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Hai Ba Trung Temple

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Hai Ba Trung Temple, Hanoi Overview

Located close to Hoan Kiem Lake, Hai Ba Trung is a 12th century temple with ornate carvings and statues of the Trung sisters. These sisters are national heroines who fought against Chinese domination in Vietnam in 1st century AD. The annual festival in January enlivens the temple with processions and cultural activities.

Hai Ba Trung is a pristine temple dedicated to the two Trung Sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, in Vietnam. The Trung Sisters were military leaders who rebelled against Chinese domination. Instead of surrendering and accepting their defeat at the hands of Chinese, they decided to drown themselves and have been revered since then for their courage and strength. The Hai Ba Trung Temple is believed to be founded in 1160 by Ly Anh Tong whom the Trung Sisters visited as rain spirits. The idols in the temple are beautifully sculpted and depicts the violent death of the sisters instead of their suicide. The two sisters can be seen kneeling with their arms raised in the air. It is one of the famous temples in Vietnam, is visited by a lot of people, both locals and tourists.

Hai Ba Trung Festival

Hai Ba Trung Festival
Hai Ba Trung Festival is Held Every January to Honour the Hai Ba Trung Temple (Source)

Every year, a festival is held during the month of January to pay respect and show gratitude to the heroism of these wonderful sisters. A procession is carried out in Me Linh Commune, the birthplace of Trung Sisters. The procession includes elephants, colourful flags and people dressed in beautiful attires walking with the beat of the drums in zest. Cultural activities such as traditional dances, wrestling and flok games are also organized as a part of the festival. A large number of people participate in this festival and it is quite a sight to see. If possible, try to attend this festival and plan your trip accordingly.

How to Reach Hai Ba Trung Temple

Hai Ba Trung Temple Hanoi
Hai Ba Trung Temple is Located Near Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi (Source)

Hai Ba Trung Temple is located near Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi and can be reached easily by hiring a taxi from any part of the city.

Hai Ba Trung Temple in Hanoi is a pious temple dedicated to two fierce sisters that fought for independence rather than becoming oppressed. This temple should be visited to pray and seek blessings from the valorous sisters and be awed by their beauty.

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