What is the best time to visit Perth?

September-November is the best time to visit Perth. During these months, the days are sunny and the nights chilly. The atmosphere is aglow with the spirit of spring and the beautiful blooms all around. This is the perfect time to experience the beauty of the wildflowers in Perth. Quite surprisingly, December-February is summertime in Perth, and during these months, the weather is hot. January and February are the hottest months of all while June to August are the winter months in Perth. Apart from the springtime, you can plan your visit during the months of March-May as well, which is considered to be the shoulder season in Perth. Accommodation and travel are comparatively cheaper. The days are usually warm and perfect for hitting the beaches. June-August is, however, the low season in Perth as the weather is chilly and there’s a lot of precipitation as well.

Weather in Perth


Upcoming Perth Weather

Monthly Weather in Perth

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 28°/ 17° 0 days
February 30°/ 20° 7 days
March 28°/ 19° 2 days
April 26°/ 17° 2 days
May 22°/ 12° 3 days
June 19°/ 12° 14 days
July 19°/ 11° 6 days
August 20°/ 11° 10 days
September 22°/ 12° 3 days
October 23°/ 13° 3 days
November 27°/ 15° 2 days
December 30°/ 19° 0 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Perth

Perth in Summer (December - February)

December to February constitutes the summertime in Perth. There is scorching heat during these months and also, there’s no to very little rainfall. January and February are the hottest in Perth and travelling there during these two months is really not a good idea! Summers in Perth is a great time to relax on the beaches though. Also, there are a number of year-end events that will keep you engaged, in case you still think about visiting Perth during these hotter months. 

Key Events in Summer
  • Perth International Art Festival: This is a month-long festival that starts in February and ends in March. The festival hosts some of the best contemporary artists from all around the globe.
  • Cine Latino Film Festival: This is the perfect celebration of Latin American cinemas. This festival host critically acclaimed cinemas from Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Chile, Paraguay and Mexico.
  • SummerSalt: This day-long music festival hosts the best of international as well as homegrown bands and it takes place in January.

Perth in Winter (June - August)

June-August is the winter season in Perth and the weather is absolutely not comfortable, with chilly winds, heavy rains and temperature going below 10 degree Celsius at times. However, you can still see the Wildflowers at display in the Karijini National Park. There’s not much to do on the beaches as the water activities are less. Also, the hotels and other accommodation prices are the lowest of all. However, the winters in Perth is a great time for some romantic forest walks and wine tasting sessions by the fire near the Margaret River! There’s not many public events and festivals during the winter months in Perth though.

Key Events in Winter
City of Perth Winter Arts Festival: This is the largest celebration of arts, music, literature films, dance and design in Perth during winters. The events are held citywide throughout the winter months of June, July and August. 

Perth in Autumn (March - May)

March-May is the autumn season in Perth and the temperature generally stays between 90.3°F (32.4°C) and 69.9°F (21.1°C). There are fewer crowds during this time and the hotel prices are a little lower. The weather is also ideal to have a good time experiencing the best of the city. The beaches are a perfect destination for unwinding and hence, swimming and surfing is fun in the perfectly warm water.

Key Events in Autumn
Sculpture by the Sea: One of the most popular events in Sydney since 1997, Sculpture by the Sea takes place in Bondi and sees more than 500,000 visitors from around the world. There are more than 100 sculptures in displays by artists worldwide. This is a free public exhibition of the imagination of Sydney per se.

Perth in Spring (September - November)

September-November is the springtime in Perth and there’s a number of local events to look forward to. The famous Kings Park is abloom with the beautiful wildflowers and the streets are filled with fun and frolic. The temperature ranges between 81.9°F (27.7°C) and 68.9°F (20.5°C), but at times it gets a bit higher on the scale too. Even with a bit of sweltering heat, the hotels are fully packed with visitors from all around the globe. So, if you wish to experience the best of Perth during the peak season, make sure you have your bookings in advance!

Key Events in Spring
Perth Royal Show: The most vital and the longest standing community event in Perth held in September, this show is an excellent manifestation of the local culture with the best of gourmet meals and drinks, loads of entertainment and the best of worldwide performers under one roof!
Listen Out Festival: This is the most loved dance and music festival in Perth and every year, a bunch of people from all over the world, rush to Perth to be a part of it.
Kings Park Festival: Termed as the ‘Greatest Wildflower Show on Earth’, this festival is basically a celebration of the beauty of the wildflowers and the culture of Western Australia. It is a display of the various wildflowers along with several outdoor activities, guided walk tours, photography events, and much more.
Wine Show of Western Australia: The show held in October, is all about judging the exclusive Australian wines. It began in 1978 and now has become one of the most distinguished events in all of Australia.
Margaret River Gourmet Escape: Held in November, this event is all about delicious food and wine among the vineyards of the Margaret River.

Perth in Low Season

June to August is the winter season and hence, the low season in Perth. Winter in Perth is usually too cold and uncomfortable for most of the travellers. Carrying heavy jackets and sweaters are a must if you happen to travel during these months. Sadly, even the beaches are dead in winter months and hence, there are not many options for having fun.

Perth in Shoulder Season

March to May is the shoulder season in Perth. This is autumn in Perth and the weather is not so bad either. Although, the crowd is less and you can have a good time travelling around the places with not much of a commotion here and there! If you are a beach person, this is undoubtedly the best season for you to visit Perth. Swim, surf and have an amazing time in the clear blue waters of the sea, which will remain etched in your memory forever!

Perth in Peak Season

The peak season in Perth is from September-November. If you can get all your booking done early, then you can have a great time in Perth during the peak season and enjoy the various local festivals there. You will be able to witness the magnificent beauty of the wildflowers for which travellers from all over the globe make it a point to visit Perth during spring. The temperature is soothing all throughout these months and there are a number of things to look forward to!

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