9 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Pattaya

A sunset in Pattaya is one experience which criminally flies under the radar for many tourists. Enjoying tropical weather all year round, this coastal resort town in Thailand offers picturesque and panoramic views of the sun setting on the horizon. Be it from a beach, a temple, a viewpoint from a hill, a rooftop bar or your hotel room with a panning view of the city skyline, the time of dusk in Pattaya is perhaps one of the few moments where life slows down in the city.

1. Khao Pattaya View Point

Khao Pattaya View Point

Located on top of Pratumnak Hill, Khao Pattaya viewpoint is one of the best places to enjoy a sunset in Pattaya.

The primary view is on the north side with the beautiful Pattaya Bay and the cityscape. The south beachside view is also impressive with the view spreading from Jomtien Beach into the ocean.

For its popularity, Pattaya Viewpoint is always thronged by tourists. However, the viewpoint is wide enough to accommodate tourists and provide a satisfying view right up to a large number of tourists comfortably.

Pattaya’s viewpoint can be reached by a private car or by Songthaew Bus. It will cost around 100 THB per person.

2. Bang Saray Beach


Located approximately a half-hour drive to the north of Pattaya, Bangsaray Beach is one of the best places to enjoy a beautiful beach and a stunning sunset in the evening.

The variety of seafood restaurants at Bang Saray on the beach and wooden stilts are places to enjoy the view with your loved ones and great food. When the sun levels out with the ocean, it leaves the viewers with an awe-inspiring view of the colourful sky.

3. Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya

Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth in Nakula is one of the most romantic places in Pattaya city where you can also catch the beautiful sunset. Located amidst the Gulf of Thailand, a magnificent wooden temple is built, which is a great place to sit with your loved one and enjoy the sight across the crystal waters of the gulf and sunset beyond.

4. Khao Phra Tamnak

Khao Phra Tamnak

There is an interesting temple located on the hilltop named Wat Khao Phra Yai which houses a relic of lord buddha. Anytime during the day, this hillside viewpoint offers a stunning 360° view of Pattaya and Jomtien although its best visited in the afternoon when it provides a mesmerizing view of the sunset.

From a neighboring hill at Monument Park or Mini Siam, spectacular views of a sunset in Pattaya can be seen.

Timing: 4 AM - 10 PM

5. Jomtien Beach


A two-kilometre distance from Pattaya beach lays the golden beach of Jomtien. Home to a smaller crowd, this beach is perfect if you’re all partied out and want to enjoy a calm, beautiful sunset on a subdued atmosphere.

Not just that, It’s a real hotspot for Windsurfing and Kiteboarding. So if you are into that, Jomtien Beach has you covered as well.

6. Koh Larn


Koh Larn is an island situated 7.5 km offshore from Pattaya. It is one of the most beautiful islands in central Thailand and is a perfectly good place to enjoy the white sand beaches, colourful coral reefs and a sunset in Pattaya

Tien Beach is the smallest beach on Koh Larn and with a low density of people makes this an ideal place for watching the sunset.

Nual Beach is also a good place to watch the sunset in Koh Larn if you choose to stay for the night.

7. The Meridian Revolving Restaurant

The Meridian Revolving Restaurant

Located at the top of Pattaya Park Tower The Meridian Revolving Restaurant is the highest restaurant and bar in Pattaya. Situated at a whopping height of the 54th floor, this revolving restaurant gives a 360° view of the beautiful scenery of Pattaya.

You don't even have to move from your seats to enjoy a magnificent Pattaya sunset, including a panoramic view of Koh Larn, Jomtien, and Phratamnak. The tower itself revolves always to give the best view of the city skyline.

8. Roof Sky Bar & Restaurant

Roof Sky Bar and Restaurant

Located on the 24th floor of the Siam@Siam Design Hotel, Roof Sky is a Bar cum restaurant where you can enjoy a 360° view of Pattaya. On the 24th floor, the main restaurant is located, and the pool bar is located on the 25th floor.

The mattress like lounge along one edge is a great attraction during the day, and in the evening, the sun setting into the infinity-edge pool offers a breathtaking view.

9. Horizon Bar

Horizon Bar

Horizon Bar, located on the 34th floor of the Hilton Hotel, is one of the most popular bars in Pattaya. Horizon Bar is stylish yet alluring and has incredible views of the ocean. It's the place to relax on sofas and take advantage of the two-for-one cocktail specials to enjoy a couple of cheeky sundowners while soaking on the stunning beauty of the sunset.

Whether high up or low on the ground, on shore or offshore, a sunset in Pattaya is never short of spectacular. Let us know down in the comment section below your experience of a Pattaya sunset.

This post was published by Arnab Ghosh

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