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Hanoi Police Museum, Hanoi Overview

The Hanoi Police Museum exhibits fascinating items like uniforms, weapons, motorbikes, station dioramas and many photographs and documents taking the visitor through a chronological history of the police force. From their efforts to expel the French in 1946 till today while they fight drugs and cyber crime, it's all on display for the public.

The Hanoi Police Museum is a unique museum that takes you through the periodical history of Vietnam's much praised police force. The exhibits are lined with numerous photographs, newspaper cut outs, artefacts, brochures and everything that tells about the history of Vietnam's great police force. The beauty of the museum is enhanced by the various displays of the uniforms of the officers, their motorbikes and also models of the most important Generals.

Sections of the Hanoi Police Museum

Police Vehicle at Hanoi Police Museum Vietnam
The Hanoi Police Museum Depicts the Evolution of the Uniforms, Weapons, Gadgets and Vehicles
of the Police Force of Hanoi (Source)

The Hanoi Police Museum is spread over a generous area and is set with a modern ambience. The information and messages are printed in three languages: English, French and Vietnamese. In the first room, you will be encountering the weapons, tactics and the officers involved in driving out the "traitors" i.e. the French. This room take you back to the time between 1946 to 1954. The next room is one of the most important as it portrays the efforts of the police force and how they dealt with the horrific war-stricken situations during the Second Indochina War or popularly known as the Vietnam War. The artefacts of the room depict, how the police fought against the CIA force of America. This room dates back to 1954-1975. The room which denote the time period 1975-1986 showcases the police force's endeavours to uncover the forces which tried to devastate the social growth of Vietnam at that time. The last room 1986 - 2015, sketches the current scenario. The horrors of the 21st century that the police need to deal with. Beginning from cybercrime to drugs, unexpected murders, smuggling, adulteration and so on.

How to Reach Hanoi Police Museum

Hanoi Police Museum Hanoi Vietnam
The Hanoi Police Museum is Located in Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi in Vietnam (Source)

The Hanoi Police Museum is situated in Ly Thuong Kiet Street of the Hoan Kiem District in Hanoi. You can take a taxi or a grab car to the Museum. Also, the museum is quite accessible by walking or cycling as it is near to the city centre. If you opt for public transport, then take the 86CT bus from Ga Hanoi bus station to 54 Ly Thuong Kiet. This can also take you to the Vietnamese Women's Museum which is just three blocks away.

Police at Hanoi Police Museum Vietnam
Hanoi Police Museum in Hanoi, Vietnam (Source)

The Hanoi Police Museum shows the evolution of Vietnam's Police force over years and decades. This creates a strong connection between the visitor and Vietnam's past battles. It also instils upon the locals a sense of true respect and devotion towards their police force.

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