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How to Reach Pattaya from India

Pattaya do not house an airport of its own but is located about 120 km from Suvarnbhumi Airport. There are many flight services that ply on regular basis from India to Bangkok including Air India, AirAsia, Jet Airways, Thai Airways, IndiGo and other from various India cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai etc.

Most frequently searched routes to Pattaya

Route Name Distance Time
Bangkok to Pattaya 150 KM 2 Hours 30 Mins

How to reach Pattaya by flight

The nearest airbase to Pattaya is U-Tapao positioned 30 km south of Pattaya, which is the base for Bangkok Airways. One can either take a direct mini bus from airport until the city costing THB 200-250 for pre-booked service per head and covers the distance in about 30 minutes. One can also take a cab, which charges around THB 750 usually including tolls. Another option to reach Pattaya is through Suvarnbhumi Airport located at a distance of about 120 km from the city. The journey from airport till the city can be covered in 80-90 minutes during dry weather and in about 2 hours during rainy season through taxi or bus. Although taxi drivers charge a standard rate of THB 1500 but it is negotiable.¾

How to reach Pattaya by road

One can hail taxi from Pattaya to rech Bangkok at an almost fixed price if THB 800 that is advertised widely in the city. These prices are low as usually these are Bangkok taxis returning home. However, the cabdriver pays about THB 300 to the agencies, so if you can find a taxi on your own, the price is negotiable. If you are travelling from Bangkok to Pattaya, then one way ride will cost around THB 1500. Make sure to confirm the inclusion or exclusion of toll before starting the journey.¾

How to reach Pattaya by train

If you are travelling from Bangkok to Pattaya, there is a third class ( not air-conditioned) train from Hua Lumphong Station that depart on weekdays at about 7:00 AM costing less than THB 40 for a three hour journey. Pattaya train Station is its main stop with a small halt at Pattaya tai Train Station close to Jomtien.¾

How to reach Pattaya by bus

Bus is a common mode of commutation for people travelling from Bangkok to Pattaya. One can also get a direct bus from Suvarnbhumi Airport or Bangkokês Ekkamai Eastern Bus Terminal to the city. From airport, the bus departs from airportês Transfer Center; the air-conditioned buses ply every couple of hours taking about 1.5 hours to reach and charges a bit more than THB 100 per head. If you take the bus from Eastern Bus Terminal, Bangkok, the service starts at 5:00 AM until midnight (departing every 30 minutes) costing a little more than THB 100 and takes around 2 hours to reach Pattaya. From Mo Chit Northern Bus Terminal and Sai Tai Mai Southern Bus Terminal, buses leaves less frequently but takes equal time and costs almost same. There are also 2nd class buses that plies between Bangkok and your final destination of Jomtien Beach, Pattaya that are faster than first class. There are several other bus services that ply between Pattaya and other parts of Thailand such as Chaing Mai, Mai Sai, Isaarn etc.

Local transport in Pattaya

The best way to get around Pattaya is to rent a car, a jeep or a motorbike depending upon oneês convenience. There are several car rental companies around the city. However, the cheaper way of commuting around the place is through a local bus called Beach Bus that the covers a lot of destinations including Pattaya Floating Market, Jomtien Beach Road, Dolphin Roundabout, Pattaya Beach Road and many more. It costs around 30 THB. Songthaews are another way of cheap travelling, which are small pick-up trucks with two benches for seating. These Songthaew cover almost all routes and visit all the tourist places with fare ranging between THB 5 and THB 30 depeding upon the route travelled.¾

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