Ronaq-Ul-Islam Sunnee Mosque

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The story of the introduction of Islam in Mauritius dates back to the 18th century when Indian sailors from Bengal and Pondicherry migrated to Mauritius. During that time, Mauritius was a colony of France, and according to the French Law, only Catholics had the freedom to practice their religion openly.

It was not until the 19th century when the French Government agreed to allot some land to the Muslim people at Plaine Verte near Port Louis that allowed them to practice their religion openly. Today, 17.3% of the Mauritian population practice Islam, and approximately 95% of them are Sunni Muslims. Among the number of mosques spread out across the island, the Ronaq-Ul-Islam Sunnee Mosque is worth mentioning.

The history of the Muslim community in Grand Bay went through a sizeable dark phase during the period between 1952 and 1956. The only existing Madrassa was in the state of ruins, and there was no congregational salaat. The fifty Muslim families parted ways forming two different groups. The division resulted in one group assembling under the shed for the Eid prayers while the other group used the veranda of a house. These unfortunate turn of events made the elders very sad, and they felt the urgent need for a Masjid. However, all their efforts went in vain due to the lack of a suitable piece of land.

Ronaq-Ul-Islam Sunnee Mosque

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The Madrassa is an educational facility with the Masjid that is affiliated to the Halkae Qadria Ishaat e Islam of Dar Ul Uloom Aleemiah, Phoenix. The students are subjected to the syllabus formulated by the Sunnee Madrassah Board. The Madrassah students can learn about the Islamic teachings through multimedia in the computer lab. The classes are held from 4.00 PM to 5.30 PM from Monday to Friday. Other facilities in the Madrassah include free yearly books, air conditioning, separate wadhu khana and toilet for girls and boys.

There are some facilities offered by the Ronaq-Ul-Islam Sunnee Mosque to the active members of the Muslim community in Grand Bay. Religious ceremonies and gatherings including weddings and funerals are held in the Masjid.

In case of Saaman, Khatam and Nikaah, tables, chairs, glasses, plates, napkins, tapestry and different sizes of utensils to cook biryani can be rented in the Masjid.

Ronaq-Ul-Islam Sunnee Mosque


Prayer times:↵· Jummah: 1.30 PM↵Contact details:↵· Subscription and other issues: +230 257 6567↵· Saaman, Khatam, Nikaah: +230 572 61747↵· Mayyat: +230 250 3718

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