You Need To Visit This Hidden Fort in Mumbai for the Best Views

Surrounded by lush green lawns, Sion Fort is located on a hilltop which serves as a podium to it. It serves as a serene attraction in the middle of the city hustle. The fort is a picturesque architectural stone structure with square windows which presumably had cannons in the earlier times. There is a stairway which leads you to the original structure.

Significance of Sion Fort 

Sion Fort has a watchtower in the foreground. The fort is made secure with guards stationed at nook and crannies to protect the fort and avoid overcrowding.  The change in its outlook is quite evident, but it still holds its old charm. At the base of the hill is the Mumbai Circle office of the Archaeological Survey of India, and a garden – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Udyan.
Fort Timings - 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM

The History of Sion Fort - From Then to Now

Sion Fort was constructed by the Governor of Bombay, General Gerald Aungier in the interest of offering a passage from Bombay to the neighbouring island of Salsette. It held prime importance to the British as Salsette was in the fist of the Marathas. Currently, the gap between Salsette and the fort has been taken up by commercial Eastern Express Highway. The Archeological Society of India maintains this piece of heritage. The Fort has disintegrated and does not stand in its original beauty and structure. It is quite evident when you contrast it with a picture captured by James Wales in 1791-92 to its current outlook. 

Attractions At Sion Fort

The fort requires some excavation as it is no fun from just taking a view from the outside. Head inside the fort by taking the stairway. Head up and view the clock tower first. Then traverse through the areas, looking out of the vast bricked windows. You can also see the sole Canon which was possibly used to keep any trespassers away during the times of the British. The structure above is plaintive with just doors leading you from one room to another.

Clocktower Views
Then head to the verandah and take the city view from the top of the fort. It is a pretty picturesque view from up there. Through the clocktower, you can witness another bastion uphill with a tree located adjacent to it. It is another beautiful sight from the fort. You can while away your time, sitting on a bench in the lamp of nature and admiring the simple complexity of the scattered walls and ruins of the structure. 

How to Reach The Fort

The closest point to the fort is Rani Laxmibai Chowk / Sion is 592 meters away, 8 min walk. Followed by Central Labour Institute is 937 meters away, 13 min walk.

By Train: To get to Sion Fort, take a train to Sion railway station and then walk up to the fort. The distance from Sion railway station is about 7 kilometres. 
By Bus: You can take a bus from different points of the city to get to the fort. The bus lines which stop near the fort are 180, 22 LTD, 305, 348 LTD, 351, 354.
Taxi: You can take a cab from anywhere in the city to get to the fort directly. It is a convenient way, but it is time-consuming considering heavy traffic. 

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