Top 12 Trails for Hiking in Perth

Are you, too, an adventure freak wandering in Perth in search of the best hiking spots in the city? You landed on the appropriate article. Perth is the epitome of nature and wildlife in Australia, comprising beaches, walking trails, and picturesque Ocean and river banks. Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, sits the North of Swan River. But having read about the abundance of water bodies in Perth, have you doubted the potential of Perth to offer excellent adventurous activities like hiking? 

Outdoor adventurous activities are an essential element of Perth tourism. Perth is there to amaze you with some of its decent walking trails and hills to track down. Although not as famous and exciting as some in Canada or Peru, the valleys and hills of Perth offer several hikes and trails of varying difficulty levels suited for people of different age groups. 

So, let's get you through and through to all the top-notch hiking locations in and around Perth!

1. Eagle View


The Eagle View Walk Trail is situated on the Perth hills, taking you to the heart of John Forrest National Park, the earliest National Park in Western Australia. You can witness a highly fantastic view of Swan Valley from the hills. This walking trail has some steep regions that are difficult to traverse, but the rest of the course is relatively easy regarding hiking. 

The walking trail leads to Jane Brook, situated at the foothills of the Valley. The centre of attraction of this place is Hovea Falls, where you can sit back and relax with a picnic basket. Filled with beautiful wildflowers that grow in the Wandoo and Jarrah Forest of the Eagle View Walk Trail, you'll find all the efforts of hiking through the hills paying off once you behold the Perth skyline visible from the hilltop. 

Location: Perth Hills.
Difficulty level: Moderate
Time: 5-6 hours approximately
Distance of the trail: 15 Km
Type: Loop walk trail.
Facilities available: Shaded regions, toilets and picnic spots

2. Bibbulmun Track- Kalamunda to Mundaring Weir


Bibbulmun Track is recorded as the longest trail in Australia that sits on the Perth Hills. Considered the best hiking area for experienced hikers, this trek extends from Sullivan Rock (at Albany Highway), trails through Jarrah Forest, and ends at the Darling Range of Mount Crooke, which is now used for bauxite mining. Trekking the entire range is a challenging task even for skilled hikers; thus, an alternative has been pulled off: trekking from the Northern terminal called Kalamunda until Mundaring Weir.

The 42-meter-high dam built over Mundaring Weir on the way hiking on this 1000 Km long track becomes a pleasant place to rest while having lunch. You can either cover the entire 34 Km trek from Kalamunda to Mundaring or opt for a halfway tour of 17 Km. The hotels in Mundaring Weir would be delighted to welcome you.

Location: Perth Hills.
Difficulty Level: Hard. Requires hiking skills.
Time: 8-12 hours for a complete track of 34 Km.
Distance: 34km (Kalamunda to Mundaring)
Facilities: Water access, trail huts, picnic spots and toilets.

3 . Camel Farm to Hewett's Hill

The Bibbulmun Track is a trek that will require six to eight weeks of hiking to reach the peak of the Perth Hills. The undeniable reason for not being able to traverse that long path is the time it demands. Therefore, the entire track is broken down into smaller tracks easily trailed by people. The place to start your hike on the way is Camel Farm, which ends on Hewett's Hill region of Perth Hills. 

The entire trek is rich in scenic beauty and flowers in spring, which makes the track even more desirable to hike. 
Location: Perth Hills.
Distance: 5 km 
Time: 35 minutes to complete the trek.
Difficulty level: Moderate.

4. Palm Terrace Walk


Situated in Forrestfield, is one of the under-appreciated tramping destinations around Perth. The name 'Terrace walk' might mislead your judgement about the place that hiking in the area is a cakewalk, but it is instead a strenuous one! Starting at Lower Lesmurdie Fall Car Park, this track will give you a terrific view of Perth City; a slight detour will also keep Lesmurdie Falls in store for you. Walking through Lesmurdie Falls National Park, you'll cherish colourful wildflowers. There are fewer signposts than expected, but a reasonably decent picnic spot. 

