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"The Pearl of Western Australia"

Perth Tourism

Western Australia's capital city, Perth is a wonderful urban settlement with it's fair share of untouched scenic beauty. Full of classic Australian beaches, wonderful market places, brilliant food and also exciting wildlife, Perth calls for a trip to the West of the country!

Once known as the gateway city to Australia, also established as Australia's first free settlement, Perth is today a bustling centre of all activities in Western Australia. Things to do in this city are aplenty, ranging from natural parks and wildlife, to great entertainment centres and places to chill. The Perth Cultural Centre is one of the most vibrant places you can visit in the entire country, complete with institutes and centres for nearly all forms of arts you can imagine. It is a hotspot for young and creative minds to meet up and hang out during the evenings too. The historic Perth Mint then is an immersive tour into the history of bullion production in Australia, and also get your own custom gold medallion engraved! The Perth Zoo and the Western Australian Aquarium are more absolutely fascinating places to spend a day with your family. The state of the art aquarium is one of the best you'll find on the continent. And of course, the raw and picturesque beauty of the Swan Valley is second to none, with family owned wineries and gourmet restaurants for a filling and exquisite meal experience! So, Perth is a reputed Australian city with good reason. Visit yourself to find out first hand!

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Currency in Perth

The Australian Dollar is the only currency that is used in Perth. All major debit and credit cards are accepted in restaurants and hotels.

Exchanging Money in Perth

Options are plentiful. Travel Money Oz, American Express Currency Exchange, Travelex etc, and of course straight withdrawals from the ATMs are good options too.

Daily Budget for Perth

Australia in general is not a very expensive country. As always, your expenditure will mostly depend on your modes of travel and the places you decide to eat, coupled with your shopping bills and places visited. You can expect the following daily budget according to different requirements : Low Budget : AUD 90 - 110. Comfortable : AUD 180 - 230. Luxury : AUD 270 - 280 and higher.

Religion of Perth

Christianity is the most common, with decent populations of Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

Perth Customs

Australian customs and etiquettes aren't very complicated. The conform to very basic and courteous behaviour, such as honesty and sincerity, since they are usually very down to earth people. Boasting or pretentiousness is absolutely hated, and the Aussies have a sharp sense of humour. They are also relaxed, friendly and casual and so are there greetings, and being on first name basis from the very first meeting is totally acceptable. Tipping in Perth is not obligatory. Tipping for good service is a common practice in the city, and the amount of the tip, or even tipping at all, is totally at your discretion.

Language of Perth

English is the primary language in Perth and you will have absolutely no problems conversing with the local population.

History of Perth

Perth is actually the first free settlement which was founded by the British government in Australia back in 1829. This was done after Captain James Stirling found Perth to be of unparalleled beauty. 130 years before this, in 1697, de Vlamingh had sailed to the region in search of a ship lost in the previous year. Though they had no luck finding the ship, de Vlamingh was so amazed at the beauty of the black swans swimming in the river there, he named it as Swan River, and it stuck.

Nightlife in Perth

Perth nightlife, much like all big cities of Australia is totally buzzing. You have limitless options to choose from. Brookefield place is packed with many fancy bars to choose from and you should definitely give it a visit. Northbridge is another hot area for nightlife, and so is the famous harbour area of Freemantle. Visiting clubs will be more expensive than pubs, and do remember to carry your photo ID. The LDA in Australia is 18.

Shopping in Perth

Whether you want to shop for clothes, art, or antiques, you'll find a place for everything in Perth. Freemantle, as with several other things to do, is a wonderful place to shop with over 150 shops dating back more than a hundred years. The State Buildings and King Street in the CBD are also fine places if you want to hit the brands for some splurging.

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FAQs on Perth

What is the best time to visit Perth?

September-November is the best time to visit Perth. During these months, the days are sunny and the nights chilly. The atmosphere is aglow with the spirit of spring and the beautiful blooms all around. This is the perfect time to experience the beauty of the wildflowers in Perth. Quite surprisingly, December-February is summertime in Perth, and during these months, the weather is hot. January and February are the hottest months of all while June to August are the winter months in Perth. Apart from the springtime, you can plan your visit during the months of March-May as well, which is considered to be the shoulder season in Perth. Accommodation and travel are comparatively cheaper. The days are usually warm and perfect for hitting the beaches. June-August is, however, the low season in Perth as the weather is chilly and there’s a lot of precipitation as well.
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What is the local food in Perth?

Food in Perth is of a huge variety. You'll find every cuisine you can think of here. Food markets as well as famous places such as Freemantle and Swan Valley are also a wonderful treat for your taste buds. Have a glass of wine, or a pint of beer and kick back. With more restaurants per capita than any other capital city of Australia, you can be sure you won't run out of places to eat in Perth.
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What are the top hotels in Perth?

There are 750 in Perth which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Perth are Meadow View Accommodation, Claremont Quarter Luxury Apartment, Cottesloe Contemporary Villa, Alfred Cove Short Stay, Cunningham Terrace 10, Cunningham Terrace 4. You can see all the hotels in Perth here

What are the things to do in Perth?

The top things to do in Perth are Kings Park, Fremantle, Perth Beaches, Perth Mint, Perth Zoo, Swan Valley. You can see all the places to visit in Perth here

What are the places near Perth?

The top places near to Perth are Sydney which is 3291 km from Perth, Melbourne which is located 2722 km from Perth, Great barrier reef which is located 3530 km from Perth, Gold coast which is located 3625 km from Perth, Tasmania which is located 2867 km from Perth

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