresh from the Pacific! A favorite among seafood lovers in Seattle, Oysters are a weekend treat in winters. They are often served raw, boiled, or fried along with an assortment of other seafood like crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and shellfish. Your exploration of Seattle cuisine is incomplete without a taste of this finger-licking delicacy. 
Best Oysters in Seattle: Taylor Shellfish, The Walrus and the Carpenter, and the Ballard Annex Oyster House.

4. Pho - Noodle Soups for Everyone


Home to a large Vietnamese community, Seattle cuisine has some amazing Vietnamese influences and delicacies. While Seattle’s Vietnamese cuisine is not limited to Pho, it is a comfort food enjoyed best in the winter. Pho is a bowl of hot soup, steaming vegetables, meat, and noodles. Made with fattening beef, steamy onions, and authentic Vietnamese spices, it is a healthy food option for take-outs or a warm filling lunch. 
Best Pho Bowls in Seattle: Pho 99 Authentic Vietnamese, Ba Bar, Meekong Bar, Pho Bac, and Pho Lily. 

5. Sushi- A Raw Delight


A Japanese influence, Sushi is a must-try food in Seattle. Made with vinegar rice, raw seafood, and vegetables, Sushi is a plateful of happiness. From pocket-friendly options to expensive, luxurious restaurants, Sushi is sold everywhere in the city. There are countless locations to enjoy Sushi - generations of family-owned Sushi restaurants to a new joint around the corner. Sushi is yet another enticing seafood option in Seattle. 
Sushi Restaurants in Seattle: Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant, Sushi Kappo Tamura, By Tae, Sushi Kashiba and Maneki

6. Chicken Teriyaki for the Hungry Soul. 

Chicken teriyaki

Another Japanese cuisine based food in Seattle, Teriyaki Chicken is an iconic dish in Seattle with a huge fanbase. Teriyaki is crisp fried chicken dipped in Teriyaki sauce and served with a side of vegetables. This charred and juicy chicken with a sweet sauce is a staple among locals and tourists. 
Best Teriyaki in Town: Toshi’s Teriyaki Grill, Sunny Teriyaki, Teriyaki and Wok, Okinawa Teriyaki. 

7. Seattle Dog- A Local Delicacy

Seattle hot dog

New York has Pizza, Massachusetts has Clam Chowder, Philadelphia has Cheesesteak and Seattle has the Seattle Dog. This street style hot dog is stuffed with sauteed onions and cream cheese. The Seattle dog is best enjoyed late at night from street-side food carts for a quick lunch break bite. The highlight of the Seattle food scene, it is the best cheap and quick snack in the city. 
Best Seattle hot dog stands: Hot Dog Stand at the Broadway Shell, Taxi Dogs, Al's Gourmet Sausage N' Foods, and Dog in the Park

8. Canlis Salad


Upscale and posh, Canlis is a popular restaurant for a fine dining experience. So popular, that the recipe for their signature salad dish is a nationwide hit. Canlis has been around since the 1950s and their salad is a landmark food in Seattle. The salad is made with bacon, white bread, tomatoes, lettuce and mint tossed together in a vinaigrette and seasoned with oregano and thyme.  
Address: 2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, United States

9. Perfect Piroshkies from Piroshky Piroshky 


Piroshky is the Russian version of stuffed bread. From Rhubarb, Apple Cinnamon to Mozzarella and Mushroom the stuffings are varied and unique. With three locations and food trucks all across Seattle, Piroshky Piroshky remains a family-owned business. Visit the original at Pike Place Market and munch on sweet and meaty Piroshkies for the perfect lesson in history and food in Seattle. 
Locations: Pike Place Market, Century Square, Columbia Center, and South Park. 

10. Fast Food: America’s National Obsession


Cheap and convenient, the US has no dearth of fast-food chains. Seattle is no different. Enjoyed by busy professionals and students, fast food items like burgers, fries, pizza, and pastries are best for a quick bite.  Seattle has numerous local fast-food chains like Duke’s Chowder House and Homegrown. 
Fast food locations: Dick’s Deluxe, Shake Shack, MOD Pizza, and the Fry Guys 

11. Geoduck Sashimi- to Eat or Not to Eat?


A unique delicacy, the geoduck is a simple and satisfying treat for seafood lovers. Found only in the Pacific Northwest water, the Geoduck is a sweet and crunchy dish that can be eaten as sashimi or on pasta. Do not let its strange appearance deter you, try this fresh seafood dish for a sample of the diversity of Seattle cuisine. 
Gastronomic Geoduck restaurants in Seattle: Taylor Shellfish Farms, Wong Tung Seafood, City Fish, and Harbour City restaurant. 

12. Pike Place Chowder


Winner of the people’s choice award for the best Chowder, Pike Place Chowder is world-famous for its creamy, well seasoned aromatic seafood and seasonings. So delicious is their Clam Chowder that Pike Place Chowder topped the 10 best dishes in the country list and is a dish on its own merit. Enjoy this landmark food in Seattle in two locations or order takeouts. 
Locations: Pacific Place Center and Pike Place Market 

13. Triple Coconut Cream Pie- for the Sweet Tooth 

Coconut cream pie

Tom Douglas, the father of the Seattle food and culinary scene is also the creator of this mouth-watering sweet and crispy coconut treat. If you are ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, visit The Dahlia Lounge and taste a slice of this Seattle dish. 
Location: The Dahlia Lounge 2001 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, or any one of his restaurants in Seattle. 

14. Dutch Baby- Finger-Licking Pancakes 

Dutch Baby

The Dutch Baby is native Seattle food found in local restaurants. A popover pancake, it is the best sweet and savory dish for the perfect brunch. Topped with powdered sugar, lemon juice, and fruit, try this iconic dish and find out for yourself! 
Location: Tilikum Place Cafe

15. Ethiopian Vegetarian and Vegan Options 

Ethiopian food

Ethiopian vegan and vegetarian options are a welcome break from the wide array of meat and seafood dishes in Seattle. With colorful vegetables, fruits, and nutty combinations, Ethiopian dishes are a must-try! 
Locations: Rocco’s Delish Ethiopian cuisine, Jebena Cafe, Ras Dashen  
Seattle cuisine also has an array of other dishes and food options like Italian, Lebanese, and Indian. Feast on Spaghetti and Meatballs, Hummus,  Lamb Chops, Hara Bhara Tikka and immerse yourself in the city’s diverse culture.

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