Location: Forrestfield (30 minutes away from Perth)
Distance: 5.5 Km
Type: LoopTime: 1-3 hours 
Difficulty: Moderately complex but requires a bit of hiking experience.
Facilities: Picnic areas, toilets and access to drinking water.

5. Bells Rapids River Walk Trail


The Bells Rapid walk trail falls under the category of looping trails, which comprises an easy-to-hike River Walk and the other Goat Walk, which is rather sporty. As the name goes by, this hiking spot runs beside a river and keeps becoming steeper as the course of the river goes up to its origination on the hills. 

For the people who like to take it the easier way, there is a left turn from the bridge that would take you to the Bells Rapid River Walk. While the people eyeing some fun and adventure can take up the right and traverse through Goat Walk, which loops back to the picnic area.

If you are lucky enough, you could even get to eye Kangaroos in the area. The hills are covered with wildflowers throughout the spring to make your hiking experience more memorable.

Location: Bells Rapids Park, Cathedral Avenue, Great Northern Highway, Brigadoon. (45 minutes from Perth City.)
Distance: 2.75 kilometres in a loop.
Time required: 1 hour or less.
Difficulty level: Moderately complex. (Needs a little hiking experience).
Facilities: Picnic areas, public toilets (known to be dog friendly too)

6. Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary- Numbat Trail

Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary is well known for the two exciting and pumped-up trails called the Quenda Trail and the Numbat Trail. Quenda Trail is a 6.5 Km long hike that is very well maintained but can be challenging for beginners. This sanctuary is a link between the Walyunga National Park and Avon Valley National Park.

The Numbat Trail of the sanctuary is the longer trail of the two. Taking you through the lake to the pristine White Gum Forest and further to the woodlands of the refuge, the path will lead you to the valley ridge at the end. Watching the charm of Avon River from the trail is a million-dollar experience, it is said.

Several obstacles throughout that trail make it unsuited for newbies to hike. Rocky paths and steep steps can pose slight difficulties, but the scenic beauty from the top of the course will make up for all the challenges.

Location: Numbat Trail, Avon Valley, Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary. (One hour's distance from Perth City)
Distance: 12 Kilometers (in a loop)
Time Taken: 4 to 5 hours to complete the circle.
Difficulty Level: Moderate to high.Facilities: Public toilets and picnic areas are available.

7. Kitty's Gorge to Serpentine Falls


The fascinating granite stones and lively rivers banked by impressive flora and fauna are the critical features of this trail that will compel you to visit it. The journey starts at the Kitty Gorge Trail entry point in Jarrahdale and will lead to the most anticipated part of the hike, filled with Jarrah trees and cool water to refresh your spirit. 

Serpentine Falls is the best example of a picture-perfect hiking destination. The regions in proximity to the fall can be a little slippery, so wear gripping shoes to Serpentine Falls. The place also offers barbecue facilities to enhance the fun!

Location: Kitty's Gorge, Serpentine National Park, Jarrahdale
Distance: 14 Kilometers
Time Taken: 1 to 3 hours 
Difficulty Level: Moderately complex. Requires a prerequisite for bushwalking.
Facilities: Car parking area, BBQ places, picnic spots.

8. Wungong Gorge Walk


Wungong Gorge Walk Trail falls in the category of steep hiking options around Perth that require some prior hiking experience. The bushland region of Bungendore Park contains this walking trail that starts at Wungong Brook bridge, taking you to the dense, bushy areas of the hill and a water reservoir halfway through the trail. Wungong short loop is also a famed hiking loop that is less dreadful than routing to the reservoir. Although the initial parts of this particular track are troublesome, the latter parts are more manageable and have a relatively flat walk. 

Location: Wungong Gorge Walk, Wungong Regional Park Armadale. ( A little far from Perth.)
Distance: 12.6 Km loop
Time required: 4 to 5 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate.
Facilities: Car parking area, picnic spots and public toilet.

