Gšreme, Cappadocia Overview

G_reme is a village in the fair chimney rock formations, and the huge rocks are laid out throughout the town.

G_reme is the centre of tourism in Cappadocia. It's unique nature and it's range of attractions make it hugely popular and the first place to visit in Cappadocia. Some of the most popular places in G_reme are the G_reme Open-air Museum, hot air balloon rides and many historic sites in the village. The open-air museum in fact is probably the most popular attraction in all of Cappadocia, a marvellous collection of churches and monasteries that are built into the rocks, adorned with beautiful frescoes. There are also other churches in the town that are full of such paintings. This small village of about 2000 people hence makes for one definite visit.

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