"A colossal cosmos encircled by a mystique lagoon"

Bora Bora Tourism

"Welcome to the fantasy of a dreamy island with utmost perfectional beauty"- This is how the pictures of Bora Bora entice you for a vacation. A part of French Polynesia, this magical island has some of the most beautiful sights to behold- a tropical island sorrounded by the amazing blue lagoon and coral reefs, accompanied by small islets (Motus) scattered around Bora Bora.

Crowned by the blue lagoon,Bora Bora is a heavenly paradise for people longing for a relaxing vacation amidst natural beauty, and not to forget newly-weds who're looking for a private romantic setting for honeymooning. If you're thinking Bora Bora is just for some sun-soaking and a luxurious getaway, you are absolutely right, NOT. Bora Bora has a lot more to offer apart from its indulging over-water and beach-side resorts. When you get slightly bored of sunbathing and your supercool tan starts looking like burnt skins, you can always turn to some great adventures for an extraordinary experience. There are a couple of underwater activities that also allow you to interact with the enigmatic marine life.

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Hotels in Bora Bora

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  • Rohotu Fare

    XPF 29,750 /night onwards

  • Bora Bora Bungalove

    XPF 15,100 /night onwards

  • Bora Bora Enjoy

    XPF 28,710 /night onwards

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Poisson Cru is a Tahitian dish very much popular among tourists, which is made from raw marinated fish dipped in coconut milk and lime juice along with some veggies. Most of the restaurants include this super-tasty dish in their menus. Imported foods cost terribly high, so prefer local Polynesian food to save your pocket.



Customs of Bora Bora

People in Bora Bora are very warm, generous, and slow-paced. Although you might find many topless women sunbathing, you must make sure that you don't roam around in bikinis in non-swimming areas. Tips are not expected in French Polynesia, so you can restrict tipping only to some extra-ordinary services you get. Some locals might even get offended if you offer a tip.

Language of Bora Bora

French is the official language in Bora Bora, although Tahitian is also commonly used for communicating. People generally understand and speak English, so interacting with locals is usually not a problem.

History of Bora Bora

The island was initially named 'Mai te Pora' (rising out of darkness/created by the Gods). Legends have it that this was the first land to rise out from the water. With time, the name shortened to 'Pora' and the word 'Pora Pora' came into existence, which then became 'Bora Bora'. This beautiful island was chosen by the U.S. for military supply base in South Pacific, major constructions including an airstrip which was used as the airport for international flights until 1960. Artillary guns were set up around the island to protect the base from attacks. After the base was closed officially in 1946, the tourism industry started emerging in Bora Bora, which now blooms with huge flocks of people every year.

Nightlife in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a peace-loving island, mostly meant for honeymooners. Le R_cife Discoth�que is the only nightclub on the island. Try gazing at the stars for a perfect end to your day with cool breezes to fill your heart with ultimate pleasure.

Shopping in Bora Bora

Although there are no such shopping centres, you can purchase stuff from local shops. Consider buying the miraculous 'monoi' all-purpose oil, made from Tiare blossoms and coconut, which can be used as a moisturizer, hair conditioner, and even a soothing aid over insect bites. Black Pearl farms are common to hear about, but make sure you buy the original ones.

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