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What is the best time to visit Haiphong?

The best time to visit Haiphong is from March to April and from September to October. March to April marks the spring season in where the flowers are in full bloom. Temperatures range from 18°C to around 24°C, with warm days and pleasant nights. September to October marks the falls season where the temperatures are pleasant for outdoor sightseeing and activities. During this period, average temperatures range from 20°C to 25°C. You can expect higher amount of rainfall in September.

Weather in Haiphong


Upcoming Haiphong Weather

Monthly Weather in Haiphong

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 23°/ 17° 4 days
February 23°/ 17° 5 days
March 26°/ 20° 9 days
April 25°/ 19° 8 days
May 31°/ 25° 15 days
June 34°/ 27° 17 days
July 34°/ 27° 25 days
August 32°/ 26° 24 days
September 32°/ 24° 12 days
October 30°/ 23° 10 days
November 27°/ 19° 5 days
December 24°/ 15° 0 days

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Haiphong in Summer (Mid April to August)

Summer brings in the tropical heat and temperatures soar upto 35 degrees celsius. This water is very warm in this season, however there is also torrential rainfall, frequent typhoons and dangerous seas. This season also brings in quite a few tourists, making tourist area overcrowded.

Haiphong in Spring (February to April)

During Spring, the weather is quite pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15 - 25 degrees celsius. The skies are generally clear and water is warm. The sea is usually calm during this season and this facilitates a number of water sports. Haiphong, being a seaside town experiences cool breeze from the sea.

Haiphong in Winter (October to January)

During winter, temperatures range from 12 - 18 degrees celsius. The winter months of November to February are the coldest in the year. There are many foggy days during this season and visiblity is poor, and brings in a lot of frost and bitter cold winds. The waters are cold and water activities are not encouraged.

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