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Quan Thanh Temple, Hanoi Overview

Quan Thanh Temple is a Taoist temple built to honour the God of the North 'Tran Vo'. Located near the Truch Bach Lake, it is among the most significant temples in Vietnam.

In his honour, the temple also uses the tortoise and snake as symbols of protection and wealth respectively. It houses a 4-metre tall bronze statue of Tran Vo.

The artefacts of Quan Thanh Temple have been preserved successfully till date, and thus it is considered a highly valuable relic of Vietnam's artistic culture. Arrays of wooden carvings, statues portraying sculptural expertise, harmonious spaces and ground layouts complemented by the airy views of West Lake together adorn the ancient dreaming beauty of Quan Thanh Temple. 

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Significance of the temple

In order to protect Hanoi from evil spirits and bad influences, four temples were built in the four wind directions of the city. Quan Thanh, which means 'Place of the Gods', is the protector of the north. Correspondingly, the other three temples are Bach Ma in the east, Than Linh Lang in the west and Kim Liem in the south. Pilgrims and devotees visit this temple to worship the God of the North - Xuan Wu or Tran Vu - who uses the snake and tortoise as symbols of power.

Activities at the Temple

Pilgrims and devotees come to Quan Thanh Temple in the Lunar New Year, and on the first and fifth days of the Lunar Month to worship and pray for health, happiness and luck. There is a brick oven in the courtyard of the temple where people burn fake money and other items, believing that it will be going to their ancestors. It is not known to anybody for how this tradition began, as it is told by the temple's guide. Because of its rich history and imperial architecture, Quan Thanh Temple is also used as a training venue for a number of traditional martial arts classes including Vovinam.

Important Travel Tips

  • Please maintain a decent dress code while visiting the temple in order to retain the sanctity and decorum of the holy site.
  • After finishing the tour of the temple, visitors should check out the Botanical Gardens and Tran Quoc Pagoda, which are only a short walk away from the temple. Do not forget to grab a bite to eat along the lakeshore.
  • The majestic white tiered gate at the temple's entrance is a fabulous location for clicking photographs.

History of the temple

Construction of the Quan Thanh Temple can be traced back to the moving of the capital to Thang Long of the kingdom of King Ly Thai To. The temple was named to Tran Vu Quan in 1823 after King Minh Mang took over the throne. In 1842, the temple was finally renamed to its current name Quan Thanh Temple under the reign of King Thieu Tri.

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