What is the best time to visit San Diego?

Spring (March to May) and Fall (September to November) is the best time to visit San Diego. During Spring, the City has mild weather and relatively fewer crowds at the beginning of the season. However, as soon as May strikes, tourists rush in making the hotel fares to increase. June and August are the peak months when a huge influx of visitors gets into the city, causing priced-up accommodations and long lines. Autumn witnesses lovely weather and plenty of festivals in the city. If you have a plan for September, you'll have to make the bookings at least a few weeks before the trip. Winter hits in December until February, making the weather cool and rainy. Budget travellers can grab the opportunity of reduced hotel rates during the time.

Weather in San Diego


Upcoming San Diego Weather

Monthly Weather in San Diego

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 19°/ 9° 2 days
February 19°/ 10° 3 days
March 18°/ 12° 7 days
April 20°/ 13° 5 days
May 19°/ 14° 4 days
June 21°/ 16° 1 days
July 23°/ 17° 0 days
August 25°/ 18° 0 days
September 25°/ 18° 0 days
October 25°/ 14° 0 days
November 22°/ 12° 6 days
December 18°/ 10° 5 days

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San Diego in July

You can get the most amount of sunshine during this month as the temperature goes up to around 24 degrees Celsius. July and August come together as the driest season of all in San Diego with actually zero rain. The Annual Big Bay Boom July 4 Fireworks Show will liven up your spirits with the best Fourth of July celebrations. Del Mar Gourmet Food Truck Festival will satisfy your taste buds with multiple food options. You can even spend a romantic movie night with your loved one at the Hotel Del Coronado’s outdoor movie nights.

San Diego in August

August is the hottest in San Diego with temperature ranging from 19 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The Summer Fest Under the Stars is all about the classic Summer feel in San Diego in August.

San Diego in September

The temperature in September stays exactly like August and hence, is again the hottest month. Even when it’s a little warm, you can enjoy your time here in San Diego in September.

Events in September
It’s one of the peak seasons in San Diego, and you can enjoy the US Sand Sculpting Challenge and Dimensional Art Exposition and the Festival of Sail during this time. Head to the San Diego International Film Festival and enjoy some of the best movie premiers from all around the world.

San Diego in October

The temperature falls a bit during this month with as low as 16 degrees Celsius and goes up by 23 degrees Celsius. Experience the best of the beach life at the Pacific Beachfest and enjoy some excellent beach activities. Also, The La Jolla Art and Wine Festival and Harvest Festival will keep your taste buds in place!

San Diego in November

The temperature goes down by a few more degrees during this month. The average high and low temperature ranges from 12 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius.

Events in November
Visiting the beach isn’t a good idea during this month, and hence, you can visit the Art San Diego Contemporary Art Show and the San Diego Asian Film Festival to keep yourself busy in the city. If you are fond of beer, however, November is the best time to enjoy some craft beers in the San Diego Beer Week.

San Diego in December

This is one of the coldest months in the city with temperature ranges similar to that of January. This month marks the beginning of winters in San Diego. Enjoy America’s largest balloon parade at the Port of San Diego Big Bay Balloon Parade and experience gorgeous light shows at the beach by visiting the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights.

San Diego in June

The temperature rises a little again during this month. The average low temperature is 17 degrees Celsius, and the high temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. For the best Italian delicacies, visit the Taste of Little Italy food festival. For satiating your artistic hunger, pay a visit to the San Diego Festival of Arts. San Diego Country Fair in Del Mar, however, is the actual crowd puller during this season.

San Diego in Peak Season / High Season

Peak season in San Diego is during the fall, which is from September to November. The days are warmer and the nights are cool. If you are a film enthusiast, you can also visit the San Diego International Film Festival during this time. You will find pretty consistent temperature during these months in San Diego, and hence, there will be no surprise rains while you are out roaming!

San Diego in Shoulder Season

The shoulder season in San Diego is from February and March. At this time around, you will find blooming flowers at the various parks and the greenest of landscapes all around! This is the best time to calm your senses on a visit to this Californian city. Although it will be still a bit cold for you to enjoy a swim in the ocean, you can always spend your time roaming around the various famous places in the city without feeling tired and getting all sweaty.

San Diego in Low Season

The months of May and June are the low season months in San Diego. Locals there refer to these months as May Gray and June Gloom which pretty well sums up the environment there during this time! The temperature is unfriendly, and the city remains covered with low lying clouds and fog throughout the season.

San Diego in January

It is the coldest during this time in San Diego with temperatures ranging between 8 degree Celsius and 18 degree Celsius which is the highest. You may even experience a bit of unexpected January rains during this time.

Events in January
The Lunar New Year Tet Festival is one of its kind where you can put on your party shoes and enjoy some of the best Californian cuisines and culture. You can even enjoy and laugh your heart out at the San Diego Comedy Festival that takes place in January where some of the best comedians participate. To taste the best craft beers in the city, head to the San Diego Brew Fest and enjoy your drinks along with some excellent food and live music.

San Diego in February

While the temperature remains the same as January, you can get a respite from the low-temperature range that moves up to around 10 degrees Celsius. In February, the city experiences the lowest sunshine and is often considered to be the wettest month of all with an average precipitation level of 58 mm.

Events in February
Experience great music, food, fun and frolic with the best parades at the Gaslamp Quarter Mardi Gras Parade and Celebrations in this month. At the San Diego Colour Fun Fest 5K, get your heart race in ecstasy! Also, at the San Diego Museum Month, explore the city culture by visiting more than forty museums that offer admissions at half price.

San Diego in March

The weather doesn’t change much during this month and the highest temperature during this month goes just up by 12 degrees Celsius.
For experiencing some best street performances, Seaport Village Spring Busker Festival is a must visit one in March. Also, attending the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at the San Diego St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be one of its kind. Then, the San Diego IndieFest will keep you glued to the performances of more than fifty upcoming bands and several visual artists.

San Diego in April

With the arrival of April, San Diego welcomes spring in the city! Temperatures rise a bit but remain a little cold with temperatures ranging from 13 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. During this time, you can experience the best of nature in the city with full blooms and greeneries all around.

Events in April
The San Diego BBQ Fest will welcome you with the best of food options. However, if you are not a BBQ lover, you can enjoy a few drinks at the Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festivals. You can even pay a visit to the small town of Fallbrook to enjoy the annual Avocado Festival.

San Diego in May

During this month, the temperature starts to go up a bit with as high as 20 degrees Celsius and as low as 15 degrees Celsius. For the ones interested in hiking and mountaineering, this could be the best month as the weather remains cool and most ideal. Wish to experience the Latino culture? Pay a visit to the Fiesta Old Town Cinco de Mayo. For a refreshing day out, Vista Strawberry Festival is the place to be.

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