Caves in Halong Bay

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Caves in Halong Bay

There are many cave formations in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Some are still undocumented and is left for you to discover but most of them are documented and are some of most beautiful formations you will e (Read More)ver come across.

Here is the list of 9 Caves in Halong Bay

1. Dau Go Cave, Halong-bay

Dau Go Cave, Halong-bay
3.9 /5

Hang Dau Go is a natural wonder and one of the most beautiful caves of Halong Bay. It has intricate carvings and an ancient architecture with many stone pillars and stalactites. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna in the cave, especially mosses, ferns and the wood tree. The cave has a historical meaning behind it's name dating back to when Vietnam fought the Mongols.

2. Tien Ong Cave, Halong-bay

Tien Ong Cave, Halong-bay
3.4 /5

With a system of thousands of years old stalactites and stalagmites, Tien Ong Cave is a magnificent cave with landscapes and a primitive charm like no other. Split into two chambers by a rustic looking stone pillar, the cave is only 5 meters above sea level, but 50 meters below. Archelogists have also discovered human bones and artefacts dating back to 10,000 BC - 8,000 BC.

3. Hospital Cave, Halong-bay

Hospital Cave, Halong-bay
3.6 /5

During the Vietnam War, the Hospital Cave was built high up in the limestone karsts which was invisible from the ground and air, making it an ideal safe house. The cave has concrete rooms that were built as doctors offices and surgical rooms for the injured soldiers. Those interested in history and the war should definitely visit this unique atrraction.

4. Hang Trong, Halong-bay

Hang Trong, Halong-bay
3.5 /5

Hang Trong or Drum Cave is found in the southeast area of Halong Bay. Opposite the virgin cave, it gets its name from the sound made by the numerous stalactites on its ceiling, making the sound of distent drumbeats when a wind blows in.

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5. Hang Bo Nau, Halong-bay

Hang Bo Nau, Halong-bay
3.2 /5

Hang Bo Nau, also known as "Pelican Cave" is named so due to the herd of pelicans that filled the cave in the past. The cave has a monster mouth opening with the stalactites and stalgmites of strange shapes falling down from the ceiling looking like sharp teeth. You can stand at the entrance and admire the stunning scenery of Halong Bay.

6. Virgin Cave, Halong-bay

Virgin Cave, Halong-bay
4.2 /5

Hang Trinh Nu is popularly known as the "Virgin Cave", a popular cave due to the historical story attached to it.

7. Thien Canh Son Cave, Halong-bay

Thien Canh Son Cave, Halong-bay
3.6 /5

Thien Canh Son Cave is a breathtaking cave 60 steps up the island. It has three caverns inside, each full of unique stalactites and stalagmites illuminated by artificial lights. The cave has a small entrance and is tiny in comparison to some other caves of Halong, however, it acts as an advantage because it doesn't get crowded.

8. Dong Thien Cung, Halong-bay

Dong Thien Cung, Halong-bay
3.8 /5

One of the largest and the most beautiful caves of Halong Bay, Dong Thien Cung, popularly known as 'Heaven Cave' is a natural wonder. It has a magnificent system of stalactites and stalagmites of strange shapes like birds, fishes and human activities illuminated with fluorescent lights. Along with this heavenly beauty, the cave also has three small ponds.

9. Sung Sot Cave, Halong-bay

Sung Sot Cave, Halong-bay
4.0 /5

Popularly known as the 'Cave of marvels', Hang Sung Sot is one of the largest caves in Halong Bay discovered by the French. Filled with unusual rock formations including a Buddha, a tortoise and a phallus illuminated by the colored lights, the massive interior of the cave is breathtaking. There are also many stalactites and stalgamites of different shapes inside the Sung Sot Cave.

Revel in the beautiful works of nature in these naturally formed caves and marvel at the sights taking pictures.

This post was published by Muhammed Salih

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