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Great Barrier Reef

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Country rank: 6 out of 11 Places To Visit In Australia

Sub-Region: Coral Sea


Ideal duration: 3-5 days

Best time: June to November (Spring) (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Hamilton Island (Check Flights)


"Nature's Biggest Marvel"

Great Barrier Reef Tourism

The Great Barrier Reef doesn't really need much of an introduction. It is the single largest composition of living organisms in the world, and without a shadow of a doubt, nature's most revelled masterpiece.

A vacation at the Great Barrier Reef will definitely be right up there with the best memories you'll have in the span of your life. Endless sea, a sprawling archipelago, and the unreal coral reef under the water just make for a mesmerising scene altogether. There is so much to do at the reef! You can cruise through the islands and the reef, dive underwater for an up close and personal tour of the amazing beauty of the coral, go on bushwalks on islands such as the Hayman, relax on beaches for hours on end, or even skydive over the Heart Reef, perhaps the most scenic dive spot in the world. You can stay in resorts on the islands, waking up to the unbelievable beauty around you, have a selection of amazing local food, and then get back to your day of exploring this absolute marvel of nature. Without a doubt, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef will give you memories to cherish for life.

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AUD is the only currency accepted in all activities and attractions in and around the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the bigger resorts accept major international cards.

Exchanging currency for your visit to the reef is best done in the cities nearby such as Cairns, Port Douglas, Rockhampton and Townsville.

There are plenty of ways to explore the reef. Some of them may involve more premium activities such as scuba diving or skydiving, or some may be as simple as a convenient glass boat. Either way, you can cover the Great Barrier Reef with no unnecessary expenses. Budget : AUD 50 - 80 Comfortable : AUD 100 - 150 Luxury : AUD 250 and upwards.

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While you're out on the reef, always remember that it is strictly a non smoking zone.


The Great Barrier Reef dates back thousands and thousands of years. It is the world's largest composition of living organisms. The reef is basically generations and generations of dead coral that has turned into stone, and is now covered with a range of living organisms such as coral, algae, snakes, crustaceans and thousands and thousands of plants and animals. Modern knowledge about the existence of the reef came as late as the 18th century, when James Cook's ship actually struck the reef in 1770. The opening in the reef near Lizard Island was actually the opening through which Cook made out for the high seas, eventually getting named Cook's Passage. The world and its scientific community got to know of the reef after this incident, and many studies followed soon after. Today, the Great Barrier Reef is in poor shape, with more than 60% - 70% of it declared dead. However, scientists have found ways through which hope still exists for it's revival.

What is the nightlife like? Typical hours, areas. Any specialty? (Night clubs / strip clubs / ruin pubs). Best places.

Shopping is a popular activity in the Great Barrier Reef, especially in the town of Cairns. There are lots of designer brands and shopping malls, along with street markets to be found here. You will also find nice markets on islands such as those in the Whitsunday. Many of these have beach markets for quirky little souvenirs, all locally made.

Food is available at the many islands and towns around the reef. All the restaurants have a fantastic array of sea food. Having said that, you will also find tons of restaurants offering various cuisines and also local Australian food such as steaks and other vegetable dishes!

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