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Kim Lien Pagoda, Hanoi Overview

With a peaceful ambience, the Kim Lien Pagoda of Hanoi is an ancient temple founded in the 12th Century by the Ly Dynasty. The pagoda has a very sophisticated and elegant architecture with three pavillions constructed in a curved shape. It houses the statue of Buddha, Princess Tu hoa and Lord Trinh Giang among others.

A peaceful atmosphere coupled with beautiful carvings of lotus leaves and dragons, the Kim Lien Pagoda (temple), a monument of national cultural importance, offers all of this in the Tay Ho District of Hanoi. Also called The Pagoda of the Golden Lotus, the temple originally belonged to the Ly Dynasty and is famous for its elegant architecture and ancient significance. The former site of the Tu Hoa Palace, this ancient temple has statues of many important figures from Vietnam's cultural past such as Princess Tu Hoa, Lord Trinh Gian, the Heaven Ruler, the Earth God and Pluto, along with many Buddhist statues, making it an important religious and cultural attraction of the city. The monument is a symbol of the sophisticated and elegant Buddhist architecture and is considered one of the most magnificent temples of the country. The gates are built such that they mimic a lotus overlooking the West Lake making them a very popular spot for clicking pictures. Upon entering the site, the visitor is appalled by the three monumental pavilions each built on platforms with elegant Buddhist statues. The central attractions, however, are the Guan Yin and Buddha Amitabha statues sitting on a magnificent three-layered lotus. Further, the serenity of the place is amplified by the carvings of lotus, leave cloud and dragons all done in the historic Le Trung Hung times' style. The incense burners, the ornamental jars, the lacquered paintings and the wooden panel pairs among other articles used for worshipping have a rich ancient value and make one wonder about the history of this majestic site.

How to Reach Kim Lien Pagoda

Entrance to Kim Lien Pagoda Hanoi
The Kim Lien Pagoda is Located in the Tay Ho District of Hanoi in Vietnam (Source)

The Kim Lien Pagoda is located by the West Lake, off the Nghi Tam Road in the Tay Ho District of Hanoi. The closest bus stops to the pagoda are the Nghi Tam and Khach San Thang Loi-Xuan Dieu, accessible by bus lines 31, 41, 55A, 55B, 58, 86 and 86CT, from where it takes half a kilometre to reach the Kim Lien Pagoda.

Courtyard of the Kim Lien Pagoda Hanoi
Kim Lien Pagoda in Hanoi, Vietnam (Source)

The Kim Lien Pagoda offers an extremely quiet and tranquil experience apart from being a scenic representation of the rich culture of the city of Hanoi. It is not only a destination to spend a calm day by the lake but also a very good spot to soak in the culture while getting a plethora of lovely pictures. A combination of ancient statues, a calm environment exaggerated by perfumed incense and close proximity to the West Lake make the Kim Lien Temple a great addition to your day in the city of Hanoi.

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