Airports in Pattaya: A Guide To U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport

The city of beaches and resorts - Pattaya witnesses huge numbers of travellers throughout the year. People visiting Thailand make sure that they visit the magnificent city of Pattaya as well. It’s a scenic city with attractive tourist spots. For those who enjoy serene spots as well as hip and happening party places, Pattaya is a must-visit. 

In order to make travelling easy, here are all the details about the airports in Pattaya:

Utapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport

If you are travelling to Pattaya, you will probably take a flight to U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport. It is the only airport in Pattaya and it is also a Royal Thai Navy Air Station. It is the closest international airport to Bangkok (one hundred and forty kilometres South East of Bangkok) other than Suvarnabhumi and Don Meuang International Airports. The two airports are overly crowded which sometimes makes it difficult to fly in Bangkok. However, Pattaya International airport serves as the destination for the reroutes to any part of Thailand due to its proximity and facilities.

A new terminal has been the recent expansion project of the airport in Pattaya allowing a capacity of 3 million passengers around the year. It serves both local as well as international flights. The flight numbers are increasing due to Air Asia introducing more number of flights to and from Pattaya as well as a considerable increase in the number of Chinese airlines.

Distance and Transport

Distance from Pattaya city: 43 kilometres (a forty-minute drive) 
1. Public buses: There are many air-conditioned public buses running along the routes of Trat, Rayong, and Chonburi from the airport. Four buses ply to each of these routes covering major distances in a short time. The buses being used are microbuses, seating a maximum of 19 passengers. It is a fast and convenient option. The fares are also economical. You will find them at the bus stops close to the airport.
2. AirAsia Minibus and others: If you have availed an AirAsia airline, you will get a minibus facility via Air Asia from the airport to the Central Festival Mall in the city centre with no additional fares. Likewise, there is a pickup facility from the same destination if you wish to get to the airport. For private minibuses, you can get in touch with Travel companies for taxies and minibuses at the airport. Tickets for the shared minibus cost 250-300 Baht, while a private minibus is 1,200 Baht.
3. Taxis: To avail taxis, one might need to contact PPK Travel, crane travel or Nam’s taxi service (with female drivers only). They are stationed at the airport and will help get a private taxi into the city. A private taxi is 800 Baht charging for one way only.
4. Airport taxi: The arrival zone at U-Tapao has taxi service counters to hotels in Pattaya. So if you wish to take an airport-taxi you will get one from these counters placed at the exit doors of the airport. It is a convenient and dispensable option costing 1,000 Baht (no bargain) to the hotel. 
5. Car rentals: If you hold an international license, you can also rent cars from these travel agencies to get to any destination you like. It is an easy option but expensive as compared to the others.
6. Hotel shuttles: To go to and from Pattaya airport, you can contact your hotel for transport services. Many hotels provide shuttles inclusive of the hotel charges.
7. Car parking: For visitors as well as travellers, there are car parking facilities for short and long terms. It is well secured with regular security patrols. Parking fee includes:
- Short term parking- 20 Baht per hour for a maximum of 6 hours
- For more than 6 hours- 140 Baht per day

Services and Facilities

1. Internet Café: There is an internet café for those who don’t have any data connection and want to access the internet for their work or leisure It makes it convenient for those in transit for business purposes. They can haul and use internet café.

2. Information desk: For those visiting Pattaya for the first time and need some information or otherwise, can obtain any details about the Pattaya airport or the city. Good assistance from the friendly staff always comes in handy.  

3. Coffee shop: Jetlagged or not, coffee is always a good idea. There is a coffee shop at the airport to sit back and sip on your favourite brews after your arrival or before you depart. It can be accessed by one and all.

4. Restaurants- in and around the airport: 
There are restaurants at the airport serving food from different cultures around the world. You name any cuisine food, you will get it here Restaurants like- Eatery Garden, KFC, and Aunty Annie’s are available here. So you can either indulge in a quick bite or a lavish meal at the airport.

There are restaurants around the airport in case you don’t like eating inside the airport or you are hungry after the flight. From Indian food to bars, you get it all. Chutney India, Red Chilli, Beer Corner, Khadoya Restaurant, The Hiding Place Coffee Shop are the few eateries surrounding the airport. It is convenient as you can grab a bite and not worrying about missing your flight.

airport in pattaya

5. Souvenir shop: 
Heading home without a souvenir? The airport in Pattaya has you sorted. There is a souvenir shop to take back a keepsake in memory of Thailand or to gift your near and dear ones. 

6. Hotel and tour desk: 
There are no hotel facilities at the airport but there are kiosks to help you. For hotel bookings or any sort of travel info, there is a tour desk, especially for your guidance. They will help you with any attraction visits or hotel details for end moment bookings. They are courteous and hospitable ensuring a comfortable journey in Thailand.

7. Money exchange: 
Currency exchange can be a hassle but not at this airport in Pattaya. There is a money exchange office for your convenience. There is no need to panic about end moment cash.

8. Lost and Found: 
There is a lost and found counter at the airport in case of luggage misplacement or absence of any belongings. 

9. Postal Service:  
In case you are in need of a postal facility, there is or at Pattaya airport. You can post or fax. There is good assistance provided in you get stuck at the kiosk. 

10. Medics: 
In case of medical emergency or facilities for the physically disabled passengers, there are all services to help them at the airport. You just need to contact the staff stationed at the airport. 

Important Notice

If you are travelling via U-Tapao International Airport make sure that you do not take photos out of the aircraft window during landing nor taking off since it is a base for the Royal Thai Navy Air Station making the airport a bit sensitive.

There are no lounge facilities or any exotic services at the airport but it is fast-developing to accommodate more passengers annually as along with a high-tech up-gradation for luxury as well.

All in all the airport in Pattaya is well-facilitated making sure that you do not face any hassle or difficulty while travelling. Customs and immigration are fast and easy-going as well. There is absolutely no worry at the U-Tapao International Airport. Make sure to carry all your documents and you will be sorted.

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