San Diego in November: Events, Weather and Things to Do

San Diego is a vibrant city along the Pacific coast that attracts tourists throughout the year. Its multicultural population and scenic natural beauty make it a must visit destination for those who love to travel. Here is a list of November activities and events that will make your visit to San Diego a truly remarkable one.

Weather in San Diego in November

San Diego is as pleasant as it gets for a tourist city throughout the year. The month of November is the time when the weather transitions from the fall to winter, with temperatures starting to dip towards the latter half of the month. The city also experiences an increase in the rainfall, with the onset of the wet season towards the end of the month as well. Showers during this time are restricted to a light drizzle, therefore not hindering tourist plans too much.

Maximum temperature: 69.0℉
Minimum temperature: 53.6℉
Rainfall: 1.01 in

Events to Attend in San Diego in November

1. Dia De los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

People in costume at Old Town Dia de los Muertos celebrations (Source)

Dia De los Muertos is a traditional Mexican festival celebrated on November 2nd. On this day, people build altars and remember loved ones who have passed away, offering their favourite food and traditional offerings. The Old Town Dia De los Muertos Parade is amongst the most famous parades. Here, attendees wear colorful costumes and get their faces painted, while enjoying the live music and Mexican food. Doing so celebrates the life of the dead according to Mexican culture. 

2. Thanksgiving

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner spread
A traditional Thanksgiving dinner spread (Source)
Thanksgiving is a national holiday across the USA, celebrated on the last Thursday of November. Finding its roots from the harvest festivals of the 17th century, it has now become a time when households reunite for Thanksgiving dinner. Here, families enjoy a large Turkey roast, alongside mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. The festival is also followed by Black Friday sales, when major retailers offer huge discounts on consumer goods. This results in a shopping frenzy as people look for the best deals.

3. San Diego Beer Week

 Local brews during the San Diego Beer Week
 Local brews during the San Diego Beer Week (Source)
San Diego Beer Week is a week-long celebration aimed at promoting over 150 independent breweries. During the festival, beer lovers get to taste some of the finest craft beers originating from the city. The purpose of the festival is to help smaller breweries connect better with the people and tourists alike. During the week, various events are held across San Diego, giving guests first-hand experience to some of the most innovative brews in the country.

4. Gaslamp Quarter Fall Back Festival

Pony rides at the Gaslamp Quarter Fall Back Festival
Pony rides at the Gaslamp Quarter Fall Back Festival (Source)
The Gaslamp Quarter Fall Back Festival celebrates the historic past of the city of Gaslamp Quarter. During the festival, kids can ride a pony or make their own Victorian style fans, while learning about the heritage of the area. Visitors are also treated to live music and entertainment while attending this street-faire style festival. 

Things to Do in San Diego in November

1. Go for a Wildlife Safari at the San Diego Zoo and Safari

 San Diego Zoo Safari Park
 San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Source)
The Wildlife Safari is an exclusive package for upto 6 members from a single household. The one hour private tour in an open jeep takes you around the park, allowing you to witness the variety of African wildlife residing there. Expert guides brief you on interesting facts about the animals as you ride through the savannah, soaking in the California sun.

2. Attend the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival

Visitors at the San Diego Bay and Wine Festival
Visitors at the San Diego Bay and Wine Festival (Source)
The San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is the largest wine and food festival in San Diego. The festival celebrates some of the best local and international talent when it comes to wine and craft beers. The festival has multiple events hosted by award winning celebrity chefs and culinary experts. If you love food, then this wine and food festival will satisfy your hunger and taste buds without fail.

3. Enjoy a Premium Dinner Cruise

Night cruises for a romantic getaway
Night cruises for a romantic getaway (Source)
Couples looking for a quiet romantic weekend getaway can indulge in the luxury of a cruise dinner. Sip on some of the finest champagnes while you admire the scenic San Diego coastline at night. Enjoy the three course gourmet meal designed to wow your taste buds, or dance the night away with your partner to the unending music. 

4. Attend the Fleet Week San Diego Parade

Festivities during the Fleet Week, San Diego
Festivities during the Fleet Week, San Diego (Source)

The Fleet Week Boat is conducted in honor of the men and women who have served in the military. Visitors can participate in activities like fun runs and interact with veterans, discovering many stories of courage and bravery as told by them. The highlight of the festivities is the Boat Parade, during which vintage patrol boats sail alongside active US Navy ships and private boats, while being decorated in honor of the former servicemen. The parade also has a vintage aircraft flyover and performances by the Navy Leap Frogs, the elite parachuting team of the US Navy.

Tips for a Holiday in San Diego in November 

  • Skip lines and save a lot by purchasing a ‘Go San Diego’ pass if your sole purpose is to explore as much of the city as you can.
  • November is not the peak tourist season, although tickets and accommodation can get expensive around the Thanksgiving weekend. Book in advance to get the best rates for your trip.
  • Be wary of the weather before you step out for the day. Layered clothing is the go to attire for most tourists, helping you deal with the warm daytime as well as the temperature dip as evening sets in. Jackets and umbrellas are advised to help you cope with unexpected winds or showers.
  • If you are looking to skip the line and explore San Diego as much as you can, make sure to get a ‘Go San Diego’ pass. It also helps you save a lot on tickets and admission fees.

Are you eager to visit San Diego in November? Let us know in the comments.

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