12 Clubs in Perth for a Fantastic Evening

The capital city of WA, Perth, famous for its pleasant climate and exquisite beaches, is blessed with a vibrant nightlife. The sunny city will leave no stone unturned to amaze you with its clubs, pubs, and beach parties. So, let's get you partying at the most famous clubs in Perth.

1. Amplifier Capitol


Amplifier Capitol, as the double name suggests, has two dance floors to keep you grooving. Known as Magnet House by the locals, it is the ultimate destination for party animals with charged disco and vibrant interiors flashing with LED rooftops. Being Perth's one of best nightclubs, it hosts concerts and retro shows. To enjoy live music in the Capitol and to level up the spirit of fun with liquor in the beer garden, you shall go clubbing in Amplifier Capitol.

Timings: Friday and Saturday, 8 PM to 5 AM
Entry Fee: Free entry before 10 PM
                        10 Dollars charged before 11:00 AM
                        15 Dollars charged after that.

2. Jack Rabbit Slims


Northbridge is the central hub of the nightlife of Perth, serving a range of clubs and bars; topping the list is Jack Rabbit Slims. A place suited for dance freaks and hyped-up music lovers, Jack Rabbit Slims also offers the best tequila shots giving their touch of flavouring. The Live DJ and late-night partying to hip-hop, rock, and indie music. The night would light up to the fullest when you try the famous milkshake spiked with exquisite flavours at the front diner in the club.

Timings: Open on Friday and Saturday from 9 PM to 5 AM
Contact Number: Call on 0893256677
Entry Fee: AUD 18.90

3. Geisha Bar


Inclined more towards the fancier and more sophisticated vibe for a club, Geisha Bar has to be one of the most loved bar-cum-club in Perth. Entitled as a gay-friendly nightclub in Perth, this bar will make you groove on the underrated fusion music and underground genre of beats. The elegant interior of the club decorated with Japanese-style art attracts groups of expensive niche clubbers. So make sure to dress well for the electric clubbing experience in Geisha Bar.

Timings: Friday and Saturday, 11 PM to 5 AM
Entry Fee: AUD 15 per person

4. Mint Nightclub


For the vintage souls, Mint Nightclub is like a blessing! Perth's finest club for enjoying retro-style music and vibing to some old-school music. The club is often not overly crowded, which benefits the people who wish to dance their hearts out freely! The club is a single-roomed arrangement that allows only a few people inside. Offering a wide variety of drinks at a reasonable price, this place has become a frequently visited one by people aged 18 to 25.

Timings: Open on Friday and Saturday only - 9 PM to 5 AM
Entry Fee: Free

5. Library Club

What can be more relaxing than a nightclub with a peaceful vibe and timber-clad interior so well designed that it keeps you lost in its beauty, great sound, lighting, and chandeliers. This club has redefined the traditional term 'library' and is now famous as Perth's unique nightclub. The club hosts events like Sneaky and Dorcia on Fridays. Saturdays are scheduled for MKT events. The gazebo in the centre of the dance floor upstairs adds charm to the club in its own way.

With high-class interiors, a Chart-topping playlist playing on the DJ, drinks, and some crazy dance moves on the floor; this place will make you fall in love with clubbing a little more.

Timings: 10 PM to 5 AM on Fridays.
                     9:30 PM to 5 AM on Saturdays.
Entry Fee: AUD 15

6. Air Nightclub


Outclassing all the modern clubs in Perth, Air nightclub represents the future of clubbing! A place so well organized that it will make you awestruck with its radiant floors and walls. Like the excellent experience of travelling in a first-class airplane, Air Nightclub is the epitome of a world-class clubbing experience with two floors illuminated with blue and purple tones.

The club has a dress code for entry with a collared neck for men. The club's never-ending menu of cocktails and mocktails offers exceptional flavours and ranges up to 750 Dollars! Air is a perfect club for people who are rid of conventional clubbing and searching for the unordinary.

