Best Time To Visit Bai Tu Long Bay

What is the best time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay?

Bai Tu Long weather in the spring season (February - April) is incontestably the best. The water temperatures are relatively warm and this facilitates swimming. The heat and humidity are mild and the sun shines brightly through clear blue skies. There are a relatively fewer number of tourists during this season and this gives you the liberty to enjoy the location at your own pace.

Weather in Bai Tu Long Bay


Upcoming Bai Tu Long Bay Weather

Monthly Weather in Bai Tu Long Bay

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 21°/ 17° 4 days
February 21°/ 17° 6 days
March 24°/ 20° 6 days
April 24°/ 20° 6 days
May 29°/ 25° 17 days
June 31°/ 28° 21 days
July 32°/ 28° 25 days
August 31°/ 27° 26 days
September 31°/ 26° 13 days
October 29°/ 24° 12 days
November 26°/ 20° 6 days
December 22°/ 17° 1 days

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Bai Tu Long Bay Photos

Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam
Bai Tu Long Bay - Located in Northeastern Vietnam
Bai Tu Long National Park - Protected Area
Co To Islands - Located in Quang Ninh Province

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