Top Beaches in Pattaya To Visit in 2020

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The beaches in Pattaya can be both crowded or secluded, long or small, wide or narrow. The nearest beaches are Pattaya and Jomtien which are located centrally. These beaches host a lot of customers throughout the day and offer a whole of activities. Beaches such as Samae beach and Tien beach, which are located at Coral Island, can only be accessed by a speedboat. These beaches along with the others in Coral Island (Koh Larn) are some of the prettiest of all of Pattaya. Almost all of Pattaya's beaches offer a great swimming experience, a variety of watersports, sunbeds at the beach topping it off with affordable and delicious food.

Here is the list of 11 Top Beaches in Pattaya To Visit in 2020

1. Jomtien Beach - Most Beautiful Sunsets in Pattaya

3.4 /5

Lying just a short bus ride to the south of Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach is not as crowded or noisy, unlike its northern neighbour. This beach has a good number of beachfront hotels, making it ideal for those who are looking for peaceful accommodation options. It is much cleaner than Pattaya beach as well due to a strict 'no littering' and 'no smoking' policy. With many sunbeds and massage services on offer, Jomtien beach is ideal for those looking to laze under the sun. A highlight of this beach is the excellent views of the sunsets it offers.

Things to Do - Sunbeds, Massages, Watch the Sunset, Jetskiing, Swimming.

2. Pattaya Beach - Liveliest Beach in Pattaya

3.8 /5

Pattaya Beach is located close to central Pattaya, making it the most easily accessible beach in the city. Running parallelly to Pattaya Beach road, it sees large crowds both during the day and night. Among the beaches in Pattaya, this beach is not the most pretty. But it makes up for it by offering a plethora of watersports and numerous cafes and restaurants located nearby. Pattaya Walking Street, which is towards the southern end of the beach, is famous as the best party hotspot in Pattaya.

Things to Do - Jetskiing, Banana Boating, Sunbathing, FootMassages, Affordable cafes and restaurants.

3. Tawaen Beach (Coral Island) - Koh Larn's Star Beach

Not as idyllic as its western siblings on Coral Island, Tawaen beach sees a large number of tourists being ferried in by speedboats throughout the day until late afternoon. If you enjoy large crowds then this is the beach you want to be in. It can get challenging to find a spot in one of the cafes, restaurants or a sunbed for rent due to the large number of visitors. Ideally, one should visit a tour early in the morning to this beach. There are many activities on offer such as para-sailing, jetskiing, banana boating etc.

Things to Do - Swimming, JetSkiing, Sunbathing, Banana Boating.

4. Wong Amat Beach - A Great Family Beach

Wong Amat Beach is located north of Pattaya beach and is a short ride away by bus. Situated right at the peninsula of Naklua Bay, the place can is easy to identify by the tall buildings and towers. Devoid of large crowds even during the high season, it is best visited for some sunbathing. Many high-end restaurants can be found near the beach, ideal for those looking for international cuisines.

Things to Do - Sunbathing, Restaurants and Bars.

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5. Bang Saray Beach - A Great Beach for Peace and Quiet

Bang Saray Beach is located in the Sattahip district of Chon Buri province of Thailand. It is one of the pleasant beaches in Pattaya, which is a lowkey alternative to other over-crowded beaches in the region. The small quaint town and beach are equipped with facilities like outdoor gyms, parks, souvenir shops, a handful of pubs, bars, and restaurants. There are not many hotels or high-end accommodation options, so the beach ideally serves a day trip from Pattaya city.

Things to Do - Street Shopping, Outdoor Gyms, Excellent and affordable street food, Scuba Diving. 

6. Samae Beach (Coral Island) - The Prettiest Beach in Pattaya

Among all the Pattaya beaches, Samae beach is arguably one of the most liveliest from sunrise to sunset. Located in the western part of Coral Island (Koh Larn), the powdery white sand set against the backdrop of dense tropical trees and hills make it the prettiest among all the beaches in Pattaya. Speedboats from the mainland ferry tourists to and from Coral Island. At this beach, swimming and snorkelling are some of the popular activities as the waters are crystal clear and are home to colourful fish and small corals. One can also hike through the trails near the beach further into Coral Island. Khao Na Yok lookout is an excellent viewpoint which offers panoramic views of the beach and beyond.

Things to Do - Swimming, Snorkelling, Hiking, Sunbeds.

7. Tien Beach (Coral Island) - Best Beach to Relax and Sunbathe

Along with Samae beach, Tien beach lying to its north, along the west coast sees the highest number of tourists. Reaching the beach involves a short walk from the parking lot, as there is no direct ferry or speedboat access to the beach. Among all the beaches in Pattaya, Tien beach is the epitome of a relaxing and peaceful beachside getaway. There are no sunbeds here, and one will find tourists with their own sheets and blankets, basking under the sun. The white sand and crystal blue waters during the winter months make for the best photographs. The small cafes and souvenir shops also make for a great past time before heading back to the mainland.

Things to Do - Souvenir Shopping, Swimming, Sunbathing.

8. Dong Tan Beach - Pattaya's Gay-Friendly Beach

Dong Tan Beach is the northern end of Jomtien beach and is known to be a gay-friendly beach. The beach is usually crowded on weekends but is surprisingly pleasant on weekdays. Traffic near the beachside is also minimum which keeps the noise levels low. Watersports like para-sailing and windsurfing are popular here. Tourists can also indulge in some fishing and even have their catches cooked by the beachside vendors. Expect also to be constantly greeted by walking vendors carrying fresh fruit.

Things to Do - Para-Sailing, Windsurfing, Fishing

9. Ko Phai (Bamboo Island) - Best Beaches to Hike Around

Tucked away some 21 KM offshore to the west of Pattaya city, Ko Phai is a cluster of islands that is celebrated for its pristine beaches. Ko Klung Badan, Ko Luam Ko Manwichai, and Ko Rin are some of the few islands among the group of Ko Phai. The unique archipelago is a retreat for sunbathers and beach lovers. Keep in mind that you can visit Ko Phai during the daytime, but have to leave the shores before the evening sun wears off. Speedboats ferry visitors to and from the islands from mainland Pattaya.

Things to Do - Hiking, Swimming, Sunbathing.

10. Bang Saen Beach - A Weekend Hotspot

Bang Saen beach lies to the north of Pattaya city and is ideal for a day trip away from the city. Usually frequented by locals, most tourists throng to this beach during the weekends. One can find a whole lot of sunbeds, cafes, restaurants nearby. Although not in plenty, some operators offer watersports as well who cater mainly to the families who visit the beach. It gets decently crowded near the beach at the bars and restaurants, where one is likely to see college students. A good thing about the nightlife near the beach is that does not get too crowded nor sleazy as it does in central Pattaya.

Things to Do - Sunbathing, Watersports, Cafes, Restaurants.

11. Nual Beach (Coral Island) - A Beach Home to Monkeys

Situated on the southern end of Coral Island, Nual Beach is also locally known as Monkey beach due to being inhabited by monkeys who interact with tourists. Accessible by both boats and roads within Coral Island, this is one of the beaches in Pattaya which is excellent during the winter months. The waters are shallow enough so that beginners and non-swimmers can comfortably waddle around. In recent times, due to increasing tourism, the monkeys are lesser in number and can only be found further inland from the beach.

Things to Do - Sunbathing, Swimming, Interact with the Monkeys.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your swimsuits and sunscreen and get ready to work on that tan at any of these beautiful beaches in Pattaya!

This post was published by Joysurjya Hagjer

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