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Notre Dame Auxiliatrice, Mauritius Overview

Mauritius is replete with a plethora of aesthetically pleasing tourist attractions, ranging from powder soft white sand beaches to colourful coral reefs to shimmering azure lagoons to a vast number of temples and churches that showcase the diversity of the island. Seeing as Mauritius was ruled by the British for an extended period, there are quite a few ancient churches scattered throughout the country, and while most of them are in ruins or don’t allow visitors, there are some that have been renovated and maintained over the years and are top-rated tourist attractions today. One such church is the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel in Cap Malheureux, which stood witness to one of the most-written-about wars between the French and the British over control of the island.

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

The main attraction of Cap Malheureux is the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel, which is an ancient church built as a commemorative landmark to the shipwrecks that happened off the northern coast. One of the most famous churches not only in this part of the country but across the entire island as well, the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel (often also called as the ‘Red Roof Chapel’) is renowned for its aesthetic value as well as its historical significance. With a bright red roof standing out vividly against the backdrop of the wispy blue sky and the turquoise sea, the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Church is a picture-perfect postcard-worthy tourist attraction.

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice, Mauritius

If you’re in Cap Malheureux and you know nothing about this church, if you so much as walk past it, it will grab your attention and make you curious, because of its stark difference from standard churches with plain architecture and muted colour schemes. Founded in the 1900s, this Roman Catholic church continues to draw as many tourists as it does worshippers. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Chapel also boasts of a pretty little beach right behind its main building, which is often frequented by honeymooning couples and their photographers.

Notre Dame Auxiliatrice, Mauritius

The massive influx of newlyweds at the church has prompted the authorities to hang up a rather intriguing ‘no fake weddings’ sign, but at any given point of the day, you will find quite a big number of newlyweds at the church and the beach behind it, getting themselves photographed in the choicest of locations. The choir of the church is extremely well-known, with visitors having nothing but good words to say for the music that sounds as beautiful as the choir you’d probably come across a church in the United Kingdom, or in France. A trip to Cap Malheureux is worth it for this church and this church alone, which is one of the prettiest buildings in the northern part of Mauritius.

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The easiest way to get to the Notre Dame Auxiliatrice is by boarding one of the many public buses from the Immigration Square in Port Louis, which will drop you off at Cap Malheureux after taking a detour through Grand Baie in a record time of less than half an hour. If you are that kind of person who prefers to have the steering wheel under their own hands, you can easily set out on a drive from Port Louis, staying mainly on M2, riding into the A5 and exiting only on B13. The latter of which will let you park your car in front of the red gates of the Notre Dame church in less than 45 minutes itself.

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