Bao Son Paradise Park

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Entry Fee : Monday - Friday: VND 40,000,
Saturday, Sunday: VND 50,000

Timings : Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM,
Saturday, Sunday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Bao Son Paradise Park, Hanoi Overview

The biggest entertainment and tourism complex of Hanoi, the Bao Son Paradise Park consists of four main areas, traditional craft villages, ancient quarters, an eco-tourism area and a culinary section. This vast theme park of 20 hectares is Vietnam's own version of Disneyland offers gardens, local village settings, a ferris wheel, swimming pool, ocean world, 3D cinema and a lot more attracting tourists and locals from everywhere.

The Bao Son Paradise Park is a freshly launched entertainment and fun arena for all age groups, especially children. The Bao Son Paradise park was built on a budget of 50 million USD by the Bao Son Investment and Construction Group with a purpose of delivering and keeping alive the rich culture and integrity of Vietnam into the minds of the people and tourists. An amicable blend of modern amenities and traditional Vietnamese culture, the park opens up the minds of the visitors to a world of knowledge and entertainment.

Bao Son Paradise Park Sections

1. Traditional Craft Village

Vietnamese Traditional Crafts at the Bao San Paradise Park Hanoi Vietnam
The Traditional Craft Village Section of the Bao Sao Paradise Park Recreates and Demonstrates
Various Existing Village and Traditional Crafts of Vietnakm (Source)

The traditional or cultural craft village hosts a number of replicas of various renowned craft villages of Vietnam like Phu Lung pottery village, Van Phuc silk village etc. Here you can experience and know about lot of Vietnam's handicrafts and embroidery techniques like gem-stone carvings, bamboo and rattan made jewelleries. It portrays Vietnam's rich cultural and craft heritage and instils upon the visitors its importance and significance.

2. Old Quarter Section

Old Quarter of Bao Son Paradise Park Hanoi Vietnam
The Old Quarter Section of Bao San Paradise Park Recreates Hanoi in the Early 20th Century (Source)

The replica of Hanoi's Old Quarter takes you back to the early 20th century and depicts the daily dwellings of the Hanoians, how they lived and dealt with their daily struggles. The old school Hanoians, their business practices, trades, houses and lifestyle are portrayed through this replica.

3. Eco-Tourism: Safari Park and Aquarium

Aquarium at Bao Son Paradise Park Hanoi Vietnam
The Eco-Tourism Section of Bao Son Paradise Park Showcases the Various Flora and Fauna of
Vietnam (Source)

The eco-tourism section of the park is the largest section. It hosts a gigantic aquarium which is built over an area of 10,000 square meter. The aquarium gives shelter to thousands of rare marine species. It is beautifully built and is equally mesmerizing for the visitors. Also, Bao Son Paradise Park happens to be Vietnam's first Safari Park, with its newly open safari. There are a lot of animals which can be seen during the safari tour. This is a great source of entertainment for both the children and the adults. With all that there is also a royal garden which is a home to 500 varieties of rare and treasured species of Vietnamese Orchid.

4. Culinary Paradise

Vietnamese Food at Bao Son Paradise Park Hanoi Vietnam
The Culinary Corner of Bao Son Paradise Park Offers Traditional Vietnamese Delicacies (Source)

The culinary corner is where you will find the true essence of Vietnam. The stalls are loaded with Vietnamese delicacies like Pho, Cha ca Hanoi, Bahn mi etc. a great place to enjoy and taste true Vietnam.

Water Rides at Bao Son Paradise Park Hanoi Vietnam
There are Wet and Dry Rides at Bao Son Paradise Park (Source)

Bao Son Paradise Park is the Vietnamese version of the Disneyland. It offers a wide range of rides and activities for children like a Ferris wheel, a discovery spacecraft area, a 3D cinema etc. Dolphin and seal shows are shown two times a day, making your time at the park fun filled.

How to Reach Bao Son Paradise Park

Bao Son Paradise Park Hanoi Vietnam
Bao Son Paradise Park is Located on the Western Outskirts of Hanoi in Vietnam (Source)

The Bao Son Paradise Park is located in Le Trong Street in the outskirts of Hanoi city, close to the new townhouses of the An Khanh commune. You can either hire a cab, or take bus number 50 from the Long Bien Bridge bus stop to the park's bus stop in order to reach Bao Son Paradise Park.

Bao San Paradise Park Hanoi Vietnam
Bao Son Paradise Park in Hanoi, Vietnam (Source)

If you want a fun filled day full of entertainment, foodgasms and more. Bao Son Paradise park is the perfect spot. It enlivens Vietnam's culture, introduces you to the ocean, makes your stomach happy and so on. Though the park needs a bit of maintenance, it's a perfect place to hangout with your family.

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