Food of Wadi Darbat

In the Dhofar region, the most popular local dishes are the halwa and shawarma. Halwa is a staple Omani dessert, which is especially popular during Ramadan. It is a sticky sweet made out of gelatin, nuts, rose water and sometimes saffron. It is usually eaten with Kahwa (Omani coffee).

Popular street food you will see at Wadi Darbat are the shawarmas. Shawarmas are seasoned meat which is marinated with herbs and spices, cut into pieces and served inside a wrap. It is normally eaten with crispy fries and garlic paste. The most famous and delicious shawarmas are lamb shawarmas. Other than shawarmas, Wadi Darbat has stalls that sell sweet corn, fruits and popcorn.

Food for Indians in Wadi Darbat

Vegetarian food is limited at Wadi Darbat. There is a small section of Indian food, but if you're looking for authentic Indian food, it is best to visit the restaurants in Salalah like Udupi Vegetarian Restaurant and Hyderabadi Restaurant Salalah.

Wadi Darbat Photos

Wadi Darbat, Oman
Wadi Darbat - Lovely Retreat for Nature Lovers
Wadi Darbat is a Spectacular Place in Dhofar Governorate
Magnificent Waterfall in Wadi Darbat

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