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Bologna is often referred to as the food capital of Italy, a gastronomic trate for anyone who visit the city. Trattoria di via Serra, a top rated eaterie in Bologna, is extremely popular with tourists. The tortelloni is a well appreciated dish, apart from their other traditional dishes. Other fast food and cheap options include II Panino and Pizzartist. They serve mostly Italian and Meditarrarean options - and the food is delicious. Bologna is famous foe the Bolognese cuisine, centred around the Bolognese sauce. While in Bologna, a must try is their lasgna or pasta with Bolognese sauce.

Food for Indians in Bologna

II Panino is a vegetarian friendly option, with a few good veg options like paninis and sandwiches for their vegetarian audience. As with most of Italy, there are pizza options available in almost every restaurant, and the margherita pizza is a great choice for vegetarians. Ristorante India is an option for Indian food lovers, close to which are located more Indian options such as Moghul.

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