Spas in Indonesia That Are Sure to Leave You as Relaxed as Can Be

Indonesia is known to be a place where one can leave their worries behind, relax and unwind. Be it the spas, health retreats, or traditional skin and health treatments, Indonesia is bound to leave you in a serene and peaceful zone, both on the inside and outside. Its traditional treatments, that have been practiced by natives since centuries, are now respected and admired even beyond its borders. 

The Indonesian spa treatments have tremendous health benefits and can help you in dealing with simple ailments such as headaches, to more complicated ones such as muscle issues and arthritis. This is owing to the assorted spices that are used as ingredients in the massage oils, viz, turmeric, sandalwood, ginger, nutmeg and rice powder, all of which have healing properties of a certain kind. 

Which is why, we bring to you a list of 12 best Indonesian spas and retreats that ought to be on your bucket list, the next time you visit Indonesia!

1. COMO Shambhala Estate

Located in a perfectly cozy spot in Bali, the COMO Shambhala Estate is an award-winning health spa retreat that encourages its customers to learn a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. The customers are typically engaged in developing an effective and healthy routine and are provided with a holistic healing experience under their Destination Spa Programme and the Personal Wellness Programme, that are tailor-made to each customer’s needs and include yoga and Ayurveda.

2. Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa

Fivelements is an eco-conscious health and wellness retreat, inspired by the Balinese principles of fostering harmony with one’s spirit, the environment and each other. They’ve created a calming atmosphere for their customers by embracing the traditional Balinese healing and lifestyle philosophies. Fivelements is a peaceful sanctuary having remarkable Spa and Wellness programmes, a luxurious design and proximity to nature and it also has the benefit of being located on the banks of River Ayung, thereby providing a soothing ambience. 

3. Delta Spa and Health Club, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

The Delta Spa and Health Club has numerous resorts all over Indonesia and has been continuously rated as the ‘Best Spa Retreat in Jakarta’, with a wide range of spa treatments at affordable prices. The numerous techniques used for the massages have been widely recognized as muscle relaxing and stress relieving. Another thing that is highly commendable is the service and professional staff. It is strategically located in a cozy area and offers Thai, Shiatsu, traditional and various other kinds of spa treatments.

4. MesaStila, Mesa Hotels & Resorts, Central Java

The MesaStila is a fairly new set up in Central Java, but has been quick in building in a reputation for itself. Having won numerous awards such as the ‘Best New Luxury Hotel Brand in Indonesia Region, 2013’ and the ‘Asian Spa Awards, 2011’, the MesaStila offers dreamy escape into a world of relaxation and well-being. The resort is located in a place surrounded by magnificent natural beauty, from sky-rocketing volcanoes to emerald tropical jungles and coffee plantations, just the view from the window makes one forget all about their worries and be at peace and harmony with one’s surroundings. 

5. Eska Wellness Spa Massage and Salon, Batam

Eska Wellness Spa is the perfect place to rejuvenate and pamper oneself. With class apart spas, health programmes, facial treatments and even haircuts, Eska Wellness Spa is here to give its customers a holistic well-being experience. It prvides affordable and value for money services, without compromising on the quality of its treatments. Customers have repeatedly rated this spa high on its services, staff as well as its ambience, which is elegant and classy, yet extremely comfortable. 

6. Heavenly Spa by Westin, Jakarta

That’s right! The name itself suggests the heavenly treatment that one is set to receive at the spa and wellness retreat. The Heavenly Spa takes you to a dreamland with its well-prepared massage oils, carefully planned out spa treatment and even facial treatments. Wellness is an important consideration in all their treatments and programs and is also reflected in the spotless and neatly maintained facility. The customers are greeted with ginger tea upon their arrival and there is even an herbal steam room. Santi, Yuli and Komang are some of the effective ones recommended by the customers. Special couple packages are available during the Valentines week every year. 

7. Spa at the Four Seasons, Four Seasons Resort, Bali

Just as Fivelements, the Four Seasons Spa is also located on the banks on River Ayung and surrounded by lush green forests, emerald paddy fields. At the Four Seasons Resort, the spa treatments are usually based on the Balinese Ayurveda that primarily focuses on providing herbal, energy-based remedies to cure bodily imbalances. Their spa products are inspired by the ocean and thus contain seaweed and algae, both of which are rich in antioxidants and minerals which are amazing for the skin. The Suci Dhara Ayurvedic treatment is quite a famous one here. 

8. Susan Spa Resort, Central Java

One of the leading spa retreats on the Java island, located at 1100 metres above sea level, on the Mount Ungaran, the Susan Spa Resort is truly a heaven on Earth. Also, famously called the ‘Spa in the Sky’, it offers a truly rejuvenating to its customers who get the best of views while enjoying a relaxing massage amongst the clouds. They also offer aromatherapy massage oils and a host of unique body and facial treatments. The Sensual Sindono, Uplifting Sumbing, Enlighten Merbabu and the Invigorating Ungaran are amongst some of the popular body treatments. 

9. The Cangkringan Jogja Villas and Spa, Cangkringan

Next on our list, we have another hilltop spa retreat. The Cangkringan jogja Villas and Spa is a mix of traditional Javanese and modern-day architecture and is a perfect place for honeymooners, families, and even for business purposes with its five-star butler services and extremely professional staff. At this spa, the products used are all natural and the remedies are herbal in nature. The Cangkringan Deluxe treatment, Lulur Lumpur or the Dead Sea Mineral Mud treatment, and the Javanese Solo Lulur are some of the unique treatments that the customers can enjoy here. 

10. Bintan Lagoon Resort, Bintan

The Bintan Lagoon Resort offers a wonderfully diverse experience with each spa representing a unique culture and identity. The customers can choose from a multi-day spa programs or an aromatic massage. The resort offers a range of services from traditional spa treatments and remedies to modern-day treatments that help calm the mind and get the mind, body and spirit in sync. 

11. Novus Giri Resort and Spa, Puncak

This peculiar resort is located in the historical district of Cipanas and close to the Cibodas Botanical Gardens, so one not just gets the benefit of the spa treatments, but also a chance to relax in nature’s arms. They have kept the rates quite affordable for such a diverse range of services, such as, foot and body treatments, facials, massages, aromatherapy and numerous different spa packages. 

12. Mayang Sari Beach Resort, Nirwana Gardens, Bintan

The term ‘Mayang’, in Indonesia, means ‘palm blossom’ and the term ‘Sari’ refers to the ‘essence of a flower’. They offer both single rooms and rooms for couples that overlook the sea and the beautiful gardens. The Mayang Resort seeks to capture the never-ending beauty of nature. They also offer private villa rooms where the spa treatments and massages can be arranged. 

So, if you’re looking for a relaxing tropical vacation, make sure to check out these famous retreats and spas in Indonesia. 

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