Beautiful Waterfalls in Salalah

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Waterfalls in Salalah

The many beautiful landscapes of Oman are unlike anything in the world. Salalah stands out in terms of its lush landscapes compared to its neighbouring areas which are of the typical desert landscape (Read More) with its many Wadis and waterfalls.

Here is the list of 4 Beautiful Waterfalls in Salalah

1. Wadi Darbat, Oman - Explore The Calm Blue Waters & Caves of Wadi Darbat!

Wadi Darbat, Oman - Explore The Calm Blue Waters & Caves of Wadi Darbat!
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Known For : Tawi Attair Sumhuram Mirbat

A beautiful scenic spot for all nature lovers, Wadi Darbat, has picturesque hills surrounding it and a beautiful waterfall. Wadi Darbat is a splendid lush green valley with the surrounding hills having small caves which people can hike up! It's the perfect spot for a little family picnic or a friendly gathering. During the Khareef (monsoon season), the wadi is packed with locals and tourists that have come to enjoy the green landscaped hills. There are many small stalls and restaurants at the valley selling street food like shawarmas, popcorn and ice cream.

Best Time: June to August

3 Wadi Darbat- Salalah Attractions

2. Ayn Athum

Ayn Athum

Located in Eastern Salalah, these are one of the most popular attractions in Salalah. It is located right before one arrives at Wadi Darbat. The waterfalls and its turquoise blue pools are a sight to be at during monsoons. Swimming is allowed here. 

3. Ayn Khor

Ayn Khor

This beautiful cascade in Western Salalah is crystal clear and ideal for a quick swim. The lush surroundings engulf visitors with a sense of serenity. It is located near the Raysut Cement Factory, and can be reached only by a 4x4 vehicle, after which visitors will have to walk. It is also known as Raysut Waterfalls.

4. Ayn Gogub

Ayn Gogub

Like a scene right out of the heavens, one can visit these waterfall only during the Khareef months (July to September). The source of the waterfall is Ayn Khyout. One would have to drive 30 km from Salalah through the magnificent Dhofar mountains to reach this place. The falls are not directly accessible even by 4x4s. One will have to park their vehicle 1km away and would through slippery terrain to reach this waterfall. 

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