Timings: 9 PM to 4 AM on Friday and Saturday.
Entry Fee: AUD 10

7. Metropolis

Another intriguing themed nightclub of Perth is Metropolis, located in Fremantle. They play fusion forms of music representing retro as well as modern styles of art forms. The highlight of the club is its science fiction-based themed interior. The different sites inside the club are named after the four elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. The dance floor is called Air, and another dance floor is called Water, while the bar and the seating areas are called Fire and Earth, respectively. 

The club is famous for supporting local bands that play house music. Imported beers and mixed shots can be expected on the drinks menu.
Timings: 9 PM - 4 AM on Fridays
                      9 PM - 5 AM on Saturdays.
Entry Fee: Before 11 PM - AUD 10
                         After 11 PM - AUD 15

8. Villa Nightclub


Villa Nightclub hosts exciting DJ nights, concerts, events, and fashion shows on its massive stage. The club was opened in the late 2000s and has kept up on the list of places that give the best nightlife experience in Perth ever since. There are split floors to accommodate many people on the dance floor. The flawlessly curated DJ and sound system and the balcony surrounding the dance floor lift the club's flexible style. 

Contact Details: (08) 93256677
Timings: 10 PM to 5AM on Fridays and Saturdays.
Entry Fee: The ticket prices vary depending on the event chosen

9. Ginger Nightclub


Justifying the name Ginger, the ambience of the nightclub radiates orange and red, emphasizing its superb interior design. There is a massive elevated dance floor to welcome the hardcore party groovers and a thirty-foot-long bar that will offer you drinks of varying tastes. The modernized Nexo sound system, accompanied by the cool beats of DJ Reuben, is the pinnacle of the club. The area of the hall makes it a suitable spot for small gatherings and birthday parties, too.

You will have to follow the dress code, smart attire with no tattoos visible.

Timings: Friday and Saturday, 9 PM to 4 AM
Entry Fee: AUD 10.

10. Connections Nightclub


Connections Nightclub is famous for heavy metal, electric music, and disco beats. The club is a visual delight because of the travertine marble, dim lighting, and mirrors that fit in every spot possible. Widely loved by the gay and lesbian communities, this club also has a marvellous rooftop party area that caters to the mind-dazzling view of Perth city at night. Drag shows and an insane dance atmosphere will make you enjoy the night to the fullest, irrespective of your sexuality. 

Timings: Wednesday - 8 PM to 4 AM 
                     Thursday - 8 PM to 3 AM
                     Friday, Saturday - 8 PM to 5 AM
Entry Fee: AUD 10 Dollars for entry before 10 PM and 15 Dollars after that.

11. Paramount Nightclub


Paramount Nightclub is one of the longest-running and largest clubs in Perth. Into existence in 1999, Paramount has become a party hub for people of all ages. The sound system is of premiere quality, and the dance floor is spacious. People love to vibe in this club; thus, it is often crowded and has an impressively long entry line. The club's interior is themed and separated into two bars- The Leopard Lady and Senor Peppers. The main dance floor, Leopard Lady, has cabins for private receptions, whereas Senor Peppers is situated upstairs, glittering in a Mexican-style winery.

Timings: Friday and Saturday only. 9 PM to 4 AM

12. HipE Club


Talking about Perth's most reputed and successful nightclubs, HipE has to be included for sure. Famed for playing retro music from the 80s and 90s with Volkswagen Kombi Van used as DJ matching the perfect vintage aura. Singing and swaying in the club's graphic decors and vivid kaleidoscopic colours might be the best experience in Perth.

Timings: On Fridays and Saturdays from 09:00 PM to 05:00 AM.
Entry Fee: AUD 10

While you enjoy your stay in Perth, do not miss out on swaying to the upbeat music of these fantastic clubs in Perth and dancing till the sun rises.

This post was published by Muskan Thakur

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