9. Baldwin's Bluff Trail


The other trail of Serpentine National Park, less famous than Kitty's Gorge, is Baldwin's Bluff. The course is one of the few difficult hiking locations around Perth. It is unsuitable for first-timers in hiking because of the steep climbing and loose rocks. Walking through the woods, granite outcrops, wildflowers, and the exquisite view of serpentine Falls make this trek memorable. 

The summit starts from Serpentine Falls car park and ends on the same spot (a loop trail). The area needs to be better marked; hence, getting a hold of directions is a tough job while trekking the trail. It is advised to follow a map although the hike. Also, the entry timings for Serpentine National Park are between 8:30 AM to 5 PM daily, with a fixed entry fee at the car parking.

Location: Serpentine National Park (55 Kilometer or 1 hour from Perth City)
Distance: 6 Kilometer loop.
Time Taken: Approximately 2 hours
Difficulty level: Difficult; requires hiking experience on steep climbings.
Facilities: Picnic area, BBQ spots, and public toilets are available in Serpentine National Park.

10. Wadjemup Walk Trail, Rottnest Island


Wadjemup Bidi is a network of five walking trails on Rottnest Island. Bickley Bay Trail and the Lakes Trail are the two most famous trails.

Bickley Bay Trail

The southeastern corner of Rottnest Island extends from Thomson Bay to Oliver Hill. This unique walk trail will let you witness the remnants of war, a stunning view from Jubilee Observation Post, rock beds and the fantastic tunnel structures of Oliver Hill Battery. 

Location: Wadjemup trail, Rottnest Island, 90 Minutes from Perth.
Distance: 9.4 Kilometers one way from Thomson Bay to Oliver Hill.
Time Taken: 2 to 4 hours for one way.
Difficulty level: Easy for light hikers. Moderate for beginners.

The Lakes Trail

The trail begins at Vlamingh Lookout, letting you tour the salt lake ecosystem of Rottnest Island, abundant with flora and bird life. The Highlight element of the island, Quokka, can be seen while trailing through the track. Herschel Lake and Baghdad Lake are there to soothe your eyes. 

Location: Wadjemup Walk Trail, Rottnest Island, Perth.
Distance: 8 Kilometer loop.
Time Taken: 3 to 4 hours to complete the loop.
Difficulty level: Moderate to complex.

11. Ellis Brook Valley Reserve- Sixty-Foot Falls


This a blissful trail for hikers looking out for a short yet challenging experience of hiking in Perth. The walk begins at the bottom of the Valley and reaches up to the top leading to a waterfall.

But keep the name from deceiving you, as you would only find water on the track if it had poured. The end of Brooke Valley consists of a stone wall, and the top of the waterfall has two viewing platforms to let you immerse in the lovely views from atop the Valley. The other side of the Valley has granite walls and an artificial lake in Barrington Quarry.

The trek can be slightly slippery and thus might come out strenuous for some.

Location: Gosnells, Banyowla Regional Park, Perth.
Distance: 2 Kilometers
Time Taken: Only an hour
Difficulty Level: Difficult to traverse. Requires hiking skills.
Facilities: Public toilets are available and picnic areas too.

12. Bold Park - Zamia Trail


The trail is an easy track with variating gradients arranged with native flowers in the spring season. Zamia Trail has everything to aid you in your tour around the area, from park benches to dog-friendly tracks. It has a trail network that begins at Reabold Hill, a place that will slow you down to cherish the beauty of nature. Overlooking the enchanting site of the Indian Ocean from atop the hill and Perth CBD while surrounded by vibrant flowers can be a rewarding exposure.

Location: City Beach, Perth. (A 14 minutes drive from Perth CBD)
Distance: 5.4 Kilometer loop.
Time Taken: 1 to 2 hours.
Difficulty level: Easy.

A soft adventurous sport like hiking can give you all kinds of adrenalin rush and boost your self-esteem to the highest. Hiking rejuvenates the mind and soul, challenges physical strength and lets us push our limits towards a healthier lifestyle. 

So why walk on treadmills? Pack your bags, and let's hike.

This post was published by Muskan Thakur

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