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Food of Salalah

There are many special dishes in Salalah such as the ma'ajeen, kaak bread and khubz lahoot. The Ma'ajeen is basically strips of beef/camel that is salted and then hung to dry and fried after. A must-try for foodies! The kaak bread is more like a cracker than a bread and falvored with cardamom and nigella seeds. It makes for a very good snack and is a Salalah staple. The khubz lahoot is a fried, chewy bread which is often served at the Salalah Festival.

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Food for Indians in Salalah

There are many Indian restaurants in Salalah and they all have vegetarian options. The most famous ones are the Udupi Vegetarian Restaurant, The Cascade, Hyderabadi Restaurant Salalah and Thalassery Restaurant.

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