Places To Visit In Horanadu

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Here are the top 2 tourist attractions to see in Horanadu:

1. Annapoorneeshwari Temple

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1 km
from city center
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places to visit in Horanadu

Annapoorna temple is located in the village Hornadu . This temple is particularly famous among the visitors. People of all age, religion, gender, or caste are free to visit the place. They are welcomed here wholeheartedly and are given a full three-course vegetarian meal by the workers. There is also a village of Hornadu present near the scenic Malnad. It makes the place much more exciting as it adds a touch of history, culture, and nature.

2. Kalaseeshwara Temple

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4 km
from city center
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places to visit in Horanadu

Situated 92 km south west of Chikmagalur in Kalasa, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, found surrounded on three sides by the river Bhadra. The marriage of Shiva-Parvathi is celebrated here every year.

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